Strahan: Bringing Burress back to New York is a no brainer

Plaxico Burress will get out of jail on June 6, a little earlier than expected.  His former teammate Michael Strahan thinks the Giants should sign Burress soon after that.

Speaking on PFT Live Monday, Strahan said it shouldn’t even be a question whether the Giants would want Burress back.  Strahan’s question: Why wouldn’t they?

The question may be whether Burress can get a better deal elsewhere.  With all the young talent at wide receiver in New York, it’s possible that another team will offer Burress a better opportunity to rehabilitate his NFL career.

For Strahan’s complete interview, including his chances of taking over for Regis Philbin, head to the PFT Live homepage.

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13 responses to “Strahan: Bringing Burress back to New York is a no brainer

  1. Burress is nothing more than a victim of unjust unconstitutional laws put in place by liberal, socialist and communist politicians that have found it convienient to call themselves democrats in this day and age.
    Laws designed to weaken our nation at its core, requireing honest people to be born indentured victims while protecting career criminals and murderers.

  2. Except that there’s no indication from Plax that he wants to come back to NY. Outside of that.

  3. Yes, the Giants should pull the trigger on this one – sign him before he sets his sights on another team. The Raiders or the Bucs might intrigue him. The Texans would be a target. The Patriots would have a single shot to get him. But he would be in totally in range with the Cowboys.

  4. While I still believe the punishmnent didn’t fit the crime, I have little sympathy considering he plea bargained down to a couple of months, a fine and some community service, and threw it away, apparently thinking his celebrity would help him beat the rap.
    Had he taken it, he wouldn’t have missed a snap.

  5. There’s really no reason for the Giants to sign Burress. They have a very good young WR core, and adding Burress, who was seen as a diva receiver a few years back, could cause team chemistry problems. Do the Giants really want to risk stifling the development of Hakeem Nicks, Steve Smith, and Mario Manningham for Burress? He will be 34 next season. There aren’t enough balls to go around for everyone. I think it would be best for him and the Giants if he moved on to another team.

  6. Burress: Playing for a team that has shown me zero love is during my legal problems is NOT a no brainer.

    Plenty of teams could use him. Giants may need him, but he doesn’t need them. Plax, move on to a different team.

  7. IF and if is a big word the Giants corp of young WR stay healthy they have no need for an over the hill Diva

    Eli has some very good young hands to catch his passes

    No need for the an over the hill cancer in that locker room let him go to Oakland where they like players that are finished or he could sign with the Ravens they have a room for the players to meet with the parole officers after each home game

  8. I’m skeptical as to how well Plaxico is in fact going to play, given his age, his time away from the game and the fact that he shot himself in the leg.

    That said, I suspect that there might be a bit of a bidding war for him among teams desperate for an experienced WR. Maybe he can join Vick in Philly, (since they are useless after Jackson) and they can reminisce about their time in the Big House.

  9. tdk24 says: “Burress: Playing for a team that has shown me zero love is during my legal problems is NOT a no brainer.”

    You really have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about. One of the owners, Steve Tisch, has been talking to Burress since before the trial and has visited him in jail (how many owners do that?). Burress talks about Tisch as a “father figure” and Tisch said the letter he got from Plax when he first went to jail is something “he will keep and remember forever”. Many of his teammates have been in regular touch with him and have visited him. Brandon Jacobs talks to him every chance he gets and has worn his “Free Plax” t-shirts quite a few times. Plax’s son, Elijah, watches every Giants game wearing his Giants jersey and helmet. As for the Giants NEEDING him, again, you’re clueless. He would be luxury and he would no longer be their top WR. Hakeen Nicks, in his second year, playing in only 13 games, had 1 less TD than Plax’s best season with the Giants and fell short of Plax’s best yardage with the Giants by 162 yards. Had Nicks played the full season, he would surpassed Plax’s best easily. You’re 0 for 2.

  10. @ terrellblowens: Are you serious? Steve Smith blew his knee out at the end of the 2010 season. If you think the Giants WR corps is fine, it’s anything but.

    I like the sound of Burress and Nicks starting with Manningham in the slot. Work Steve Smith back in the mix and you have arguably the best WR corp in the league.

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