Supreme Court kills Spygate lawsuit


Some of you may recall that, in the days after the Spygate scandal first broke, a Jets season-ticket holder filed a class-action lawsuit against the Patriots and others claiming that games played between the Jets and the Pats in New Jersey did not reflect legitimate competition, given that the Pats were allegedly (or actually) cheating.

The case, based on various New Jersey legal principles including consumer protection laws, failed at the federal district court level.  It also failed once again at the federal appeals court level.  The last gasp came in the U.S. Supreme Court, where the judges first must agree to take on the case before actually addressing the merits.

According to multiple reports, the Supreme Court decided not to take up the case.

It’s not a surprising move.  The U.S. Supreme Court typically gets involved only when the various federal circuit courts have issued conflicting rulings on similar subjects, or where the Supreme Court believes that a gross error has occurred.

And so the Spygate situation finally has concluded, nearly 3.5 years after it began.

For those of you who have been out of touch since September 9, 2007, the Jets caught a Patriots employee videotaping defensive coaching signals during a game.  League officials got involved, and before too long the Patriots and coach Bill Belichick had been slapped with six-figure fines.  The Pats also lost a first-round draft pick.

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  1. I got the transcripts from the Commish and Belichick’s meeting right after Spygate was exposed:

    “Was that wrong? Should I not have done that? I tell you, I gotta plead ignorence on this thing, because if anyone had said anything to me at all when I first started here that that sort of thing is frowned upon… you know, cause I’ve worked in a lot of offices, and I tell you, people do that all the time. “

  2. “The Pats also lost a first-round draft pick.”

    And now they have 2 firsts, 2 seconds, and 2 third round picks just for this years draft.

  3. Spygate marked the end of the Patriots dynasty. Lest we never forget.

    It’s also the only thing we can thank the Jets for.

  4. Maybe the ambulance chaser Jets season ticket holder Carl Mayer should sue Rex Ryan for lying to Jets fans every year with his bold predictions that NEVER come true?

    Maybe he should sue the NY Jets for putting sub calibur football teams on the field since 1969?

  5. I’m sure it won’t mark the end of PFT posting SpyGate references in order to increase page views and comments.

    Also, yeah, the dynasty sure ended… an undefeated regular season and one lucky play away from the SB win, an 11-5 season with Cassel, 2 more AFC East titles, and best record in the league this year with the youngest defense. More draft picks this year than you can shake a stick at.

    Yes, they lost 2 home playoff games… but I doubt any of you haters and big talkers would want the downtrodden Pats coming to play your team in the playoffs any time soon, and almost all of you (even poor JETS fans) would take Billy B in a heartbeat as your coach.

    So, bring the hate, but until the Pats stop winning, the dynasty ‘aint done.

  6. The Patriots cheating goes way back to when they were the dormats year in year out. The snowplow game in 1982. Then you had the Tuck rule,spygate where they were filming the Rams walk through before their Super bowl against the Rams when they shouldn’t have been there because of the worst call ever in professional sports!! Funny how the Patriots have NOT done jack since spygate!! CHEATERS!!!!

  7. What a rube:

    rumorhater says: Mar 7, 2011 3:12 PM

    The New Cheatland Patriots win again!!!

  8. Again, any comment against the Pats is deleted…..typical bias……Is Bob Kraft a sponser of this blog sight…….geeeesh

  9. It must suck to be a Cheatriot fan knowing the only thing their coach is good for is cheating (on his wife and in his profession).

  10. Hey Yets fans, I got your f@#k’n lawsuit right heeeerrrrree!!!

    P.S. In order to file a CLASS-action lawsuit, should’nt you be required to actually have some class, which we all know Jets fans don’t have.

    Just say’n.

  11. Lol remember after this the Patriots were supposed to never win another game, and Brady was going to be exposed without this?

    Well lets see
    11-5 with the best QB in the game out

    Brady has had two of the greates seasons in NFL history,
    good job football fans you let hatred make you all look like idiots

  12. @jimmy smith

    How many teams have not won a Superbowl in that amount of time?

    How may teams have that good of a record during that amount of time?

    How Many players have had even on season as good as the two seasons Brady has had?

    If you really think the whole Spygate thing is why the Pats won those superbowls you are a moron plain and simple.

  13. beastofeden says:
    Mar 7, 2011 4:47 PM
    I love that asterisk. You’re right, history should be revised, it should be 19-0. David Tyree never caught that ball. The tip hit the ground off of his helmet. Four different cameras caught it. Never mind the three offensive holding calls on the play and Eli was clearly in the grasp.

    The fix was in…Now I know how Steelier fans feel.

  14. ENOUGH!!! Already….This is just getting stupid!! And as an F.Y.I. I am NOT a Pat’s fan, I can’t stand them….But REALLY enough is enough!

  15. @ JimmySmith

    Your lack of ability to judge value probably shows in your personal finances.

  16. Spygate was for the defense – not the offense. How has their defense done since? very pedestrian.


    Well if B.B. misinterpreted the rules, you have misremembered the facts…

    Actually the Pats were accused of taping the OPPONENT’S defense. So any benefit the team got from the activity would have been for the team’s offense.

  17. I am in awe of all the many different ways one can fit the variations of the word “cheat” into anything Patriots…….

    Let’s have a post dedicated to all the different Patriot “cheat”-isms out there…..we’ll go with the 2011 draft order – losers first would only be fair…….Panther fans, you are on the clock

    We will also have a vote for next week’s team….
    Push 1 if you want the Steelers and Big Ben
    Push 2 if you want the Jets and Rex, and………forget it, there are just too many to list…

  18. skleech22 says:
    Mar 7, 2011 3:42 PM
    The Patriots cheating goes way back to when they were the dormats year in year out. The snowplow game in 1982. Then you had the Tuck rule,spygate where they were filming the Rams walk through before their Super bowl against the Rams when they shouldn’t have been there because of the worst call ever in professional sports!! Funny how the Patriots have NOT done jack since spygate!! CHEATERS!!!!

    LOL, man I HOPE and PRAY that you don’t and never will have children! They’d be a bunch of retards!
    1) Snowplow was LEGAL!
    2) Tuck was LEGAL!
    3) Filming the Rams was shown to be a fabrication of Walsh’s imagination!

    Cheaters applies to Tripgate and the Jets. NOT the MISTAKE of having a person filming from a few feet to the left of where he was supposed to be.
    Now, if you have ever made a “mistake”, would you appreciate being called a cheater? Speeding ticket? You CHEATER!!! Married the wrong one? You CHEATER!! Became coach of the Jets? You CHEATER!

  19. Post spygate post season record is 4-5 before was 9-0. Look at Brady’s stats. Below average. Just like the Colts of old, great regular season and suck in the playoffs. Funny how things change with a level playing field. Their 18-dough season they had their best personnel and couldn’t finish the game. Brady was 30/48 266 1 0 After throwing for a record TD’s to throw one in the super bowl, is a joke. They were 12 point favorites with a QB rating of 82. He had a QB rating of 89 against the JETS. Against Baltimore last year he had a rating of 49.1. Frauds

  20. Interesting several coaches (Bill Cowher; Jimmy Johnson, to name two) came out and said they also taped games or used other methods to cheat in the past.

    They also also said that the tapes could no way influence the game any differently than having people in the stands taping or using binoculars and taking notes.

    get a grip!!

  21. The entire “Spygate” fiasco was the direct result of Roger Goodell’s past association with the NY Jets. Yes, Goodell was a former employee of the Jets. It’s the only plausible reason for such a ridiculously high and unfair punishment. And for what? Videotaping hand signals that 70,000 people could see? Really?

  22. @ stupadassle

    If you’re gonna throw out stats, then get it right. Before Spygate, the Pats playoff record was
    11-2. Post-spygate, it is 2-3. They are 4-5 in the playoffs since their last Superbowl win.

    Their defense in 2007 was old at LB, the most important position in a 3-4. If you look at their season, the games were close toward the end of the season. They weren’t blowing people out. They gave up 20+ points in 7 of 19 games. In the final 11 games, they were involved in 6 games decided by 10 or less. In 4 of those 6, the games were decided by 4 or less. They had a dominant offense NOT a dominant defense toward the end of the season. Their best defense in their run was the 2004 team.

    Have the right info and stop sounding like a stupadassle.

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