Cedric Benson, Jay Gruden think they’ll work well together

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The Cincinnati Bengals may lose their starting quarterback and top two receivers from last year, as Carson Palmer, Chad Ochocinco and Terrell Owens could all be on the way out. But their leading rusher sounds like a man who’d like to stay in town, even though he’s a free agent.

Cedric Benson said he sat down with new offensive coordinator Jay Gruden for 90 minutes and came away thinking the two of them can work well together.

“We had an interesting conversation about a lot of things,” Benson told Joe Reedy of the Cincinnati Enquirer. “We have a lot of things in common as far as the way we see the game.”

Gruden agreed, saying he’s optimistic that the team can work out a new contract with Benson, whenever teams are able to sign players again. And he hinted that he’s already thinking about having a run-heavy offense with a young quarterback, if Palmer follows through on his promise not to play for the Bengals ever again.

“I would love to have him back,” Gruden said. “He’s the type of guy who wants to do well and that’s what we need. A physical back we can hand the ball to 20 to 25 times a game if we need to if we have the young quarterback.”

So there may actually be one offensive skill position player who wants to be in Cincinnati, and whom the Bengals want to keep.

11 responses to “Cedric Benson, Jay Gruden think they’ll work well together

  1. Regardless of whom is playing or coaching, Benglas are more likely to string together losing seasons than have back-to-back winning ones. Last year they fell to the outhouse from the 13-3 penthouse in ’09.

  2. Surprising that Cincinnati was the only place that offered Gru-dog II a job. It would have been dead last on a long list of places I would want to be.

  3. One thing’s for sure…in a way Jon must be sort of glad the Bengals had a down year last year because it means he won’t have to do any of his brother’s team’s games.
    That would definitely be awkward .

  4. You PFT fellas just love scrubbing any disagreeable comments – why don’t you do the same for factually incorrect ones.

    People like wryly1 need to be saved from themselves.

  5. Wow they think they will be able to work together. God what has pro sports these days come to? I think my spaz boss is bi-polar but it’s my job and it pays the bills so I deal with it. Man have these pro athletes gotten way to spoiled. Hey Cedric you flopped in Chi-town, you can’t get along with coaches in Cinci. Idea for ya, get a real job numb nuts then you’ll see how the real world turns.

    What a joke this turd is.

  6. wryly1 is just another example of a guy who doesn’t follow the NFL and just rags on a team based on the team name without knowing a thing of what he speaks of.

  7. @most of you bozos on this blog: obviously not many of you really know much about the Bengals, and if you claim to be a fan, shame on you. The Bengals still have their most talented team ever, even w/out CP, TO and CO. We have never had a D-Line mature the way they have last year, and with a re-sign of J.Joe we actually have some depth at CB. If you are a Bengal fan and didn’t get jacked up seeing Benson after the Cleveland game when he finally bust open a game…then go be a fan of another team. Benson is a man on a mission and Cincy is just the place for our boy. Plus, there is a chance that Jordan rises to the occassion this year as he is already talking about doing. Jordan, Carson’ bro, is taking charge of the team right now and getting everyone together to workout. So, I am willing to lay odds that a Palmer will be our QB…not saying whether its Carson or Jordan…but the chances are high. Then what happens…? Carson refuses to come watch his bro lead the Bengals to victory? All I know is that most of you clowns on here know nothing about what is really happening in Bengaldom, and thats just fine by me, cuz when the season rolls around, I have a feeling we are going to smash our division….then lookout, your team is next! WHO DEY!!!!!!

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