Despite vocal support for Orton, Tebow still looks like Broncos’ starter

Broncos coach John Fox and front office boss John Elway both say that right now, Kyle Orton is their starting quarterback.

But as Mike Klis of the Denver Post points out, right now there’s no football being played. And Klis writes that the indications out of Denver are that when football is being played, Tim Tebow will be the Broncos’ starting quarterback.

According to Klis, Orton’s only real hope of being the starter in Week One is if there’s a work stoppage lasting long enough that NFL training camps are shortened. In that situation, Fox might feel like he has no choice to go with the experienced Orton over the untested Tebow.

If a deal gets done soon enough that the Broncos have close to a full offseason to install their offense, however, Tebow would probably start — and the Broncos would probably try to trade Orton.

So if a deal between the owners and the players’ union gets done soon, that deal will likely lead to the end of the Orton era in Denver.

42 responses to “Despite vocal support for Orton, Tebow still looks like Broncos’ starter

  1. From Cutler to Orton to Tebow. It’s like the Broncos are trying to sabotage their QB position. They’ll probably sign Jamarcus Russell next year.

  2. How else would the Broncos convince teams that, thier STARTING QB is worth a 2nd rounder instead of a 3rd.

    I don’t really think that matters much the team I think wants him the most wasted thier 3rd rounder on WR rental for a month.

  3. So that will leave them with Brady quinn and a TE in tebust. Which equals no quarterbacks on the roster.
    Gonna suck to be a denver fan this year and every year after until they trade or draft a real qb.

  4. Door A, the QB that led you to 2 wins.

    Door B, the QB who will be a fullback in two years.

    Quite a situation they’ve got brewing there.

  5. Of course John Fox said Orton was his starter — he’s trying to raise his trade value.

    Tebow haters get ready to eat **** in 2011.

  6. What a complete and total waste of a first round pick in teblows. The guy doesn’t even resemble an nfl qb. Horrible accuracy, cant throw into tight windows and runs after his first read isn’t there. We are screwed.

  7. I wouldn’t completely discount Tebow now that John Fox is involved…..

    He already got an awful lot out of one Gomer Pyle. So who is to say he can’t do it again?

  8. It seems the main problem in Denver was McDaniels. He got rid of a pro-bowl quality QB, WR, TE, RB, etc. Then in the draft, he reached to fill those positions.
    But the main problem was having to replace the best 4 to 5 players on the team with draft picks. What about the other 17 to 18 players that needed to be replaced before?

  9. So the Broncos have a crap defense that couldnt stop a high school team and yet they want to get rid of a QB in Orton, who is above average, for a guy who has yet to do a damn thing in an entire game…well on the bright side Andrew Luck should be going pro next season

  10. What a mess…..
    The Broncos found a pro-Bowl quality player in Dumervil at OLB in the 3-4 defense. he was a non-factor prior in the 4-3.
    now they are going back to the 4-3 and looking at a OLB in that system, where Dumervil had problems. What is wrong with this picture?

  11. What new offense?…Mike McCoy is still the OC and John fox is a defensive coach…I doubt they are going to scrap the whole playbook and start over

  12. Tebow was much better than most football savvy Bronco fans expected last year. He’s still a project, but he’s more than willing to do the work necessary to improve.

    Maybe a few people here remember Rich Gannon when he came up with the Vikings back in the late 80s. He played in the Wing T at Delaware and when New england drafted him they wanted to convert him to safety. He refused and was shipped off to Minnesota where he battled the immortal and immobile Wade Wilson for playing time. My Viking fan friend referred to his team’s quarterback situation at the time as “the Statue and the Idiot.”

    Gannon finally washed out of Minnesota and wound up in Kansas City, where he managed to suck equally as bad as Elvis Grbac.

    When Gannon finally arrived in Los Angeles, he found a kindred type-A personality in Jon Gruden. They spent long hours transforming him into one of the most accurate quarterbacks in the NFL.

    Now, I’m not suggesting it will take Tebow 11 years and multiple franchises to refine his skills. He has a better arm than Gannon and superior overall athletic ability. He also possesses way more natural leadership than the cranky Gannon ever did.

    I like Tebow’s chances to eventually become a proficient passer at this level. If he fails, it won’t be because he didn’t work hard enough.

  13. I do not believe the writer from Denver knows a thing about what he is reporting. But should that be the case Denver just went from Dumb (McDaniel’s) to Dumber (Fox).

    I could see if Tebow beats out Orton in camp but I do not think that it will happen. Huge gamble by Denver that could set them back many years. I like the Kid Tebow but stop blowing the smoke. He is as raw as a hunk of Sushi

  14. paulnoga: You have no idea what you’re talking about. Dummervil played 3 years as a DE in the 4-3 he had sack totals of 8.5, 12.5 and 5 and in the year he had 5 he got injured at the end of camp and couldn’t get proper leverage for most of the season. Regardless 26 sacks over 3 years is hardly a non-factor!

  15. If not Orton, certainly not Tebow. Tebow would be better reading to underprivileged children in some far off undeveloped country than trying to be an NFL QB.

    Denver better draft a Mallet, Locker or Kapernick.

  16. I’m just curious if those that are so critical of Tebow have formed their opinions based on objective observation and analysis, or if they’re simply regurgitating the thoughts of Mel “Gholston” Kiper and Todd “Jamarcus” McShay. Speculating that he will be a TE (real original thought there) shows a complete lack of understanding of the position (ask Tony G). Saying he will be a HB or FB is almost as bad, but at least his running skill/style fits a little better there. Still, the man was born to be a QB, and he IS a QB. It’s time to get used to it.

    May the anonymity of the internet protect you and your pride in the future, but even then you’ll know deep down inside that you were wrong. Good luck with that. And when Tebow crushes your dreams as he eats your team alive and craps them out in your own endzone – just remember – he still loves you.

  17. Why don’t they trade Tebow to the Seahawks. IF that doesn’t work out at least he and Pete Carroll can write a couple books and go on a motivational-speaking tour

  18. Im thinking at this point as soon as the CBA is finalized that Ortons people will push hard for a trade regardless of whats offered to the Broncos and this simply is the Broncos trying to calm the waters and prevents weeks or months of speculation .

    I dont think there is nothing anyone in the Broncos organization can say to raise Ortons value as teams will determine Ortons value by watching film and looking at how he fits into there schemes.

    There are at least two teams with top ten defenses who need a QB why would Orton want to return to the team with the worst defense in the league

  19. All that 1st round draft pick Tim “the 2nd coming of heisman trophy winner Gino Torretta” Tebow needs to do is somehow beat the odds and defy my (and many, many others) low expectations of his NFL talent. Not holding my breath waiting…

  20. “With the first pick in the 2012 NFL Draft, The Denver Broncos select Andrew Luck, QB from Stanford…the Washington Redskins are on the clock…”

  21. Some of you guys are pathetic. Don’t hate Tebow just ‘cuz you’re not right with your maker. The guy can play, and you prejudice is clouding your judgment.

    ps: And getting mad at me for saying so will only prove my point.

  22. Blaw blaw blaw Go Broncos! I hope Tim succeeds and thank you kyle for doing a decent job. I think kyle needs a good running game and he will be fine Mcdaniels sold the farm for Tim so its time to see what he can do. I wasn’t thrilled about it at the time but it is was it is. I do believe that he has a good chance to be a decent Qb sorta like big Ben just with better karma.

  23. paulnoga says:
    Mar 8, 2011 8:18 PM
    It seems the main problem in Denver was McDaniels. He got rid of a pro-bowl quality QB, WR, TE, RB, etc. Then in the draft, he reached to fill those positions.
    But the main problem was having to replace the best 4 to 5 players on the team with draft picks. What about the other 17 to 18 players that needed to be replaced before?

    No the main problem in Denver is people like you who keep complaining about McDaniels. McDaniels didn’t get rid of any pro-bowl quality TEs or RBs. Tony Scheffler sucks, get over it.

    Also he replaced the current QB with one that can finish games and a WR with one that doesn’t punt balls and led the NFL in receiving yards.

    The problem was much bigger than McDaniels. Mike Shanahan refused to sign any quality running backs outside of Travis Henry and he was even worse at drafting defense. Mike Shanahan drafted bust after bust defensively from 2001 to 2008.

    What McDaniels’ problem was is that he would sign veteran washed up defensive players who would fare well at the beginning of the season only to become injured or fade away.

  24. All the Tebow haters will be surprised this year when he leads the Broncos to a 10-6 record. Orton… time to search for a new home, It’s Tebow time!!

  25. not sure why there is sooo much favoritism towards a career backup like tebow, you know what you have in orton, a winner. tebow is clearly a career backup QB, not sure what people see in this kid.

  26. Why all the Tebow hate? I don’t get it, he hasn’t even had a fair chance to start and show what he can do and everyone is trashing him and putting labels on him. It’s amazing how some of these players get labeled busts or people say they are wasted draft picks if they don’t produce a ton their rookie season. Especially at the qb posistion, it takes time to learn. Tebow has showed he’s a hard worker. IMO the broncos need to give him a fair chance and let him develop. I’d trade Orton for a pick, there are alot of teams that could use him. Tebow is a winning player give him a chance

  27. Trade Value, Trade Value, Trade Value……
    They have to name Orton the sarter to get anything decent in return on the open market.

    Everyone in the country knows Tebow will be the Broncos starter next year. Orton had his chance and couldn’t put up the W’s. Tebow may not ever be a top 5 QB in the league but he will be a great team leader and a guy who gets the job done as far a W’s go.

  28. I love all the people on here who act like they KNOW how Tebow is going to develop. NFL scouts and executives miss all the time on prospects yet you all KNOW better than them. Tom Brady is too skinny and lacks arm strength and was definately not better than the 198 guys drafted ahead of him, Drew Brees was too small to succeed in the NFL, Aaron Rodgers had bad mechanics and accuracy issues and those are just the QBs I can think of off the top of my head that scouts were clearly wrong about.

    I don’t KNOW how Tebow will develop and if he will be a good NFL QB or not. What I do KNOW is that people have questioned his ability to play QB since he was a kid and yet he has won championships and personal awards while playing QB proving those people wrong. Last season, he had a better rating than any other rookie QB in his limited time, who knows what he would have done if he had started all year like Bradford.

  29. Tebow is the new Testeverde. A real late bloomer who wasn’t successful until later in his career in a system that was designed around his skills. If the offense in Denver is not designed for Tebow, he’ll bounce around the league as a journeyman until some astute coordinator figures it out. Hope it is sooner rather than later, or frustration will ensue for all parties.

  30. I am amazed that some scruffy sports reporter has more knowledge and insight into the game that John Elway and John Fox. I wonder if he would come to Chicago and make the Bears win next year’s super bowl. A quick look at Orton’s development as a starting QB in the league might be a foreshadowing of Tebow’s start. Orton filled in when the starter was hurt and did well. The following year the starting QB was back. The difference here is the talent level of Orton is a bit higher that that of Brian Griese or Rex Grossman. If they do let competition decide who starts it will be Orton. If it becomes a popularity contest I think Oprah will be the next QB in Denver.

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