Kessler is in D.C., but not in the mediation session

If there was any doubt that NFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith has benched divisive outside counsel Jeffrey Kessler, that doubt should now be almost completely removed.

Albert Breer of NFL Network reports that Kessler has made the trip from New York to D.C. on Tuesday, but that Kessler isn’t attending the Tuesday morning mediation session.

Kessler wasn’t even in town on Monday, citing a prior commitment that he inexplicably made at a time when he had every reason to know that he’d be otherwise occupied with the NFL labor dispute on March 7, three days after the scheduled expiration of the labor deal.  The fact that he’s now in Washington but not in the meeting tends to reinforce the growing belief that Smith believes Kessler had become an impediment to getting a deal done, regardless of whether his advice or tactics had become tainted by the fact that, if the union decertifies and sues, Kessler will become the de facto head of the non-union union.

If it helps get a deal done, no one should care.  Except, of course, Kessler, whose longstanding NFLPA gravy train finally may be pulling into the station.

11 responses to “Kessler is in D.C., but not in the mediation session

  1. Is there a minor in the negotiations? Because judging from the picture if there is, Kessler probably has a legal obligation to stay a certain distance away…

  2. The more i read about this guy here, the more it seems it’s something personal between him and the author….

  3. If he has become an impediment, then he should be absent. Robert Kraft was correct in saying that the lawyers should be left out of the negotiations until both sides agree on a new deal.

  4. I am glad MF went to law school. That way he can walk right up to the libel/slander line and know when not to cross it.


  5. Its a pretty positive sign that he is not in the room. There are areas of compromise and agreement that are emerging and the hawks from both sides need not interfere. Jerry Richardson isn’t there either.

    If this truly is a money thing…they started at these positions:

    Player’s offer – No owner holdback and a 50/50 split-so based on last year’s numbers players would get $4.65B (total $9.3B)

    Owners offer is $2B holdback and players get 60% of the remainder which is $4.4B

    How is this $700M to $800M a year? Am I missing something?

  6. He was actually in town shooting the new movie “50 year old virgin” and therefore was not expected to attend.

  7. I look at this another way… as strategy on the part of the players’ union. Ultimately, the best way to achieve a negotiated resolution is to be the most prepared for trial. So, if I am DeMaurice Smith, I have Kessler back at the office preparing for trial. This way, Smith has a carrot and stick bargaining chip for the owners. The carrot being that Kessler out of the room. The stick being that Kessler is back in the office getting ready for trial against the owners.

    I wrote about this subject as well and you can review it here:

  8. Kessler is a prime example of the type of rich prick that is ruining this country for their own benefit…just like those who run the federal reserve private bank and have enslaved every last one of us for the benefit a few rich bankers…picking up what im putting down?

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