Ron Rivera pays Newton special attention at Pro Day

Auburn quarterback Cam Newton is not expected to commence passing drills for a few hours. But we’ve been watching coverage of the Tigers’ Pro Day since it began at 1:30, and couldn’t help but notice Panthers coach Ron Rivera hovering over Newton at multiple points during the proceedings.

Newton is in a backpack and sweats, and Rivera is in sunglasses and jeans. The two could be seen joking, laughing, and having extensive conversations while Newton’s college teammates participated in drills.

(Special thanks to the Rock Hill Herald‘s Darin Gantt for the above pic.)

Rivera and Newton are obviously on cordial terms, which should only fuel belief that Newton is going to be the Panthers’ pick at No. 1 in the draft. Rivera made it a point to be around Newton frequently on Tuesday.

Another notable nugget from Auburn’s Pro Day: Defensive tackle Nick Fairley skipped the bench press. Fairley also skipped the bench at the Combine, allegedly due to a shoulder injury.

Whether that shoulder injury has lingered is unconfirmed.