Tiki Barber plans to end his retirement

When we first saw this one, we checked the calendar to make sure it wasn’t April 1.

Running back Tiki Barber, who retired after the 2006 to strike while the media iron was hot, has decided to return to the game after four years away from it, is returning to football.

Barber’s agent, Mark Lepselter, has disclosed on Twitter that Barber “has filed the papers with the NFL to officially come out of retirement.”  (Reached for comment via text, Lepselter confirmed to PFT that the announcement is legit.)

Lepselter tells Jay Glazer of FOXSports.com that “there are interested parties.”

If Barber still had one or more years remaining on his contract when he retired, the Giants still hold his rights, so any “interested parties” would be tampering.  Either way, the Giants would have to decide whether to keep Tiki or cut him loose, once he is reinstated by the NFL.

Barber’s media career has bottomed out; he currently works sporadically for Yahoo! Sports after leaving NBC.

Last month, Barber’s twin brother, Ronde, re-signed with the Buccaneers for a 15th season.  The Barbers will turn 36 on April 7.

Despite his age, the fact that Tiki has taken no hits for the past four years should allow him to play younger.  He capped his career with more than 2,000 combined rushing and receiving yards for three straight seasons.

64 responses to “Tiki Barber plans to end his retirement

  1. NO!!!!!!!! stay retired dude….Gmen aint due for another SB trip anytime soon and i dont see a contender picking him up…..

    his media career bottomed out cause hes annoying and not a good comentator.

  2. I actually predicted this would happen last year, when all the prego wife and intern girlfreind sandal talk started. I think he left the G-Men in the last year of his deal, so he is free to sign with anyone (after a CBA agreement).

  3. Well someone has to take Brett Favre’s role as washed up player who still wants to play in the league.

  4. Looks like since he no longer can get owrk on TV, he might as well try to get back in the NFL.

    Next career stop in September 2011,

    Would you like anything off the dollar menu?

  5. As a lifelong Giants fan, he can still play. He was playing at an elite level when he retired and has always trained as hard as anybody. I remember speaking with him at length regarding his workouts before the 2004 season. If I had to bet on him, I bet he could still do some damage as a third down back for Tampa, letting LB get the bulk of the carries.

    FYI, the Giants wouldn’t keep him around, obviously.

  6. When I saw this, I thought it was a joke as well, but Barber is dead serious about this. Say what you want about him working in the media, he was very good in his time with the Giants and if he can shake off the rust, he could very well be very effective for someone, especially in a situation where due to the lockout (that in turns cancels many off-season camps, workouts, etc.) teams will be scrambling to be on track, coupled with the fact he will not have had any hits for four years on his body.

  7. 36 years old, are you kidding me?

    I’ve got a $1,000 that says he gets cut in training camp. Just ask Jerry Rice how easy it is to make an NFL team after 35 years old and he was the greatest player of all time playing a position that is slightly more forgiving with age then running back.

    Like most have said, either he’s broke or his ego simply cant handle his obscurity.

  8. Tiki, you look like him, you talk like him, you grin like him, but you aren’t Ronde. I’m sorry man.

    Take care of your kids.

  9. The scouts say Tiki looks the part in shorts, but want to work him out in full pads before they come to a decision.

  10. “Despite his age, the fact that Tiki has taken no hits for the past four years should allow him to play younger. ”

    Nooooo, doesn’t work that way Mike. Players get rusty just from the months of the off-season, and they are working out to get ready for the next season during that time.

    A player four years removed, especially one of his age, will take at least a full season to get back to where he was. By then, he’ll be almost 38.

  11. That may be the gayest picture you’ve ever had on this site. Except for yesterday’s picture of Gregg Rosenthal.

  12. Where’s da white women at?

    Let’s see… lost his job, has to TRY to go back to getting beaten up, and all for a white girl? That’s a hell of a price.

  13. And yes, he was one of the worst commentators ever! besides Emmitt Smith no one can steal that crown…well on second thought maayyybbbee Matt Millen

  14. I really don’t think there’s going to be any interest in a 36 year-old running back who hasn’t played in 4 years. Teams are already generally disinterested in running backs once they turn 30. For example, you have guys like Willie Parker out there who didn’t play at all last season and is considered washed up despite only being 30. Tiki’s post-football career clearly didn’t turn out at all like he imagined.

  15. I hope that he comes back to the G-men. First practice, I bet Eli goes ‘The Longest Yard’ on Tiki, throwing the ball right into little tiki.

  16. Seeing the headline, I thought, “End his retirement from what? Broadcasting?” He’s 36. Even without the last four years of wear and tear, that would make him 32, and he’s gotten used to a softer life. Even if a team were willing to take a chance, he’s not worth close to the money he made at retirement. And he tried to build his now-defunct broadcast career or ripping his former coach and teammates. Who’d want to bring that into the locker room?

  17. LMAO… Tiki, get yourself a better financial advisor. He prolly has a good one, but he’s just popping out babies like crazy. Divorce, child support and alimony will put you in financial ruins.

  18. Oh, and Mike … I normally don’t object to beefcake. But he’s wearing enough oil in that photo to fry chicken. Ewww.

  19. Screw Tiki. This jerk left his 8 month pregnant wife of twins for some skank. I hope he blows his knee out.

  20. “Despite his age, the fact that Tiki has taken no hits for the past four years should allow him to play younger. ”

    No hits to the body, just to the reputation and wallet….

  21. time to build on that fumble count………seriously tho, i could see him joining the patriots stable of backs. Remember, Ricky williams made a somewhat similar post-30 comeback and was successful.

  22. Jeez I guess he must have pulled a matutolypea —– At his age for the NFL he will really be a mackabroin —— I think he must have galeanthropy or somthing, lots of people have galeophobia ——– But Tiki always been a bit sanguinivorous —- Luckaly he’s not saprophagous though —– I don’t reaaly see it happening anyway, I think he’ll have to mayby give schoenobatist a try but he may just have to settle in as a domatologist or somthing —– But Tiki back in the NFL —- I can hardley wait ——– NOT

  23. Tiki,

    You’re too early! April Fool’s Day isn’t for another weeks…

    Don’t kid yourself. Stay retired. Herschel Walker has a better chance at making a comeback than you.

    Although, it would be entertaining to watch his trainwreck.

  24. What are the chances that Tiki is hoping that the new CBA treats recently retired players better than ones who retired before a specific date. Meaning that he may milk from the NFL by un-retiring in name only.

  25. Why not? It’s his career and won’t affect anyone making comments on here. Besides, it’s not like he was going to be on the HOF ballot.

  26. Its hard enough to miss one year and still be a great player. To ask someone to come back after missing the past four seasons at the age of 36 is asking a lot. I would instantly lose respect for any team that signs him.

  27. I guess his stint on the Today Show is not working out so well. Four years out is too long to try to come back. Ronde inspiring him is not very promising. Hasn’t Ronde retired by now? If not, perhaps he should join Tiki.

  28. How old is this guy you ask?

    Here are some other players also drafted in 1997 for comparison:

    Orlando Pace
    Ike Hilliard
    Warrick Dunn
    Tony Gonzalez
    Antowain Smith (I’m actually laughing at this point)
    Jake Plummer
    Corey Dillon
    Darren Sharper
    Jason Taylor

  29. i can’t imagine any team signig somebody who has been out of the game 4 seasons! he has to be doing this because he’s pissed his money away and can’t get another job!

  30. Who cares? Young running backs are a dime a dozen. Older running backs are a nickel for 2 dozen. Really old, out of touch, retired running backs……Tiki should pay the team that takes him on for the priviledge. When he was good he wasn’t that good.

    Stupid, irrelevent stories designed to hold our interest until the NFL blows up on Thursday or Friday.

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