Vince Young hasn’t given up hope of playing for the Titans


The Titans have made it clear they are done with Vince Young, no matter what happens with the current CBA negotiations.

Young, however, hasn’t given up on staying with the team just yet.

“I would love to stay in Nashville. I would love to stay in Tennessee,’’ Young told Chaney Entertainment via Jim Wyatt of the Nashville Tennessean.

Part of Young’s desire to stay put is the team’s new coach.

“I’m a big fan of [Mike] Munchak,” Young told “I always call him Big Hall of Famer in the hallways and things like that.  I have a lot of respect for him and he has a lot of respect for me so it’s great.”

It’s hard to tell if Young is just giving generic answers or if he really thinks there’s a chance he could stick with the team.  Wyatt points out there’s no chance of that happening.

No matter how much respect Young thinks Muchak has for him, the new Titans coach has made it clear Young has no future in Nashville.

8 responses to “Vince Young hasn’t given up hope of playing for the Titans

  1. The possibility of VY being a free agent should get the Eagles more involved in determining a trade of Kolb. If they pull a “Cavalier” and lose him after next season for nothing, they will look stupid.
    The Eagles need to use their asset and get what they can. If it ends up being a 2nd round pick fine, do the deal. If VY gets on the market, the Eagles best trading partner, the Cards, gain the upper hand.

  2. I imagine you guys have a search tool to comb through your large catalog of NFL player photos, where you enter the player’s name and then apply a filter to the search results. I imagine this filter includes options like “standing at podium,” “playing football,” “looking ambivalent,” and “getting absolutely blown the hell up during a game.”

  3. Sounds like someone is trying to salvage a monster paycheck. Should have thought about that sooner.. Oh well, there’s always USFL.

  4. Unless there’s an expansion team I don’t know about there’s no danger of him playing in TN.

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