Carson Palmer at “peace” with decision to leave Cincinnati


If Bengals quarterback Carson Palmer is bluffing about his intention never to play for the Bengals again, it’s an amazing acting job.

Clark Judge of is the latest to weigh in and has a pair of sources convinced Palmer won’t ever play for Cincinnati again.

“There’s a peace about him with this decision,” one source close to Palmer told Judge.

Another NFL head coach said there’s no way Palmer would return to Cincinnati. When told the Bengals have no intention to trade him, the head coach said, “Well, then, he’ll retire. He’s not going to play there again.”

(Quick aside: Why does an opposing head coach have information on Palmer that makes him so confident?  Talk amongst yourselves.)

We’d fully expect Palmer’s side to take as strong a position as possible at this point in the offseason.   But we’re getting to the point that it will be very difficult for Palmer to return to Cincinnati after all these reports.

If nothing else, it will be hard for Palmer to swallow his pride after so many sources close to him say he’s steadfast against ever playing for the Bengals again.

52 responses to “Carson Palmer at “peace” with decision to leave Cincinnati

  1. Carson Palmer – QB – San Francisco 49ers

    Probably won’t happen, but it seems to make sense. His wife is from SF and he wants to move west.

    In the end tho, as much as the Bengals state they won’t trade him and as much as they usually stick to their guns, I think in the end he’ll be traded. SF, Seattle, Arizona, Minn….somebody will get him in the offseason.

  2. (Quick aside: Why does an opposing head coach have information on Palmer that makes him so confident? Talk amongst yourselves.)

    I would guess he told him that.

  3. Why wouldn’t he be, most of the weapons that have started with him have been in the league almost as long or longer than him. Ocho Cinco Houshmandzadeh, Coles, Benson. I can see why he would want a change.

  4. Quick aside: Why does an opposing head coach have information on Palmer that makes him so confident?Pete Carroll comes to mind.

  5. best move for both sides.

    Bengals can start over and finally build a good team.

    Palmer can maybe win a playoff game if he pulls a Favre

  6. Randall “Pink” Floyd. You’d rather kick back and burn one with the boys… no worries Carson we understand.

  7. Gee I wonder if that “other” head coach is Pete Carroll.
    And why do I have to log in here everyday?

  8. I understand Carson’s complaints but what he needs to realize is that he is an employee under contract. He has the right to walk away at any time for whatever reason but other than that he is professionally obligated to play for the Bengals until they trade him.

  9. Palmer is going to stay true to his word and if he is not traded, he will retire. 8 years with the Bengals is enough for anyone!

    Bengals management should get what they can and use the draft pieces to start to rebuild, but sadly, they probably won’t.

  10. My guess on the fly:

    Palmer = USC linked. Pete Carroll = USC linked.
    Carroll in Seattle. Palmer in Seattle (sooner or later).

  11. He’ll have a nice TV deal in about two seconds after retiring. Then he can talk about how dumb the Bungles organization is.

  12. It doesn’t seem like leaving the Bengals is a decision that would lead to lots of second-guessing.

  13. I am not name-dropping when I say I know Carson and his brother and family personally. He is a person of strong religious and personal conviction. He means what he says. I know that he is done playing for the Bengals. And because the Bengals front office is one of the most inept in the league, stubborness and stupidity will be the cause of the end of Carson’s playing career. They will not trade him out of sheer spite. What a waste.

  14. The Bengals need to show some class, accept a draft pick or two, and let the guy leave.

    Prisoners get out of jail quicker for serious crimes. Carson has done his time.

  15. after his performance the last few years, the bengals shouldn’t want him back.

  16. Another black eye for Bengals fans. Thanks Mike. Thanks Carson. You both suck.
    I would like to formally announce that if the team doesn’t release me as a fan I’m going to retire.

  17. See ya Carson. We’ll miss the touchdowns you threw us…

    Ravens &
    Steelers D

  18. Why would he have to swallow his pride?

    You sound as if you think he will stand down and play for them next year.

    Why is it so hard to believe what he says?

    He has given a large part of his career to the Bengals and wants out before he wastes his entire career there. He knows that weather he retires or plays 7 more years for the Bengals, he will have the exact same chance of winning a SB.

    He’s done his time with the team that drafted him and given them everything he had, and now he simply wants to move on. Nothing at all wrong with that. He must feel like a prisoner wasting the best years of his life with the Bengals. They should do the right thing and trade him or just cut him. Don’t do what the Lions did to Barry and what the Packers tried to do to Favre.

  19. Mike Brown should pretend to be a good owner for a day and trade him. The Bengals get nothing if he retires (which is different from the nothing they get when he’s under center).


  21. Mike Brown and the Bengals are just idiots. They could have had a 1st & 3rd picks for OchoCinco a couple years ago, which no dobt would have helped to improve their team, instead they forced him to come back, and I ask what has he done since, not a whole lot. Now you have another opportunity to part with an aging veteran player who doesnt want to be here for probably a first round pick maybe more, and instead of making a deal, you will force the guy to retire. What sense does that make? You can move on and take the picks and try to improve your team while getting younger, or you can pull the power play and get nothing. Mike Brown will never get it, he is only hurting his team and the poor poor fans that root for his team. I preface this all on the hope that a CBA is reached prior to draft day which would allow the Bengals to actually make the deal, which at the present moment they are unable to.

  22. It really is pathetic that some of you are hoping that this guy ends up with the 9ers or cards or whoever. This guy absolutely sucks. He had a potentially awesome offensive last year, and what did he do with it? He was a one year wonder and once he got hurt, he was never the same. I’d rather have Kyle orton that palmer.

  23. Carson is only doing the same thing that over 15,000 season ticket holders have done the past 2 years; leaving Mikey Brown and his dysfunctional business model.

  24. parkerfly says:
    Mar 9, 2011 2:48 PM

    And why do I have to log in here everyday?


    Too much FIBER??

  25. Carson is getting treated by the media like he is lebron james. This is the same guy that lead the bengals to a 4-12 season with a 10 game losing streak with one of the best on paper offenses in the league. The bengals should trade him EVEN if he wants to stay in cincy. He’s not a leader and never has been. Be a man and hold a press conference and tell people yourself.

    Hes a quitter.

  26. And the starting Qb for the bungles is Cam Newton. Thank you Carson! Now the Browns will get AJ. Green.

  27. Two thoughts:

    1. After 8 years with the Bengals, it’s a wonder he hasn’t put a bullet through his head, let alone ask for a trade.

    2. As unskilled as I am, if the Bengals called me tomorrow and guaranteed me a spot on their roster and I would get Palmer’s salary…I would probably tell them thanks, but I am waiting for another team. You know, one that plays NFL level football.

  28. Let the man go. He has paid his debt to society. Just please do not draft Cam Newton…can’t stand these wideout/running backs trying to play quarterback….

  29. Hmm, much like I’m at peace in giving up my season tix after 27 years. I always knew I liked Carson.

  30. I’m glad Carson wants out of here. I think Brown should trade him and at least get something out of him. I’m a Bengals fan(born and raised), he has been terrible since his injury, but for those of you that think we can get a 2nd and 3rd round pick, let alone a 1st and anything, your crazy. No one in the league would give up that much for a QB like him. If anyone would and Brown turns it down…then the Colts have a new fan.

  31. If the Bengals don’t trade, and just rather lose a top 15ish quarterback and get nothing for him, then the Bengals are who we all thought they are.

  32. I just talked to Carson. He’s a good friend of mine.
    He said he would return to the Bungles ( his word ) and take less money, too, if they would just do one thing:

    “Please, God, change those horrible, garish, slow-pitch softball uniforms.” ( see photo )

  33. Carson Palmer will not be a seahawk Pete Carrol and Schnieder are trying to make the hawks younger and won’t trade a first round pick or whatever the bengals would want for Palmer

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