Fitzgerald says he never offered input on quarterbacks

Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald is like the rest of us.  He doesn’t know where the next Cardinals quarterback will come from.

“I have no idea. First and foremost, things can’t really be addressed until free agency,” Fitzgerald said on PFT Live Wednesday,  noting that the lockout is looming over all possible transactions.

Fitzgerald also told Florio that the team hasn’t asked him for any input on potential reports like Kevin Kolb, despite reports to the contrary.

“My opinion has not been asked.  Nor will it be,” Fitzgerald said.  “It’s unfortunate that rumors like that get started.”

Despite the lack of certainty at quarterback, Fitzgerald said that contract talks with the Cardinals have been going in the right direction.  We just wonder if the talks could be completed before a competent signal caller joins the team.

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10 responses to “Fitzgerald says he never offered input on quarterbacks

  1. So Fitz tells the media that he would like Kolb or Bulger. He is the lone superstar on the team. Hmmm, why on earth would we think the team would seek his input on the matter? Yea its unfortunate you opened your mouth Fitz, that is how the rumor got started. Idiot.

  2. unforntunately he and smith from the panthers have no qb to throw them the ball..theyre beasts

  3. Kevin Kolb for a $2 million trial. We get the #5 pick and the ridiculous salary investment involved with it for Patrick Peterson. I don’t see what the problem is.

  4. Larry laughed off the suggestion that he was providing input on the search. “Hell, I don’t even know what an NFL QB looks like anymore.”.

  5. What CYA garbage. Everyone in AZ knows that Larry got Leinart cut. He hated Leinart and told Wizz that he would be “too injured” to play in the opener last year if Leinart started. With Fitzgerald as GM we ended up with worse-than-woeful Derrick Anderson. Nice job Fitz.

  6. Why did he wait this long to address it if it wasn’t true? Seems awfully shady, especially considering that the Cards have been said to be in heavy talks to get Kolb. I’d imagine that Larry is distancing himself in preparation for the Cards to NOT get Kolb. That way he doesn’t have to answer media questions about ‘What now, Larry? They didn’t get the guy you wanted.’ and/or to grease the skids to get out of Arizona without looking like Brett Favre upset that the Packers didn’t hire and/or trade for whatever coaches and players he wanted them to.

  7. why wouldn’t they ask for his input and why would he need to claim they didn’t, i don’t understand. maybe they can sign tiki though. kevin kolb is not a starting qb. i hope they don’t sign him. get J-pLum out of retirement. SOOOOOPERRRR BOWWWWL!

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