Kessler still hasn’t returned to the building

It’s the third day of the week, and NFLPA outside counsel Jeffrey Kessler remains absent from the offices of the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service in Washington.

Albert Breer of NFL Network reports that Kessler is in D.C., advising the union by phone but not participating in the meetings.

We think that the union is keeping him in town so that the league will worry that, if progress isn’t made, Kessler could show up.  Breer believes there’s a chance the union has kept him away in the hopes of ensuring that, if the talks crater, the league won’t be able to blame it on Kessler.

Either way, he’s still not there.

14 responses to “Kessler still hasn’t returned to the building

  1. This site is probably the only place concerned with the whereabouts of Kessler. Anyone important has him on speed dial.

  2. Yes yes, very good. On the list of “things that matter right now in CBA negotiations” this seems to be somewhere below the weather but above gas prices.

  3. I think one of the things on the table is if the negotiations get close to a settlement, Kraft and Kessler go MMA on each other and the winner gets the better deal on all remaining issues.

    If this guy is the players ace in the hole, they need to trade in for a better deck. What’s he going to threaten to do–take away everyone’s smart phone and legal pad?

  4. You should consider a second page for all the CBA stuff though. Make it easier for folks to follow, instead of anything getting lost to such fascinating stories as how fast a player runs.

  5. I see it as a good sign. The union , by way of keeping Kessler out of the negotiations, is demonstrating its willingness and desire to get a deal. Let them hammer out a deal and then get the lawyers in there to dot the I(s) and cross the t(s).

  6. Little input from Jeffrey. He did call in once to ask if he could turn his desk around so it wasn’t facing the wall. Another time to ask permission to use the washroom.

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