Kyle Boller re-signs in Oakland; Raiders lock up Hiram Eugene, Daniel Loper too

Raiders coach Hue Jackson continues to have faith in Kyle Boller.

Jerry McDonald of the Oakland Tribune reports that the team quietly re-signed Boller to a one-year, $1.25 million contract before the NFL league year ended last week.

It’s clear that Jackson and former coach Tom Cable differed on Bruce Gradkowski’s value to the team.  While the team didn’t offer Gradkowski a restricted free agent tender last week, they decided to bring back Boller as Jason Campbell’s backup.  Boller also worked under Jackson in Baltimore.

That wasn’t the only move the Raiders made under the radar last week.  The team re-signed free safety Hiram Eugene and guard Daniel Loper to generous contracts that indicate their roles may increase.

McDonald reports Eugene got four-year contract which pays him $2 million this year, $2.25 million in 2012, $2.75 million in 2013 and $3.25 million in 2014.   Perhaps he’s set to replace free agent Michael Huff.

The team also gave Loper a big pay bump.  The backup guard will get $1.9 million in 2011 and $2 million in 2012.  It looks like he’ll replace Robert Gallery in the starting lineup.

33 responses to “Kyle Boller re-signs in Oakland; Raiders lock up Hiram Eugene, Daniel Loper too

  1. Kyle Boller has the life! ..making millions being a terrible QB in Bmore then continuing to make millions being 3rd string and marrying models n shatt..

  2. Solid moves.. Loper came in to replace injured Gallery last season and the offense didnt miss a beat… Boller and Eugene are solid backups if nothing more….

    Guess the supposed ‘senile’ old man isnt so senile after all… Like it or not, the Silver & Black is on the rise!

    Cue all the haters…

  3. wow. i don’t mind the boller move but the loper and eugene moves don’t make much sense to me.
    loper was decent at lg when gallery was out. gave up 2 sacks in 4 games. while gallery gave up 2 in 12 games. don’t know that he is starting material.
    same goes for eugene. he wasn’t getting much playing time at the end of the season

  4. Jerry McDonald is the MAN!

    As far as the signings…Boller certainly won’t ever threaten Campbell for the starting job like Gradkowski would and reports from last year was that he worked really hard to help Campbell and Gradkowski on the sidelines with game time adjustments.

    Besides he can throw a football fifty yards from his knees (the next closest thing Davis cherishes next to a fast 40 time).

    I would have prefered Davis resigning Charlie Frye instead of Boller (great work either and probably a cheaper salary), but perhaps they will re-sign him also as a 3rd QB and forgo drafting a developmental QB this year to leave NO DOUBT it is Campbell’s team this year (sink or swim)

    Perhaps Davis will use the draft to focus on selecting OL prospects like Wiz’s nephew from Penn State and Ryan Bartholomew the center prospect from Syracuse (who had an amazing combine performance like Bruce Campbell last year).

    Otherwise Loper/Eugene are solid, “known quanities”, but certainly would be a step back for the Raiders if they are the primary replacements for Gallery/Huff.

  5. If I lived on the left coast, I think the Boller signing would worry me more than the millions of fish that washed up dead in Redondo Beach.

  6. This is a good move for the Raiders…, Kyle Boller is a premier back-up QB and should prove his value in this role. I wouldn’t want him as the starting guy, but he’s got the experience and talent to fill-in on an ‘as-needed’ basis.

    Some men are born leaders.., some men are born followers. Boller is a born follower and once you take the pressure of being the starter off this guy.., he’s excellent.

  7. Hiram Eugene won’t be the starter if Huff leaves. Tyvon branch will move to free safety and Mike Mitchell moves to SS. Mark it down.

    Lopers good insurance if Bruce Campbell can’t make the grade at guard. Loper has started at guard and did o.k., but not as good as Gallery.

    Boller is fine as a back-up. He had a good preseason last year but never got much actual game time.

  8. I’m pretty sure the words “Kyle (should have been a) Boller, and excellent” have never been used together in a sentence before.

    Fade fans have the patience of Job, and the brains of Jethro Bodine.

  9. Boller . . . Boller . . . Boller . . . I guess the Raiders succumbed to the pressure from the ‘Free Gradkowski ‘ movement, which hasn’t gotten much press. I am a long time Raiders fan, and I really liked the way this guy plays. I guess there aren’t oo many of us. If they aren’t going to give him a reasonable shot . . . let him go . . . I would think he could find a home some place . . . Tennessee . . . Cincy . . . and the host of other ‘QB issues’ towns . . .

  10. Loper is a serviceable guard but wouldn’t start for most teams. Guess his experience in Hue Jackson’s system made him more valuable to the Raiders than other teams. Hiram Eugene though??!! Thats a head-scratcher. They faced no competition for his services and as a Raider fan, I have never seen him do anything special at all (except special teams!). Too much money on average players will always come back to haunt.

  11. And… signing Boller and letting Gradkowski go is a move to ensure that Campbell doesn’t have to worry about looking over his shoulder. That in itself is worrisome about Campbell. When you are making moves like that instead of keeping the backup (Gradkowski) that makes your team better, you gotta wonder.

  12. Nobody in the nation is surprised that all the raiders are resigning, except for guy that are deemed expendable, or have priced themselves out of what they are really worth…I still expect Nnamdi back as well…..(as far as huff we still have Stevie Brown as well who will compete as well)

    As far as Loper, when Gallery got hurt “again” last year Loper did a great job of filling in for him. I questioned cable all year why he kept playing Carlisle over Loper.

    If Gallery is going to sign somewhere else for 8 million (lmao) , so be it. We will take what we will be a 3rd round compensatory pick for him, and add depth to the O-line

  13. jlb10 says: Mar 9, 2011 9:24 AM

    wow. i don’t mind the boller move but the loper and eugene moves don’t make much sense to me.
    loper was decent at lg when gallery was out. gave up 2 sacks in 4 games. while gallery gave up 2 in 12 games. don’t know that he is starting material.
    same goes for eugene. he wasn’t getting much playing time at the end of the season
    Wrong and wrong regarding Loper and Eugene. Eugene’s salary makes him a backup to Huff. Eugene CAN play FS as a starter…as long as he has good SS support. Eugene plays better when paired up with Tyvon Branch at SS oddly enough. The Raiders will need depth in the secondary. Keeping Eugene gives us more options/versatility in the Wolverine and Nikel coverages as compared to Mike Mitchell in those same schemes.

    As far as Loper, I wasn’t blown away early in the season with his performance, but he later turned things around and became a SOLID backup to Gallery. PLUS, Loper can play both guard positions and even limited at RT if needed in a pinch. Loper proved to be crucial for the Raiders when several guys would go down with various injuries.

    Also, let us not forget the GREAT game he had against the Chargers in Oakland. And how can you forget the “Holly Roller Part 2” when he dove on a lose ball and rolled damned near 6 yards; close a first down? He’s very athletic for a Guard. And at $1.9mil, he won’t break the bank.

  14. Those who follow the Raiders know these signings are good news.

    Eugene is a fantastic ST player and provides depth at safety.

    Loper looked good when he got a chance to play, I didn’t notice any difference in play between him and Gallery.

    Everything is coming together very nicely.

  15. “Coach” Davis taking another QB with issues AND trading back in the 1st round to do it?

    If Todd Marinovich didn’t burn him out on taking QBs with “personal concerns” then JAcarcass Russell sure as hell did!

  16. @raiderredleg says… “Besides he can throw a football fifty yards from his knees (the next closest thing Davis cherishes next to a fast 40 time).”
    Actually, his favorite qb’s, the ones he won with, were Blanda, Stabler, Plunkett and Gannon, none of whom could break a pane of glass at ten yards with their hardest throw…

  17. @ezwriter,

    So he didn’t like Daryl Lamonica then?

    BTW…From what I remember, Gannon coming to the Raiders was mainly Gruden’s idea (with Davis begrudgingly letting go of Jeff George to make way for Gannon). Luckily for the Raiders it was one of the few times Coach Davis went against the norm and let a HC make a key personnel decision.

    Otherwise it was simply a “humor statement” (much like your humor statement about Stabler, Plunkett and Gannon not being able to break a pane of glass at ten yards) and based on the fact that both Jamarcus Russell and Kyle Boller were both talked up pre-draft on their abilities to hurl a football from their knees.

  18. Many teams wish they had Boller as a backup last year, when their starter went down.

    Just the facts.

  19. i think one of the main things overlooked is that Boller has some experience with Jackson. so im sure that helped them make the decision.

    i know a lot of fans wanted to see Gradkowski stay, but lets face it, once the decision was made to stay with Campbell, then Gradkowski was on his way out anyway. if you’re going to make this Campbell’s team, then you cant have a guy behind him always complaining about playing time and undercutting him (which Bruce was known to do)

  20. @joetoronto

    Which teams wished they had Boller? Wasn’t he pretty much on the street before signing with Oakland? Isn’t he basically another first round bust? Let’s not pretend that Kyle Boller is anything more than a mediocre QB at best. He’s certainly not a “premier back-up QB” as pftard would have us believe.

  21. @1bigtex,

    Huh isn’t anyone “pretty much on the street” before they sign with someone?

    Not an expert like you BUT I do believe most backup QBs are “mediocre QBs at best” otherwise they would be starting somewhere?

    Not sure what the definition of a “premier back-up QB” is, but I would sure as heck take him over Mark Brunell, Max Hall/John Skelton, Chase Daniel, Jordan Palmer, Brian Brohm, Curtis Painter, Brian Hoyer, Todd Collins, Dan Orlovsky and whoever was that dude that the Titans trotted out when Kerry Collins got hurt.

    Probably at WORST Boller is a top 15 Backup QB guy (if they even do power rankings for Backup QBs). Boller has been in the league, started AND still has some talent . I certainly would trust him more than some of the other quarterbacks that are second stringers or someone drafted in this upcoming draft.

    YES he is a “first round bust” (like Trent Edwards), but he isn’t being asked to be a starting NFL QB anymore is he? He is just being asked to hold a clip board and help the team anyway he can.

    Anyway at least you aren’t as annoying as marcsharc or whatever his handle is…Have a nice day from Raider Nation!

  22. Eugene won’t see the back side of his contract unless he can shine. And he played well for a guy that didn’t start a single game last season. Gallery wanted 8M, so I feel pretty good about Loper getting 1.9. Throw in Boller, and it’s still only 5.15M next season, if there is one. And if there is, at least Al will have some guys ready to go. What is your GM doing?

  23. Keep in mind they could cut anyone, after any season and not have to pay them anything…

    No bonuses in these pre-draft deals for Raiders I believe either…

    Actually pretty smart

  24. raiderredleg-

    haha Kyle Boller is a top backup QB now? since when? maybe a premier 3rd stringer, since you listed a handful of 3rd stringers that you feel he is better than. you cant even come up with a list of 2nd stringers? it doesnt matter, because Boller wont be the starting QB and Campbell is terrible so this signing is rather irrelevant. although reading that hes a “premier” back up QB, being listed over 3rd stringers, and hearing how many teams would LOVE to have Boller on their team is pretty entertaining. got anymore jokes, Raider fans?

    what is wrong with being unbiased when speaking about your team?Boller isnt a good backup in the CFL let alone the NFL. carry on 🙂

  25. marcsasharc:

    Yeppers those are all third string QBs…Look it up genius…THOSE ARE ALL BACKUPS AS OF 2010.

    Why don’t you try and attack me on something factual then make up some crap about me listing “3rd stringers”.

    Other than that thanks for taking the time to weigh-in (as usual) with your less than insightful posts (as always).

  26. oh really?

    “Mark Brunell, Max Hall/John Skelton, Chase Daniel, Jordan Palmer, Brian Brohm, Curtis Painter, Brian Hoyer, Todd Collins, Dan Orlovsky”

    Brian Brohm is?
    Hall and Skelton are BOTH number 2s?
    Chase Daniel is a number 2?

    because you are wrong on all those if you think they are. and you look like incompetent on the subject.

    what is there to attacjk factually? your opinion? although bogus, you didnt provide facts. what are your facts?

    and the fact that you count my posts as not insightful but give yours any type of worth is laughable at best and sad at worst.

    this subject is irrelevant, like i said. Boller sucks and you would never count on him winning any game and he isnt the starter. if he plays, the raiders are screwed more than they are if Campbell is healthy.

    sometimes i dont know why i bother arguing with folks that cant even tie their own shoes.






    It would be one thing if you were a fan of a traditional rival team of the Raiders, but you are just a sad dude that has a problem.

    At least sparing with BigTex is enlightening…I just feel sorry for you after reading your drivel.

    I know you feel differently…He is a suggestion for you…Take your own advice and don’t bother arguing with folks that cant even tie their own shoes!

    Have a nice day from the Nation! 🙂

  28. turn off the caps lock, you just look like a pissed off idiot. not only are you wrong, you are wrong about me. as if you couldnt be more wrong, you outdid yourself. that deserves a congratulations.

    even after you claimed 2 guys on the same team as 2nd stringers.

    the sad thing is, as much as you find me irrelevant, you cant stop talking about me. ouch. 🙂

  29. Let it go…The only one looking like a “pissed off idiot” is you marsasharc.

    Besides I don’t find you “irrelevant”…Far from it, I find you humorous, but a I do feel sorry for you.

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