Larry Fitzgerald, Cameron Heyward join PFT Live

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One current NFL player and one future NFL player will join Florio today on Pro Football Talk Live.

Cardinals receiver Larry Fitzgerald will join the show to give a player’s perspective on the labor situation, as well as his thoughts on who the Cardinals’ quarterback might be in 2011.

Also joining the show is former Ohio State defensive lineman Cameron Heyward. The son of the late Craig “Ironhead” Heyward, Cameron is considered a likely first-round draft pick next month.

Watch the show right here live at noon ET.

2 responses to “Larry Fitzgerald, Cameron Heyward join PFT Live

  1. Larry, what is it like to have all that talent and know your career is over now that you no longer have anything that resembles a quaterback on your team.

    Have you suggested to the coach they let you throw the ball to yourself?

    I really feel bad for this guy, he’d probably be the #1 WR every year if he had a real QB

  2. You totally neglect to mention that you start the show off with some Tiki Barber bore-fest too…

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