McElroy’s 43 is confirmed

After we learned on Tuesday from a trusted source that Alabama quarterback Greg McElroy’s eye-popping 48 on the Wonderlic was actually a not-as-good-but-still-impressive 43, McElroy’s camp reached out to us to explain that McElroy had been told the higher number by multiple league sources.

We’ve reconfirmed with our original source — and we’ve separately confirmed with a different source who has access to the numbers — that McElroy’s official score was/is 43.

In this regard, we need to be clear on one thing.  We believe McElroy genuinely believed he got a 48.  He wasn’t, in our view, trying to embellish or lie.  He has a reputation in league circles for being honorable, and in this case we simply think his sources were misinformed.

And, yes, some folks in league circles think a 43 is better than a 48.  Shoot the messenger if you like, but that’s what we’re told.

9 responses to “McElroy’s 43 is confirmed

  1. Me thinks they accidentally added Vince Young’s score to McElroy’s. Honest mistake.

  2. 43 0r 48 really doesn’t matter…I’m sure teams already knew McElroy was smart.

    What is the Wunderlic “sweet spot” for successful NFL QB’s?

    I’m guessing 20-30 range.

  3. The guy who saw an “8” instead of a “3” on McElroy’s score probably didn’t do too well on his Wunderlic…


  4. jw731 says: Mar 9, 2011 9:11 AM

    Does any of this matter when holding a clipboard on the sideline?


    Actually that is precisely where it matters the most. An idiot with a low wonderlic will sit on the sideline and not learn very much, while a smart QB will be analyzing every play, every read, every blitz, every defensive back tendency from the sideline, so that when he actually does get his chance, he will be ready.

  5. Greg McElroy failed the first unwritten rule of sales ,
    marketing and self promotion. Don ’t get caught selling .
    Number two rule is be sure of your product . Surprising
    since Greg McElroy , Sr is Senior VP of SALES & MARKETING
    for the Dallas Cowboys , who apparently is as much in
    involved, if not more , as any other FATHER whose son is
    vying to be drafted into the NFL this year . The most under
    reported aspect to this story is that it was McElroy Sr who
    originally bragged to the Birmingham News and other
    outlets after the combine about his boys stupendous , but
    apparently inaccurate , Wonderlic exploits .
    @ ESPNfeedback

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