Shaun Gayle testifies in murder case involving two of his girlfriends

Former Bears safety Shaun Gayle testified Tuesday in the murder trial of Marni Yang, admitting he had sex with Yang the night before Gayle’s pregnant girlfriend, Rhoni Reuter, was shot and killed.

Gayle had claimed in the past that Yang was only a friend and business associate, but the Chicago Sun-Times reports that Gayle admitted under oath Tuesday that the two were romantically involved.

From time to time, it would change into a personal relationship,” Gayle said, adding that they would have sex “roughly two to three times in the course of a year.”

Yang is accused of murdering Reuter in 2007, apparently motivated by jealousy about Reuter’s relationship with Gayle.

Gayle played for the Bears from 1984 to 1994 and was selected to the Pro Bowl in 1991.