The 18-game season debate takes a backseat

It’s always been about the money.

As the NFL and NFLPA continue to fight over revenue and transparency, the spectre of the 18-game season appears to be sliding into the background of the conversation.

Last week, Michael Silver of Yahoo! thought the enhanced season would ultimately be approved by the players.  Ross Tucker of SIRIUS Radio, speaking on PFT Live on Wednesday, also thinks it could be a done deal already.

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12 responses to “The 18-game season debate takes a backseat

  1. hope not, 16 is just fine, don’t need all backups playing the super bowl in March

  2. Here’s an idea: Lets add 2 more games and at the same time try to convince everyone that we are really concerned about head injuries ….

  3. yea something they are not realizing is the season ticket prices.are they going to be dropping prices a lil bit since they are adding on another home game? are they going to be lowering beer prices a lil bit as well? alot of questions if this is really true ( which i hope its NOT true) but i think since we know the NFL the answer will be no because the No Fun League is all about money and thats it

  4. How come they’ve been playing 18 games in the CFL (and two exhibition games) since 1986 – and no one has complained?

    And there will be no games in March either; the Super Bowl will actually be played on the Presidents’ Day weekend, which will give tens of millions of fans the next day off and save cash-strapped businesses and governments billions of dollars in lost productivity, sick pay (for people who aren’t even sick) and overtime pay (to cover the work left unperformed by those who do call in “sick”) because the day after the Super Bowl has far and away the highest worker absentee rate of any day in the entire year.

    Furthermore, there will no longer be an idle week between the conference title games and the Super Bowl (otherwise the Super Bowl cannot be played on the Presidents’ Day weekend).

  5. I keep hearing from season ticket holders that they are OK with 16 games, but they want to only pay for the 8 meaningful home games.

    Its not gonna happen.

    You are going to be paying full price for 10 home games no matter what, so wouldnt you rather have 9 of them be meaningful?

  6. “…the Super Bowl will actually be played on the Presidents’ Day weekend”
    That will never happen.

    President’s Day weekend has traditionally been this country’s largest single mattress-sale event weekend. The mattress industry wields too much influence when it comes to both national and local TV advertising (think dancing GW and singing AL), not to mention newspaper inserts, to allow anyone or anything to compete for the public’s attention during this weekend.

    The NFL would never dream of taking on the pillowtop machine.

  7. I think you guys don’t get that adding games doesn’t mean that the season will be longer or that your season tickets would be higher.. They are going to cut off 2 pre-season games which as you all know we already pay full prices for those 4 insignificant games.

    Now the question is, since the starting player will feel like they are playing more but there will be no extra income in the owners side besides maybe tv contracts $, will the season tickets be bumped as well?

    How about adding just 1 more game instead of 2? i tink a 17 game season sounds better than 18

  8. may be in the backseat, but it is still along for the ride, and will get there along with all the other baggage. 18 game season is a reality.

  9. and get more people seriously injured?
    a 16 game season is ok by me! maybe the playoff format can change though!

  10. It was never about an 18 game schedule – I said that many times. In fact, for the VAST majority of the nfl (you know, those now multi-millionares) an 18 game schedule is actually beneficial because they need every one of those extra checks in that much touted 4 year average career.

    This was always about just giving the Union one more thing to ask for concessions on so they could make the owners take less of the pie in exchange.

    PFT was wrong from day one on this issue.

  11. New to the posting, and I am guessing you can’t include a URL in your response?

    I say go for 17 games over 19 weeks. Make the preseason 1 home game, 1 away game, and one neutral game, so season ticket holders get a break.

    Regular season 8 home games, 8 away games, one neutral site game, and 2 bye weeks. The neutral games can be international as well as US. How about a game in Hawaii, or a game for the troops only oversees (with corporate sponsorship picking up the tab).

    Super Bowl on President’s Day weekend (apologies to the mattress people).

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