Von Miller runs 4.49-second 40-yard dash at Texas A&M Pro Day

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Texas A&M’s Von Miller was the second-fastest linebacker at the NFL Scouting Combine, running a 4.53-second 40-yard dash in Indianapolis.

At today’s Texas A&M Pro Day, he ran even faster.

Charean Williams reports that Miller ran a 4.49 today, which matches Martez Wilson of Illinois for the fastest time for any linebacker at the Combine.

Today’s 40 may have been on a faster track than the one at the Combine, and teams typically adjust 40 times for fast or slow tracks. So the 4.49 today isn’t necessarily any more impressive than the 4.53 Miller ran at the Combine.

But it does reinforce what we already knew: Miller is really, really fast.

10 responses to “Von Miller runs 4.49-second 40-yard dash at Texas A&M Pro Day

  1. Damn Von Miller messed up he ran a faster time than Vernon Gholston so according to FORMER scout Dave Razzano his draft stock just slipped

  2. I will be very impressed when the self-proclaimed “Experts” in the media start talking with more football knowledge. For pass rushers there is actually a combine stat that matters and it’s the 10-second split, which shows the ability to explode out of a 3-point stance. If your opinion about a pass rushing specialist is swayed based on a 40-yard dash, than you don’t know as much about football as you think you do… I actually like when the media talks about 40-yard dashes because (for some positions) based the impact they think it has separates the morons from the people who actually know football.

  3. Oh good, so when he has to run in a straight line as fast as he can during a game, we can rest easy knowing he’s capable.

  4. @danimalk82

    You make a great point but in this case Miller will be a pass rushing LB who will have other duties that require sideline-sideline coverage. a 40yd dash time and cone drill time would also be an important measurable.

  5. This guy isn’t the next Gholston. He has a great head on his shoulders and very good natural ability. I would love to see him in Green and Gold but no chance of that. Who ever gets him will be happy IMO.

  6. Dang, that is quick for an OLB, Miller is definitely going in the top five in the rookie draft. I hope that SD makes a run for him by trading up, they can package a good trade for the cardinals pick 5. The cardinals are the team though, I see picking Miller up. SD, lacks a good pass rusher at the ROLB position, English is alright, but they lack that speed at the position, and they need someone who can get pressure on the QB, Shaun Phillips needs someone that can take the pressure of the opponents offenses off of him. Miller is what SD needs since the departure of steroid user Merriman.

  7. @ajc85

    True, he’s being looked at as an OLB but 10 yard split is a great measurement to use when predicting future success for tweener types.

    Recently, Clay Matthews, Brian Orakpo and Brian Cushing all had stellar 10 yard split times. It’s not fool proof but it still tells a lot more than a pure 40 time.

  8. Honestly as a linebacker, anytime you even come close to touching a 4.5 or 4.6 you are really really fast! And it doesn’t really matter what hundreth of a second it is. If the guy has the film to back it up, thats what matters. And in Miller’s case, he easily has the tape to back his track stats up.

  9. That’s pretty dang good for an Aggie. there has to be an Aggie joke in there somewhere.

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