Authorities hope to interview Brandon Meriweather regarding shooting

During Thursday’s opening segment of ProFootballTalk Live, I touched on the debate that emerged regarding the question of whether the allegation that Patriots safety Brandon Meriweather fired a shot that hit two men constitutes a “story.”  In today’s media, it surely is.  Journalism isn’t an art, it’s a commodity.  And people want to consume that commodity not when the writer declares the commodity to be ready but when any information is available.

In this case, the allegation is a story, and every development thereafter becomes a development, too.

The latest development?  Our corporate brother at Tom Curran has obtained a “background statement” indicating a desire to talk to Meriweather, who based on an eyewitness report from a relative was at the scene of the alleged crime.  (The relative also claims Meriweather didn’t pull the trigger.)

“We are not prepared at this time to characterize or disclose Mr. Meriweather’s status in this case, though we do seek to interview him,” the statement reads.  “This past Wednesday investigators received a call from an attorney identifying himself as representing Mr. Meriweather, who stated he was looking to facilitate an interview with his client.  We are receptive to this overture (opportunity) and detectives are seeking to further this interview if it can be arranged.

Thus, Meriweather has “lawyered up,” and he did so even before the story broke.  Where it goes from here remains to be seen.

Stay tuned for the next development.

15 responses to “Authorities hope to interview Brandon Meriweather regarding shooting

  1. You wouldn’t see a Jets player involved in something like this. Typical of the Patriots organization, cheaters and criminals. Enjoy your 1 and dones and convicts Pats fans.

  2. Interesting…
    This guy is “alleged” to have shot two people, according to your earlier reports.

    And you say the authorities “hope” to interview him?

    What am I missing here?

  3. Thank god we come from a country where we are guilty until proven innocent. Maybe I got it backwards but can’t tell by the comments. Y’all people funny.

  4. I’m sure Steeler fan is anxiously awaiting how this develops because of the drama that followed Roethlisberger last year after the tavern incident and will be comparing how fans, the league and authorities react, and be more than ready to point out any inequities.

    Just for the record; I didn’t like Roethisberger before it happened. Heh heh.

  5. a talented young patriots player possibly in very bad trouble with the law? excuse while i shed my crocodile tears.

  6. At this point of the investigation he is likely classified as a “Person of interest”, not a suspect.
    They are obviously lacking enough evidence to constitute probable cause at this point, so no arrest has been made. Even if he was under arrest he could not be compelled to give an interview.
    It’s almost never in your best interest to talk to the investigators, even if you’re innocent.

    Other witnesses at the scene are likely uncooperative as well which slows the investigation down. This may well take a while.

  7. 3octaveFart says:
    This guy is “alleged” to have shot two people, according to your earlier reports.

    And you say the authorities “hope” to interview him?

    What am I missing here?
    Ohhhhh, I don’t know……. maybe the fact that the victim’s own lawyer DOESN’T THINK MERIWEATHER DID IT??????????

  8. He doesn’t have to submit to a police interview. It’s a legal right against self incrimination. Fifth amendment.

  9. Its a sad state of affairs when young men have to settle their fights with guns. Its sadder when we convict people (even in our own minds) without knowing the facts. I for one jump at the chance to tweak Cheatriot noses, but it isn’t fair to BM to convict him before a court does. Just as it wasn’t fair of the same Cheatriot fans to jump on Sanchez when he committed no crime, but understand the Cheatriot need to tweak Jet noses. Lets allow our legal system to work and sort out the facts before we throw any individual under a bus.

  10. The city of Apopka, Fl. is a DUMP!…with alot of poor and low-life scumbags & crackheads…What the hell is he doing there anyway?…And “authorities hope to interview” him?….sounds like this Pat is getting special treatment here….just like many others ,you can take him out of the jungle ,but you cant take the jungle out of him.

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