Brandon Meriweather accused of shooting two people

The rumors first surfaced Wednesday on the Twitter page of Florida radio personality Dan Sileo.  Next, we received text messages another radio host we know.  So we fired off an e-mail to Patriots spokesman Stacey James, who had not yet heard anything about it.

Early this morning, Deadspin reported based on a conversation with the alleged victims’ lawyer that Patriots safety Brandon Meriweather is accused of shooting two people during a fight that broke out at a house party in Apopka, Florida on February 27.

Attorney John Morgan claims that Meriweather fired at his clients, with the bullet grazing one of them and hitting the other in the head.

He’s extremely lucky to be alive,” Morgan said.

As Deadspin points out, these are only allegations at this point.

Stay tuned.

60 responses to “Brandon Meriweather accused of shooting two people

  1. John Morgan?

    I wonder if that’s the radio/TV commercial guy who floods the airwaves in the Tampa area with some really lame commercials.

  2. Right…So we can all agree now that the patriots cannot say a thing about a member of the jets organization anymore.

  3. Interview just now on WEEI with the man who broke the story, Dan Sileo from Tampa 620 The Sports Animal.

    He said he learned Brandon was with a group of people. Shots were fired. The lawyers (Morgan & Morgan), who are advertisers on the station, represent the victims are accusing BM of being the shooter. Brandon has not been arrested. NFL came down last week and hired an outside firm to investigate.

  4. There is some truth to everything. How much there is to this report will evolve as the day progresses.

    How many draft picks do the Patriots have?

  5. I am a Patriots fan and I never liked this guy from the day he got drafted. He’s missed more tackles than he has made. He goes for the hard knockout hit and guys just bounce off him. He’s gone to 2 pro-bowls and I as well as many Patriots fans that I have talked to- still dont understand how. I was hoping the Patriots would have traded him since its the last year of his contract and they could sell it off as he is a 2-time pro-bowler. Now if this news is accurate- I am sure he will be released.

  6. WEEI called the police and the police spokesperson said they have been receiving a lot of calls and they have no record of a Brandon Meriweather being involved in a shooting.

  7. Another fine outstanding pro athlete. Ya lets feel sorry for them they make millions a year and are asked to work two more weeks a year! Go cry to the hard working family who makes $90,000 a year, combined income by the way, thats not per week, and they both work and are losing there house. Oh and they don’t have health insurance either. These athletes are driving fans away. I know they didn’t ask to be role models but it comes with the turf. And if you don’t like that part of it then find a job making $12.50 an hour. Use your brain not your glock.

  8. Regardless of whether or not he was the shorter, what grown man goes to a “house party”?

  9. Caller from the area claims the Blue Jeans Lounge is a redneck bar. He’s wondering why BM and his friends would go in there.

  10. If only the Commishinoer Roger Goodell were there to break up that fight, he could have saved the head of that young gentleman.

    That said, I think this really only merits a two game probation…if he tried to get laid, it could have been escalated to a six game suspension.

    Because it’s about the fans.

  11. tfbuckfutter says: Mar 10, 2011 6:25 AM

    John Morgan?

    I wonder if that’s the radio/TV commercial guy who floods the airwaves in the Tampa area with some really lame commercials.


    According to callers, that’s him. They say he’s an Ambulance chaser. But, someone else just said Charlie Christ just joined the firm. WEEI is trying to get him on the phone now. They are also trying to get the police to come on.

  12. Orlando TV Station spoke to all the appropriate police departments and none of them have any reports of BM being involved in a shooting.

  13. The most overrated safety in the league. He’s garbage! Yet those blind new england fans continue to call him one of the best.

  14. Does anyone else find it strange that this is the first we hear about this…eleven days after the incident? A guy gets shot in the head and the police have no record of the event? I think we have to find out a bit more before passing judgement.

  15. Brandon Meriweather Arrested in Double Shooting = news

    Brandon Meriweather accused of shooting two people = a PFT-TMZ story

  16. “he’s the one who shot me” might just mean “he’s the only one in the house with enough money to bother suing”

    but this wouldn’t be the first gun incident involving Meriweather – he also was involved in something in college, although it didn’t lead to criminal charges and could be seen as self defense.

    As a Pats fan I know full well he’s overly aggressive on the football field, missing tackles looking for big hits instead of wrapping guys up, which doesn’t indicate anything positive about his judgment.

  17. As a Patriots fan I will be somewhat biased but all of us have to understand that celebrities and athletes are targeted because they sell the story. I will even say as a Pats fan he prob did it.

  18. Well I’m pretty sure the Ravens may have an opening at safety, no? He’d be a hand in (bloody) glove fit there.

  19. neverend1 says:
    Mar 10, 2011 7:46 AM
    The most overrated safety in the league. He’s garbage! Yet those blind new england fans continue to call him one of the best.

    Why is it whenever someone doesn’t like a player or the team he plays for they say the same thing ” he’s overrated”?

    And no NE fans don’t continue to call him one of the best, most NE fans want him gone.


  20. This one sounds kinds fishy.

    If there was ANY truth, or even suspicion…the guy would have been questioned and/or arrested. You’re talking 2 weeks ago…and noone knows about this.

    Cmon man..someone looking for some money?

  21. If you think about it, he was just working on his game. Given the missed tackles, he was told he has to “execute”

  22. When will you people understand?!

    The minute a lawyer even SNIFFS that there is a pro athlete, or anyone else with money, involved with an incident like this, they are QUICKLY the focal point of any lawsuit.

    Wake up! Because every single one of you would be screaming for the same chance to prove your innocence and crying a damn river over all the finger-pointing.

    “As Deadspin points out, these are only allegations at this point.”

  23. Funny how Sileo first said BM shot two guys. Now he is back tracking saying he is only involved in the investigation. Too bad for Sileo he is getting feed bs info for some ambulance chaser that advertises on his show. Cops haven’t even spoken to BM….wouldn’t you think they would have if he shot two people?

  24. One of the New Year hopes for the Pats that a local Boston sportswriter had was “I hope that Brandon Meriweather stays away from Devin McCourty.”

  25. The facts will come out about what happened. This really shows bad judgement on his part though. Whether he did it or not he put himself in a situation that he shouldn’t have been in. Thank god this wasn’t a jets player cause there would he about 5 different articles on here and about 400 comments about how screwed up the coach and organization are. This proves the point that everyteam has Players that have issues or make dumb choices, even the perfect pats lol. He should be off in a different country dancing like a idiot looking stupid like another player on their team.

  26. Just no end to the classy individuals representing the NFL. I’m continually impressed.

  27. Pats fans can’t talk anymore bout how they draft only class acts. Seeing as shooting people ain’t classy. This guy is garbage first his dirty hits now this. Get the hell outa the league

  28. chapnastier says: Mar 10, 2011 7:31 AM

    “Regardless of whether or not he was the shorter, what grown man goes to a “house party”?”

    Uhm, people who intend to engage in activities that might be frowned upon by local law enforcement?

    /what’s a “shorter”?

  29. another day, another NFLer showing their true colors again… “gimmie money, gimmie the ball, gimmie parole…” repeat

  30. Anyone read the linked article? The opening line is “The trouble started at the Blue Jeans Lounge in Apokpa when a friend of Meriweather’s allegedly beat up a woman”

    What complete piece of trash.

  31. You can take the brother out of the hood, but you can’t…… you know were i’m going with this.

  32. If he’s been ACCUSED of shooting two people that = automatic 6 game suspension. However if they can proven and convict him of shooting people, I would expect Goodell not to act at all.

    Accusations are always worse than convictions. ~Lord Roger

  33. I’m starting to think some people on this site really can’t read. There is absolutely no proof that this guy did anything at all. How can you relate his play on the field to what he does off of it? So if you’re not the best player you are automatically out shooting people? All signs point to him not actually doing this. No proof, clearly no one witnessed him do it or else he would have actually been arrested or at least taken in for questioning. It seems pretty obvious that these people and their lawyers are just fishing for something at this point. Just like if they ran into an NFL player’s parked car they’d sue for reckless driving.

  34. I waited like 6-8 hours for the Eagles to draft this guy and instead they took some QB who couldn’t even pronounce his own last name right. Guess I shouldn’t have doubted the Big Man’s skills in making QB’s look good (until the 2 minute drill).

  35. Keep in mind, this was a story broken by a reporter, Dan Sileo, who has previously been suspended for reporting a story that turned out to be false.

    Additionally, Morgan went on WEEI and started discussing details of the case that were clearly unethical, according to a Boston-based attorneey who called in after the interview.

    Knee-Jerk Reaction Nation (i.e., the Patriots haters) needs to sit back and ask one key question: if this incident really did happen, why is Deadspin. com the only “news-gathering organization” reporting on this alleged story?

    Just my opinion, but Brandon Merriweather may have been selected to the Pro Bowl, but he is not a legitimate Pro Bowler — he’s just a hard-hitting, overrated safety who goes for the KO far too often and misses more tackles than he makes.

  36. @bertcampaneris says:
    “Well I’m pretty sure the Ravens may have an opening at safety, no? He’d be a hand in (bloody) glove fit there.”


    They do have a guy, I think his name is Ed Reed. I’ve heard he’s a pretty good safety….

  37. I find it so funny and hypocritical how any time a acquisition is made involving a league player how everyone just assumes that the player is guilty till it’s proven otherwise. Whatever happened to gathering all the facts before judgement can be passed… I’m just saying that’s all…

  38. Of course pats fan defend the guy. Whenever it’s anyone elses team they just sit there and rip on the player. When it’s there player it’s terrible we all rip on him. Too bad ur guy was dumb enough he shot a guy in the head and still couldn’t kill him. Have fun in jail retard. U love head shots

  39. Ummm dude…please point out ONE Pats fan who is defending the guy as a player. Even before this there were few of us who could understand why exactly he gets PB selections. ALL of us I know of ripped him for his hit on Heap, it was horrible.

    The ones who are posting contradictory info are writing what they heard or read nothing more.

    Also a guy isn’t trash if his friend is beating on a woman, he’s trash if HE’S beating on a woman.
    I try not to “rip” on any team’s guys unless there’s some sort of evidence beyond what’s here…but that’s just me.

    gregjennings 85 & jimmysmith, your crying over cameragate is old & your own HC was FAR cooler about it than you guys are being.

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