Clausen only has one supporter left in Carolina


John Fox never seemed like a big Jimmy Clausen fan.   To no one’s surprise, Carolina’s new coaching staff reportedly feels the same way.

“Don’t think this is really news, but Carolina general manager Marty Hurney is said to be the only one in the building in Charlotte who still believes 2010 second-round pick Jimmy Clausen might be up to the task of handling the Panthers starting job,” SI’s Don Banks wrote on Thursday.

Don clearly underestimates the lack of news right now in the NFL.  We’ll take what we can get.

“Everyone else in Carolina, and many coaches and personnel men around the league for that matter, thinks the Panthers have to draft a franchise quarterback this year,” Banks wrote.

It’s no surprise Hurney won’t give up on Clausen after only one year; he’s the one who drafted him.  With that said, Hurney has to understand the skepticism surrounding the 2010 second-round pick.

Hurney surely doesn’t want to make another head coach unhappy by saddling him with an unwanted starting quarterback.  Unfortunately, Hurney dealt away his second round pick (No. 33 overall) to New England this year in order to draft Armanti Edwards.

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  1. Clausen and Armanti Edwards are arguably the two worst moves Hurney has made during his nine years as the Panthers GM. This article does not paint him in a favorable light, as is usually the case on PFT.

    If you look at every one of his first round picks, there are no misses:

    2002: Julius Peppers (2nd)
    2003: Jordan Gross (8th)
    2004: Chris Gamble (28st)
    2005: Thomas Davis (14th)
    2006: DeAngelo Williams (27th)
    2007: Jon Beason (25th)
    2008: Jonathan Stewart (13th) and
    Jeff Otah (19th)
    2009: none
    2010: none

    There is this general public misconception regarding both owner Jerry Richardson and GM Marty Hurney. Articles like this one perpetuate it.

  2. The Patriots will trade the pick back to ya just call em an offer them next years 1st rounder

  3. Sometimes you can tell after a rookie season if a QB can’t be a winning NFL starter – but if they can play, it typically takes at least 3 seasons for them to develop. Some of the best QB’s of the past 20-25 years struggled as bad or worse as rookies than Clausen did – including Elway, Aikman and Peyton Manning.

  4. It would be completely idiotic for them to draft a QB with the first pick. They should either trade down (which I don’t see happening) or grab Kaepernick in the 2nd to “compete” with Clausen for the job.

  5. Couple things here:

    Clausen has the tools to be the next Drew Brees. If you feel he’s a punk that’s too short and isn’t smart enough, then stop solely reading tabloids. Maybe ask the people in South Bend how they feel about him.

    Clausen has a freakish arm, can make all the throws, knows how to read defenses, and is a team guy. He was relied on a TON in college, and against very, very good defenses.

    Remember his freshman year? Everyone within the UND faithful was pissed at him, everyone outside said he sucked. His last three years were superb.

    If an organization gives up on a guy after one year, then they shouldn’t be deemed an organization by definition. Do they know what the term investment means?

    Clausen can get it done. Maybe don’t focus on quarterback-play. Hell, the Panthers haven’t had good quarterback-play in years; how could you think Clausen is supposed to be a savior in his first season? Draft around him, because he is a true talent. Quarterback wasn’t the only problem with Carolina last year…

    Oh great, you picked up a lesser-Pat White in Armanti Edwards. Newsflash: Pat White isn’t even in the league now. How has Edwards worked out for you?

    Honestly, you gave away what was essentially a first-round pick this year, knowing full well you would need said pick to improve your team, to draft a semi-mobile dual-threat quarterback.

    I know that a new coaching staff usually means you jump start an effort to rebuild your team–why else would you revert to a new coaching staff?

    But, if you must give up on your young, talented quarterback, then at least go get a veteran through trade and/or free agency. Why get a young quarterback who doesn’t know your system when you already have one with significantly more NFL experience, who’s already under contract, and is familiar with the team?

    Carson Palmer doesn’t want to play in Cincinnati anymore. Maybe Carolina should be chasing him down, offering a first and their #33 pick this year.

    Oh wait.

  6. Much as I dislike Clausen, this almost makes me feel a little bad for him…ALMOST.
    Were I their front office I wouldn’t draft a QB high (I wouldn’t have drafted Clasuen at all but I digress).I would trade out of the #1 and pick up some more players. They have already decided to go young after 09 anyway so they aren’t one or two players away anyhow…least of all another rookie QB in a meh class of them away.

  7. Carolina’s draft strategies have been a disaster the last few years. Forget about Clausen. But, trading your 2nd round pick in 2011 to move up and take QB/WR Armanti Edwards? This is after they already used their first two picks on a QB (Clausen) and a WR (Lefell)… and then they go on to take another WR (Gettis) later on.

    This is all one year after they traded out of the #28 spot. Hakeem Nicks was drafted one pick later. Also in 2009 they traded their 1st round pick in 2010 to move up and take Everette Brown.

    We beat up Al Davis and the Raiders a lot for screwing up drafts, but Carolina deserves some heat too.

  8. towniesman says:
    Mar 10, 2011 3:33 PM

    you are right on townieman – i would bet $1000 right now that Belichick is flipping that pick for a #1 next year plus another pick in return. That #33 pick is GOLD!

  9. Matt Moore had a 98 passer rating in 2009. In 2010 he along with every QB on the team…had bad stats. So the logical thing is to say that Clausen sucks…
    Well guess what..John Fox sucked, the OLine sucked, the recievers REALLY sucked and the running backs were hurt nearly all year.
    BUT…it’s ALLLLLL Clausen’s fault.
    Do yourseves a favor and check on John Elway’s 1st year stats and then let me know how he worked out for the Denver franchise.

  10. seanmmartin,

    Sorry, you’re wrong. That’s hard for me to say as I thought Clausen would be great too.

    He does have the physical tools, but his attitude, leadership, and demeanor were pathetic this year. He acted as if he didn’t even care. Throw your helmet after a 3-and-out, freak out on a reciever after they drop a ball, just show any kind of emotion as the QB and leader of the team!

    Instead of going out there with an attitude of “I’m a rookie, but this is a huge opportunity for me. I’m going to give everything I got”, he went out there with the attitude of “I’m a rookie. Nobody expects much out of me this year. I wasn’t even supposed to play this year. I was just supposed to sit and learn. This team sucks anyway. I’m just going to go through the motions”. It’s sad, but painfully obvious if you just watched him.

  11. Nothing is ever all 1 guy’s fault but certainly Rip Scherer as well intentioned and good hearted as he was has never made any QB better. He put all their brains on overload…that doesn’t help guys like Moore especially. Moore is at his best when he’s just playing.
    I am not sure Chud is a good answer @ OC but Rivera may have had slim pickings and I don’t blame him for picking a guy he was familiar with.

  12. “Clausen only has one supporter left in Carolina”…

    …and it’s hanging in his locker…

  13. @flapjackdaddy,

    As a Dolphins fan I have no dogs in this fight but…

    You’re right Hurney’s first round picks have been pretty damn good over the years. But this is inexcusable : 2009: none; 2010: none. That’s how a team gets run into the ground, especially when those top picks are traded away for players who aren’t producing (Armanti Edwards, Evertte Brown).

    First round picks hold so much value because you are drafting a top notch player who should be on your team for a long time. They should only be traded away if you are getting immediate, top shelf production in return. And trading away your first round pick 2 years in a row is like NFL suicide.

  14. final two years at UND*

    And I watched a decent number of games through those two seasons, along with a few this past year.

    I’m not a Carolina fan; I’m as unbiased as they come when we’re talking the Panthers. That program is on the decline.

    I’ve played on a team that was running into the ground. There probably was a lack of enthusiasm in the locker room and front office. With just one win entering week 15, its tough to bring it.

  15. Fox: “Thanks for all you’ve done for me Jimmy.”.

    Clausen: “Yeah, good luck in Denver, John.”.

  16. After watching him, he just does not seem to have a good enough arm or head for the game. He had lots of opportunities last season and did nothing with them. I am sure he’s already had an opportunity to meet and impress Rivera. I guess that did not go well either.

  17. What a shame to “give up” on a player after 1yr, without being giving a 2nd chance to improve. Did anybody expected Clausen to come in and produce like a Matt R, Joe F, or Sam B? Funny if ppl did expect it though. When Clausen was drafted, he was suppose to sit and learn.

    Drafting another Qb sure would have been 2 waisted picks. Gabbert isn’t that much of an improvement over Clausen and Pike. That guy along Cam N has so many flaws they both should sit and learn instead of being thrown into the wolves like Clausen. Clausen and Pike sure was in a bad situation of having a lame duck coach, who everybody knew wasn’t going to return. Lack of creativity in play-calling, a sub par Oline( running for your life mostly every time), TEnds barley being used in the passing game etc etc. Also a Jim S or whatever Qb coach sure sucks at developing Qb’s. I mean Derek A and Brady Q, that sure isn’t a good resume lol

    How many Qb’s could have success with that? Clausen does needs to become more of a leader/command the huddle though.

  18. I wish there was a stat that showed how many bad QBs were compared to Payton Manning and John Elway after having crappy first years… Then we could take that number and divide it by how many John Elways and Payton Mannings there are and get a percentage rate on the chances of Claussen being a good QB…. I think I just uncovered something BIG

  19. Matt Moore being a bust last year forced this kid into the game sooner than he was ready and could be fatal to any chances he ever had in the NFL.

    Normally I would relish a Notre Dame kid failing so pathetically, but this is sad.

    In other news, both of his brothers were total tools, especially the older one.

  20. What’s even more of a joke is, if they select a QB with their 1st pick, they will have selected 4 QB’s out of thier last 7 picks. hahah What a joke, a team that is rebuilding should start using their picks a little more wisely…

  21. He may be the nicest guy ever but he really has a “hate the face” look to him.

  22. 2002: Julius Peppers (2nd)
    2003: Jordan Gross (8th)
    2004: Chris Gamble (28st)
    2005: Thomas Davis (14th)
    2006: DeAngelo Williams (27th)
    2007: Jon Beason (25th)
    2008: Jonathan Stewart (13th) and
    Jeff Otah (19th)
    2009: none
    2010: none

    There is this general public misconception regarding both owner Jerry Richardson and GM Marty Hurney. Articles like this one perpetuate it.

    Ok, so that drafted well in the 1st rd, but have not had one good pick after the 1st. You should be able to draft a good player in the 1st round. True test of a good GM or Owner is to find good players later in the draft. Something the Panthers have yet to do.

  23. You are correct bucx01, Panthers have yet to find a good player after the first round.

    2001, Kris Jenkins 2nd round
    2001, Steve Smith 3rd round.
    2002, Will Witherspoon 3rd round
    2007, Ryan Kalil 2nd round

    Clearly all scrubs/busts that Jerry Richardson paid to have selected to 10 Pro Bowls, and 6 All Pro selections, because he is obviously greedy, senile and insane and trying to ruin the NFL. I can’t believe this organization hasn’t folded yet, only 3 NFC championship games since 1995, such a disgrace! Only one Super Bowl appearance? Horrific!

  24. Claussen will be a good NFL QB. I would not be upset if Miami traded for him to compete with Henne. Give this kid a little time and he will shine

  25. i think dude should get another shot…another year at sucking then let him go..its not like the panthers are going to win a sb this or next year. give the panthers one of the best qb they still suck

  26. flapjackdaddy,

    Hurney also screwed up with picking up Otah who hasn’t had a full season yet and didn’t even show up to work last year. I don’t care if you are the best player in the history of football. If you can’t stay on the field, it doesn’t mean jack. Also you forget to mention he gave up a future 1st rounder for him and also gave up a future 1st rounder for Everette Brown who for what we gave up for him has been a failure as well. The man isn’t even a starter. He’s been a back up.

    You can also add to the list the huge contract he gave to Jake Delhomme after his performance against the Cards in the playoffs.

    Personally find the Otah and Brown mess ups right up there with Clausen and Edwards. As well as the monster contract Jake Delhomme received.

    Also majority of teams hit on 1st round picks every year. What does our second round list look like?

    Jimmy Clausen – 2010
    Everette Brown & Sherrod Martin – 2009
    No Second Rounder – 2008
    Dwayne Jarrett – 2007
    Richard Marshall – 2006
    Eric Shelton – 2005
    Kerry Colbert – 2004
    Bruce Nelson – 2003
    DeShaun Foster – 2002

    Actually just look over the draft history here

    Hurney should be on thin ice. Questionable decisions with some success in the draft but just as much failure in the draft.

  27. flapjackdaddy,

    Smith and Jenkins were not drafted by Hurney. So that makes 2 out of 40 or so picks. Since 02 they have missed on every WR and drafted one good player after the 1st rd.

    Since we are talking about the draft(not super bowl losing teams) it is easy to say after the 1st rd he is batting about 5%. Any wonder why your team is pick 1st???

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