Combine sets NFL Network ratings records

As if we needed any more evidence that the NFL is more popular than ever, the league today issued a press release touting all-time high ratings for the Scouting Combine on NFL Network.

A total of 6.6 million viewers watched the Combine on NFL Network this year, a 27 percent increase over the 5.2 million viewers last year. On Sunday, when the quarterbacks, running backs and wide receivers were working out, an average of more than 400,000 people were watching at any given time.

With a steady increase in the ratings since NFL Network first started showing the Combine, it’s becoming increasingly clear that the NFL is a year-round sport, with fans staying passionate during the offseason, even when we don’t have any football to watch and have to settle for future players running around in shorts and T-shirts.

And the passion of fans during the offseason is all the more reason that the owners and the players need to get a deal worked out now, and not allow a months-long lockout to turn the offseason into a labor war.

24 responses to “Combine sets NFL Network ratings records

  1. Or this could show the owners and league that people are in love with football and will watch it regardless of what front office crap is going on… well not completely REGARDLESS, but with the draft happening no matter what, the league won’t suffer until nothing happens by the time training camps should regularly open. And even then, people are bluffing to say they would stop watching it because of that – it’ll just be like crack fiends waiting for their fix and will only be joyous to see it come back to them when it does… its not like the NFL is disappearing forever.

  2. Considering the comparatively small percentage of homes that get NFL Network, that’s significant. The league and owners would be wise to take notice of what that means:

    We want to watch football players develop and play – not owners getting richer off them – and us.

  3. go ahead owners and players piss off the best fans in the world, if they lock out we have the power, lets all get together as fans and screw these guys

  4. the best barometer of success in the NFL i have heard so far is from rock who said that a player’s calves are indicative of their ability to explode.

    and there were some nice calves at the combine per rock.

  5. Did you and your sibling ever fight over who got the last French fry? They’re arguing over who gets the last ton of French fries. And obviously they’re going to argue for a while because everything they touch turns to French fries. I’m hungry.

  6. I watched it online. I wonder if these ratings also take into account the unique IP addresses that watched it streaming on their site.

  7. Why don’t they settle their pissing contest with Time Warner so we could actually watch the NFL Network. They are both a bunch of jerks.

  8. @stixzidinia …

    Funny, but I’m never bored watching well-defined men in second-skin attire run, jump, do football drills, and lift weights 🙂

  9. I am was a good athlete once in 7th grade because I was twice as big as everyone in my class. Now I am fat and out of shape. I think it would be awsome if someone like me were in the combine. NFL what do you think? could I run the 40 6.0, could I bench the bar? I think it would be fun.

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