Dusting off the 18-game debate

In the past, we’ve sought your opinion as to whether the NFL regular season should expand from 16 to 18 games.

With the labor negotiations reaching critical mass and NFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith taking the position that the union won’t agree to 18 games and that the fans have made their opposition to the move “abundantly clear,” we want to know what you think.

Do you support the possible move to 18 games?  Do you oppose it?  Do you have no opinion?

Fulfill your civic duty (and, yes, I said “doody”) below.

88 responses to “Dusting off the 18-game debate

  1. Be sure to forward these results to the negotiation table as well. Maybe if Goodell knew how we felt he’d act in our best interest.

  2. I don’t get the lack of desire for an 18 game season. i’d like to see them have the 18 games, start the season 2 weeks later, and have 3 bye weeks per team… this would push the super bowl into march where it could be played in many other places that the normal circuit. everybody wins!!! and this excuse about the pounding football players take… i’m not sure how vaild it is when you have hockey players playing 82 games just to get to the playoffs and a minimum of 96 games to win a championship. i think football players can handle an extra couple of games.

  3. I voted yes, assuming that means 2 less preseason games. If they would do 16 games with 2 preseason games, I would take that also…

  4. The game went from 12-14-16 when there were less college prospects available.

    More football is more football. All they would need to do is allow all 53 to play on game day and maybe expand the psquad a bit.

  5. Considering we already have a 20 game season, the real question is whether or not we, as fans, want a 4 or 2 game pre-season. And as a season ticket holder let me assure you myself and other season ticket holders would much prefer to 2 less pre-season games and 2 more regular season games. I can assure you when NFL says fans want the 18 game season they are referring to comments from season ticket holders for the last decade or more, just not sure what took them so long to respond.

  6. chapnastier,

    What do you think carries more weight a poll of people who may or may not evr attend an NFL or the individuals that purchase tickets to not one game but every game every single year? Every season ticket holder may not feel the same way, but after awhile of attending games you get to know the other season ticket holders (its like a second family), and every single one I know wants to shorten the pre-season. Now there may be mixed feelings on whether the games should be added to the regular season or just dropped, but as long as we are paying for those 2 games we dont want to sit through the farce that is NFL pre-season.

  7. Has anyone come up with the percentage of players hurt in the first two playoff games, compared to the regular season? I also wonder how many of the plyers who are against the extra two games are more than happy to go to the bro bowl.

  8. Keep the 16 game schedule but make it a 18 week schedule instead of 17.

    An extra week of revenue for the owners = win.
    An extra bye week for the players = win.
    An extra week of football for the fans = win.

  9. What true NFL fan would not want more regular season games? 18 would be great with two pre-season games. Who are these “fans” that voted no? And why?

    18 games equals more meaningful games and might even help improve parity among the teams, because the NFL is far from that goal. It give teams a chance to climb back into the playoff race.

  10. I’m all for debate on this subject but it would be interesting to know how many of the votes in that poll came from unique IP addresses as it allows you to vote as many times as you want simply by refreshing the page.

    I’d be surprised if there wasn’t some ballot box stuffing going on.

  11. The question is leading. If you ask would you support an 18 game schedule over a 16 game schedule and 4 preseason games, I say yes I support an 18 game schedule.

    I have not talked to anybody who would not want the NFL season extended. People understand that the risk of injury grows with each game and that less games protects the players against those injuries, but given the choice, hell yes I want 18 games.

  12. The issue with fans who don’t want the 18 game season is what we have already seen happen in some respect this season. An extraordinary number of players getting injured, and the game being watered down. I want to see the elite players play.

    Take the most important position, QB. I don’t care how many college prospects there are, we still don’t have 32 legitimate starters in the NFL, so there are obviously few legitimate back ups. If your QB goes down, game over.

    Even if a player goes down at another position and its not a death sentence, it still lowers the level of play. The game is perfect the way it is now.

  13. not sure what yes and no means. I want 18 games per season so which do I select?

  14. The question “18 games or not?” doesn’t cover the entire issue. The question should be about how many preseason games the fans want, which is LESS than there is right now. 20 games total is great, but “the fans” answer to 18 games or not will be skewed the wrong way based on this survey. If we say yes to 18 games in this survey then they’ll assume we want 22 games total keeping 4 preseason games. If we say no then they’ll think we want to keep it the way it is. THE FANS JUST WANT THEIR MONEY’S WORTH, and preseason games are a COMPLETE waste of money! Ask the right question if you want the right answer from us…

  15. Now ask the season ticket holders how many want a REAL FREAKIN football game for their money?

    I pay $100/seat for two lousy preseason games that feature camp fodder; that’s $400 plus another $70 for parking. I would much prefer to watch a football game with the starters that means something for all that dough.

    It also means a lot more TV revenue for each side to be a $$$ winner. Exactly where else is the money going to come from satisfy these billionaires and millionaires at our expense?

  16. NO to a diluted product.
    NO to devalued games.
    NO to more injuries.
    NO to devalued NFL records.

    First 14 games, then 16, then a 4 week playoff. Seriously, when is the line going to be drawn. When is enough enough?

  17. I just think they should keep it ad it is. Even the 4 reason games. I like those to evaluate the new crop of talent that comes in each year. I guess if anything had to change, I’d like see an additional round of playoff games and maybe one less preseason game. That is unlikely though since it probably wouldn’t bring in nearly as much revenue as the extra 2 regular season games.

  18. Dilute the games? Indeed. Peterson is still gonna get his typical 300 carries, they’ll just be spread out over more games, so fewer carries per game. So you get to watch Toby beef up his attempts!! YAAAAAY Toby!

    screw up the record book? i hate that even more.

  19. I’m not a.season ticket holder but I attend several games a year. Two more game is two more opportunities to see football live. I love watching it on tv, but travelling to see the a great match up is awesome. Dropbthe two pre-season games, add two regular season games and push the Super Bowl to Presidents Day weekend.

  20. “I don’t get the lack of desire for an 18 game season”

    The lack of desire is from the respondents on this site that are actually Players, not fans.

    (Players, of course, are fans of the game. I just do not count them as Fans in CBA-type discussions)

    99% of all respondents who want less games are Players and should be ignored in this discussion.

  21. There should be an option for 16 games with 4 half priced preseason games. My guess is the majority of the “yes” votes are from people fed up with paying full price for preseason. If they have to pay full price then the games might as well mean something. Discount the meaningless games and I’m betting most are just fine leaving the season at the current 16.

  22. What has become “abundantly clear” to me is that dsmith or Dmouth is hell bent on taking this to court but like a smooth politician he smart enough to make it look like the league and the owners are to blame for not reaching an agreement. The union has given an inch in these negotiations. They can stand behind their demands because they have judge “dooty” in their pockets. this will not end well and I hold Dmouth and the NFLPA responsible.

  23. I’m a season ticket holder and I say no to the 18 game season. I would love to see them eat the revenue and make the home preseason games 1/2 price – but I know that they won’t do that. But if I have to chooses between the way it is now and an 18 game schedule – I would say keep it as is.

  24. Not a good option if you’re a player. I love watching football, but can’t imagine playing 18 games and the toll it will take on those guys bodies. Football is brutal..

  25. They’re going to do what they’re going to do I guess. My problem isn’t with the 16 vs 18 game regular season. It’s not even with the 4 preseason games, despite the fact I hate seeing people getting hurt in meaningless games before the season even starts.

    My problem is with both sides of this debate, the NFL and the NFLPA, trying to use fans and safety as pawns.

    First, the safety issue. Adding 2 extra regular season games and getting rid of 2 preseason games is not a safety issue. Most of the big injuries in the NFL happen before the midpoint of the season, therefore, extra games at the end are a non-issue to player safety or to players being put on IR. It’s simply an extra 2 regular season games and a loss of 2 preseason games. The NFLPA needs to quit pretending this will create extra injuries and, thus, we’ll have way more backups playing later on in the year.

    Next, stop using the fans to propose the propaganda of your side. Both sides do it and it’s both annoying and insulting. We all love to watch football. We all want it to be both safe and fair. I would bet money that if you did an actual poll of all season ticket holders they’d say unanimously they would rather the rules are fixed (what’s a catch, no tuck rule, etc) than the season extended.

    Lastly, I’m not in favor, that all being said, of the season expanding. I like it the way it is. If they do, they do, but I’m not in favor of every single season record being broken every year. I like having 2000 yards rushing and 20 TD’s being a big deal.

  26. Do people remember that OJ and Dickerson had their 2,000 yard years while playing in a 14 game season? A few others have done it playing a 16 game season. It will be even more attainable with an 18 games season and OJ and Dickerson will fall further down the list. The reason the NFL is so great is because unlike the NBA everything is on the line each and every game. In another 15 years a call will be for a 20 games season. It needs to stop.

  27. Business sense maybe …

    * Would mean season ticket holders would be paying for 1 less preseason game (with a shift to a game that mattered)
    * Would mean extra money for area businesses for games that matter more.
    * Would give the league the ability to target games abroad or for cities like Buffalo the ability to keep 2 games in Toronto and then get add a regular season home game.

    All in all … we just need to eventually say let’s have some football …

  28. I’ll go for 18 as long as roster are expanded, another bye week is added and wild card teams are added to enable eliminating the playoff byes. And modify injured reserve so players can return in same season.

  29. … But … I am against expanding …

    * Player health issues
    * Diluted product and records.
    * Given shelf life of players now … adding to health concerns will reduce the likelihood of a team staying together

  30. 18 games. larger roster. all players active. NO byes, they suck.
    And internet polls are worthless, since its too easy to cheat ’em, and skew the results

  31. What a joke this poll is. As the commenter above noted, someone can vote multiple times and stuff the ballot box. What is this? Chicago politics?

    This poll is poorly worded and allows ballot stuffing. Results are totally worthless and misleading.

  32. Since the same number of games will be played, why not make 18 count? I am confused.

    We waste 4 games on preseason games which are meaningless. Additionally the tickets to these games aren’t any cheaper. Why not get what we pay for?

    Also, i hope the 297 folks who voted “no opinion” understand, simply by answering “no opinion” you in fact have an opinion.

    I think “dont effin care” would have been a more appropriate option.

  33. Too many injuries as it is!

    All an 18 game schedule will do is punish the good teams for getting into the playoffs every year.

  34. wow i didnt know this many people viewed your site., nice work.

    18 games is all about greed.. we cant let the networks RUN the nfl too. this is getting stupid. I HATE THE FACT THAT THERE ARE EVEN TV TIMEOUTS.. puke.


  35. The league misunderstands. Fans are really against pre-season games when they’re made to pay full price for them as part of their season ticket packages. If they’re going to pay full price then of course they want a real game and not the back-ups.

    However, I think there is a lot of interest in pre-season games generally speaking. The early season is all about hope – about what could be, about the new players that may make a difference, about seeing who has improved. That’s stuff that can only be seen in pre-season games, and those are opportunities that many young players only get in pre-season games. There’s nothing wrong with having 4 of them.

    16 games is perfect. Unlike every other sport, every single week matters in football. Stumble once and it may undo the entire season.

    The relative brevity of the season is also a major plus. Hockey and basketball run Sept/ Oct through June. Baseball goes March through October. The crux of the NFL season is September-December, four months that fans can associate with cooler days, comfort food, the beginning of winter – and their favorite sport. I would hate to see it drag on even longer.

    No, 16 games is where it’s at. The game has grown by leaps and bounds in the current scheduling format, and in such format things should stay. Adding more games is just a lazy way of funneling more real dollars to ownership while doing nothing to solve the real problem, which has to do with percentages of the revenue split.

  36. I voted NO…

    Reason- First off, It would destroy the records. The records are one of my favorite parts of the game. I love seeing if the players on my team can keep up with the greats from the past. With an 18 game season too much will change, and change is not always good.

    Second, well I’m not even gonna get into that one, the NFL is great how it is, I wouldn’t change a thing. I love the game and all I want is to be able to watch it!

  37. For all the season ticket holders that want 18 games for the sake of “getting their money’s worth”, I’m sorry the NFL makes you pay for the preseason games, but don’t fall for Goodell’s propaganda. If the 18 game season happens, you’ll just be paying for more meaningless games at the end of the season (when teams are knocked out of contention or have locked up home field) and more games where your favorite players are injured. Less talented athletes will be on the field more often and the product will be diluted.

    Please don’t let this happen!

  38. As a general fan, I am agaisnt an 18 game season. However, as a Gold Package ticket holder of the Packers, I am for it for selfish reasons. Currently, I get one preseason game and two regular season games. If there is only one preseason home game, I dont see how the Packers could stick the Gold package with it. So I think we would get bumped up to 3 regular season games a year for the exact same price!!!!!

  39. Change the poll to what it should really read:

    1. continue 16 game schedule and 4 preseason games where season ticket holders have to pay full price for the preseason games (which is BS)

    2. 18 game schedule with only 2 preseason games

    3. 17 game schedule with 2 preseason games

    4. continue 16 game schedule with 4 preseason games where the preseason games are first-come first-served, and NOT a requirement for season ticket holders

  40. Has anyone seen or heard how the 2 extra games would be scheduled? How could the league ensure a balanced schedule? I would hate to have to play the Packers and the Colts as my 2 games when a division rival gets the Panthers and the Bengals.

    Would overall record still determine the division winner, even though only 6 of 18 games would be played within division? I could envision the Cardinals going 6-0 in the West and 2-10 outside the West. UGH!

    Having been a season ticket holder, I understand why they are in favor of 2 less pre-season games. I would only go to a preseason game if it were the third game and the starters were playing at least one half. That would typically occur every other year.

    I am also not sure that the teams’ gate would be appreciably larger, substituting one pre-season game for a game that counts seems a pittance in the scheme of things. They may be able to wrangle a few more bucks from the networks though.

    All in all I am swayed mosly by the scheduling issues which in the worst case could undermine the integrity of the league, at least the perception of integrity as fans start screaming about who plays whom.

  41. Dan Patrick put out a suggested plan that sounded pretty good to me as a fan and should help players and owners by increasing the size of the revue pie.

    Move up the season a week or two. Add another by week in the second half of the season. Add four teams to playoffs in each conference to you have a sweet sixteen format. I think the playoff popularity and a new regular season week of tv ad revenue will increase the pie significantly. Win for fans, players, owners, vendors, parking lots, hotels, marketing. What’s not to like??? This is such a no brainer that it is likely not to happen.

    Losers would be baseball and college football some???

  42. To put it in perspective…

    Adding 2 more games is equivalent to adding 20 more games for MLB or making is 182
    Or a 91 game season in NBA.

    Why Dilute the product? When the Patriots are 14-2 and decide to sit their team for next 2 weeks vs. another team trying to get in, it’s just not right.

    Less games = more importance. Week 19 (game 18) in the NFL WILL NOT be more exciting than the current week 17 (game 16).

    Heck, even now week 17 playoffs are already determined.

  43. honestly idc what they do as long as it means i have football to watch this season.

    that being said, i dont think an 18 game season is in anyones best interest but the owner. im somewhat of a historian and i dont want to see these records that took dickerson, brady, marino, harrison, years to set be broken willy nilly by guys like jon kitna. more football is great but it would definitely take its toll on the players and teams like the eagles, colts, packers, have enough yearly injuries. regardless of whether or not they go with 16 or 18, they NEEEEEED to abolish or shrink the preseason. bottom line.

  44. Amazing hypocricy on this issue. Or ignorance. There is no logical reason that a football FAN would be opposed to an 18 game season without knowing the the various options involved. That is like a fan stating that he is sick of pro football after 16 games. This flies in the face of the incredible growth in popularity of the game. It doesn’t seem to occur to those fans opposed to an 18 game schedule that ….duhhhh….the NFL has a 20 game schedule now – with 4 preseason games. IF the union refuses the 18 game proposal, then it is right back to the status quo. If all other isses are resolved in the CBA, the 18 game proposal will niot hold this deal up. The NFLPA is just posturing for better terms for the proposal: enlarged rosters, modified IR rules. The rest of you are goingto look like morons for opposing a sound business decision.

  45. While the poll is obviously not scientific, I feel it would provide useful information. Yes, it is generally restricted to people who read PFT, and further concentrated amongst people who follow PFT on twitter (or are linked), but that only means that the poll is inconclusive for fans in general. It means that this group of fans has a particular preference.

    The characteristics of this group: People who follow football in the offseason, people who follow football online, people who self-select to vote, people who follow PFT, etc.

    Many of these characteristics are consistent with characteristics of fans who pay more money.

  46. I don’t ‘need’ 18 games. I just want my football back.

    IF the players play 18 games, they need fair compensation, and there needs to be an expansion of allowed roster spots on all 32 teams.

    I do watch preseason games when I can, but living out of state of my home team that’s kinda tough some times. I can do without preseason, to be honest. There is no reason for full prices on tickets for preseason games period.

    So long as I get at least 16 normal games I’m OK.

  47. I have no doubt that if you paid the players enough money (according to them), they would agree to more regular season games. In most cases for most players I would bet it comes down to that simple fact.

    I for one would like to see more “quality football”, but don’t want too much dilution (ie I think the baseball season is probably 25 games too long). You still want each game to mean a lot. I don’t understand why there can’t be just one more regular season game, with one less preseason game (not to say you would less preseason practice), and have a slightly expaned roster. Why does it have to be 2 more games or nothing? If you had an odd number of games then you virutually eliminate the chance of division teams having the same record (excluding ties) and then also won’t have to worry about stupid tie-breakers, etc.

    And about injuries, sure, playing more games would mean players have more chances to be injured. But they can get injured at any time, in preseason games, etc. The injury factor will always exist. So, you can expand the roster. I would think most good head coaches would prepare their players to be able to make it through a slightly longer regular season and give them some additional plays off during the season.

    So, yes, I would want more quality football, but not dilution. To me, one more game is not dilution.

  48. If there’s 17 games and 3 preseason games, that would be a good compromise. One less meaningless game for season ticket holders to pay for, one more real game, so the players and owners can split the TV revenues.

  49. As a season ticket holder I hate paying for 2 preseason games that I never care about and so an additional regular season game at no additional cost to me is great.

    I calculate the cost of a ticket by what I pay the Colts divided by 8, or a 25% increase over “face value”

  50. The arguments against an 18 game season don’t add up. More football is better for everyone. All these guys talking about a silliest product sound like NFLPA guys who don’t any better than to tow the party line.

    Think about it for a minute. An 18 game season means the following…

    1: More football for the fans. Yay!

    2: Bigger rosters mean more players will get a shot. While that might not be appealing to senior union members who are trying to keep their jobs safe from these young bucks, it should be appealing to fans and to the union leadership. More players means more union members, and more players means that a larger percentage of those college player us fans think should make the NFL, but don’t, will get their chance.

    3: More games means deserving teams in the playoffs, instead of what we have now where a weak team can secure home field advantage (Bears thus year for example) taking a spot away from better teams because of favorable scheduling and a few lucky breaks.

    4: More games means less lame-ass preseason games. Yay!

    5: More games should be appealing to most players because it will mean a higher annual salary.

    6: Finally, the whole injury concern is not a relevant argument against an 18 game season. It seems like more players suffer serious injury at the beginning of the season, than at the end. This is probably because everyone is still in the hunt at the start, so players from all teams are still playing hard. It also is likely due to the fact that a lot of veterans dont start the season in football shape. So as far as I’m concerned, a players odds of getting hurt from game to game is not changed.

  51. Get rid of 2 of those worthless preaseason games, that season ticket holders have to pay full price for, (The owners would still have 2 worthless games to rape the ticket holders with)and add those as the 2 extra games. Then add another bye week to the season. This would also, be a reason to add 2 more playoff spots.
    Just a thoguht, but if they do away with 2 preseason games, I am in favor of an 18 game season.

  52. hey, morons who are saying you can stuff the ballot box…did you actually try to stuff vote more than once? did you read the response you got?

    “your vote has already been counted” as in, you get one vote.

    the poll is pretty straight forward, and so are the results.

  53. If 18 games is so bad, then why do the good teams that often make and advance in the playoffs contenders year after year? The quality of play in the divisional and championship rounds is better than regular season play not worse.

    There are also more college prospects trying to make the NFL now than when there were only 14 and 12 games. Football is expanding, not just NFL football.

    I hear and understand the fear of “if it aint broke” but the owners are claiming that it is, and expansion has never broken the game in the past, so why all the grumbles and fussing?

  54. I would like the NFL to keep the 16 game regular season. What I want is for each teams in each division to have to play each other 3 times per year. Since winning the division is the main thing to getting a playoff spot, there would be no “split” to the head to head (barring a tie). One year a team would play the other twice at home and once on the road then alternate the following year. Keep the last two-three games of the season strictly for division games. Then four games vs the same conference and the remaining three vs opposite conference opponents. JMO.

  55. Playmaker’s Dealer says:
    Mar 10, 2011 11:49 AM
    hey, morons who are saying you can stuff the ballot box…did you actually try to stuff vote more than once? did you read the response you got?

    “your vote has already been counted” as in, you get one vote.

    the poll is pretty straight forward, and so are the results.


    I voted 5x, no problem. You know what they say about rocks and glass houses.

  56. I’m not a union rep, and for all you know, I could be a season ticket holder, but i believe all fans of the NFL agree that we should reduce the season to 8 games, increase the pay by 150%, and there should be better payments to retired players and better benefits.

    There should also be reparations paid to the players for the embarassment caused by this labor negotiations.

  57. LOL. You hear that NFL? So an 18 game schedule is what the fans want, huh, Roger? 66% vote no vs. 29% for. That doesn’t sound like the fans want it. The only thing the fans want is not to pay full price for it. It doesn’t matter to me because I do not have season tickets, but to make season ticket holders pay full price for an inferior product is just wrong. You MUST purchase two preseason games with your regular season package. Fans that actually pay for games want to see that changed. That’s it.

  58. Or have each team play every team in their conference every season once and the teams in their division twice. There are the 18 games without playing the other conference. Then, the best teams from each conference will represent that conference in the playoffs. (JOKE, but a thought…)

  59. Lots of people “complaining” about paying full price for pre-season games. That is only because of the mistake of printing the same value on the tickets. If it costs $1000 for a season ticket, then the games all seem to cost $100 each (full price for pre-season…travesty). If the reg season games were printed as $112.50 and the preseason tix said $50, you would still be paying $1000 overall but the entire “full price for preseason” argument would not exist.

    The system is as close to perfect right now as it can possibly get. The scheduling math works out based on the # of teams, ALL the reg season games matter, and there is sufficient time for the teams to evaluate their young talent in the preseason. Leave the schedule as is.

  60. —Playmaker’s Dealer says:
    Mar 10, 2011 11:49 AM
    hey, morons who are saying you can stuff the ballot box…did you actually try to stuff vote more than once? did you read the response you got?

    “your vote has already been counted” as in, you get one vote.

    the poll is pretty straight forward, and so are the results.—

    Not too bright eh? All you need do is refresh the page. The thumbs up and thumbs down is also easily manipulated. All w/o having to clear cookies or anything.
    So again, internet polls are worthless. Especially this one.

  61. as an avid Football fan in general… hell yeah i’d LOVE to see an 18 game schedule! but as a realist… i think it may be a bit too much on the players… i really would like to see less of the preseason cuz it’s a joke anyway but i also think they need to change the playoff scenario as well… i don’t think the #1 seed should have a bye week at all… i don’t think it’s fair that ANY team regardless of record gets an entire week extra to rest… i think we should add 2 teams to each conference in playoffs and have 1 vs last, 2 vs second to last… etc… an extra week to rest is not fair to anyone… they should play the regular season to see what seed you play in playoffs… just like it’s done in basketball… but hey… that’s just me… but if they do go to an 18 game schedule… every single player should WITHOUTADOUBT get longterm medical insurance for life after football (even though i think they already should have done this much earlier) it’s not as easy as it sounds cuz there are many factors to consider but i am firm believer in insurance for these guys who risk their livelihood and health for us everygame

  62. For people wanting to add bye weeks, you need to consider the people who are actually paying to sit in the seats. The regular season already extends into January. For some teams, there were four home games played AFTER THANKSGIVING this year. Because the majority of the teams play in cold weather climates, extending the season further into winter doesn’t make sense.

    It was bad enough when we had to sit through two cold games in December. Now there are usually three home games (plus playoffs), in cold weather, and here in New England, most of them are now played at night which makes matters worse. I have no desire to sit through two home games in December, two in January, and then finish up with two possible playoff games extending into February. That’s when I’ll become a couch potato fan, like most of the people proposing these things.

  63. The owners and NFL management dont care what fans want or what they think about playing 18 games. If they did, the ticket prices wouldnt be so outrageous…it’s all about money. It wouldnt matter if you submitted a petition with 5 million names on it saying no to an 18 game season.

  64. I voted for more and why would you not want more?? There are already 20 weeks of games in a season, all they are doing is making 18 count instead of 16. As a season ticket holder and pretty much every one around where I sit, would say give us 18. Two of the worst weeks I have are the week between Championship games and Super Bowl and the week after the Super Bowl. Give me more weeks of football. Give me 20 games, no preseason and teams can cut players through week 4.

    More Football is GOOD!!!

  65. It seems to me that the only reason most fans want 18 games is that they don’t want to be forced to pay for four preseason games. But if you’re a fan of a team like mine (Vikings) you know your team needs all the live action practice it can get. Personally I like watching my backups get some time on the field so I can see what kind of depth we have. Please don’t let us poor looser teams miss out on this much needed preseason practice.

  66. I think many teams make great use of four preseason games. Many undrafted players would never make any of the teams. and many undrafted players help make for exiting football games.

    Just don’t make fans pay FULL price.


    I do kinda like the suggestion of 17 games to make sure of a winning or losing season.

  67. whitemike55:

    The “Siesta Bowl” phenomenon – that is to say, playoff-bound teams resting first-stringers in their last game (and sometimes, even their last two games) is not caused by there being too many games, but rather by the fact that the team with the better record doesn’t get home-field advantage in the Super Bowl.

    Take the Saints and Colts in 2009. Do you think for onr minute that they would have laid down at the end of the regular season if they were battling to determine which one of them got to play at home in the Super Bowl?

    And not for nothing, but why does the Super Bowl exist – to crown the champion of the NFL, or to give the producers of shows like TMZ and Entertainment Tonight something to cover?

    I’d love to see a Super Bowl played at Lambeau Field; then again I’d love to see one at Lincoln Financial Field even more since I’ve been an Eagles fan for 40 years.

    And besides being fair, and giving every team a tangible incentive to win end-of-season games, doesn’t this bring the game closer to the fans?

  68. enrgy2burn says:
    i’m not sure how vaild it is when you have hockey players playing 82 games just to get to the playoffs and a minimum of 96 games to win a championship. i think football players can handle an extra couple of games.

    Hockey doesn’t even become relevent until the playoffs. Over half the teams make it, and the majority of them are bloody atrocious. I cannot comprehend why anyone gets fanatical about a sport that starts in October yet is meaningless until at least January, and I am Canadian for the love of god. To put it bluntly, the NHL is simply not a quality product, period.

    NFL Football is the #1 professional sports league in North America, followed by MLB and the NBA. Why would you want the NFL to emulate a godawful sports league that sits dead last in terms of popularity, revenue and ratings?

  69. The amount of games the NFL plays in comparison to other sports is infinitesimal. An extra two games is hardly going to dilute the product. Yes, give us more games. These guys are big boys. I think they can handle it.

    If the CFL, and now arena football, can play an 18-game season, I’m pretty sure the NFL can handle it, too. Unless anyone wants to make the argument that CFL and arena players are tougher than NFL players.

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