Von Miller hopes to be a Cowboy, hasn’t heard from them

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After running a blistering 40 time at Texas A&M’s Pro Day, linebacker Von Miller said he’d love to go ninth overall in the draft to the Dallas Cowboys. But Miller hasn’t heard much from the Cowboys.

I always saw myself with a blue star on the side of my helmet,” Miller said on 103.3 KESN, per the Dallas Morning News. “Growing up in Dallas, all my life I’ve never ever lived anywhere else. So of course I’m a big Cowboys fan. Our game room at my house is fully dedicated to the Cowboys. From Roger Staubach to Troy Aikman to Emmitt Smith to Michael Irvin, all those guys. We’ve got a Ring of Honor just in our game room at home.”

Miller, however, said he was disappointed when he didn’t get a chance to talk to anyone with the Cowboys at the NFL Scouting Combine.

“Not at the Combine,” Miller said. “I was kind of bummed out that I didn’t get an interview from the Cowboys. I kind of hovered around their suite, and whenever they got free time in between college guys, guys they were meeting with, I’d kind of go in there and kind of talk to the scouts and try to pull [Jason] Garrett aside and [Rob] Ryan and see if I could get a little session with them, a two-minute thing where I could talk to them. I was trying my hardest to meet with all those guys, but they told me they have like a hometown [day].”

The good news for Miller is that there’s a good chance he won’t be on the board when the ninth pick comes up anyway.

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  1. Maybe the Cowboys didn’t interview you because your a top 5 pick. I couldnt see Miller falling down that far. Cowboys need OL, DL, SS, & FS

  2. 1) I don’t think he’ll be available to Dallas at #9

    2) Many times teams ignore a targeted player so the teams below them in the draft that want him won’t be more likely to trade up ahead of them to make sure they get him.

    3) Miller is a tad light to play OLB in a 3-4, he’ll have problems holding the point against the bigger, more athletic O linemen in the Pros so, most likely he’ll be a pass rush specialist, not a 3 down player. #9 is a bit high to be taking a pass rush specialist.

  3. It’s a common game to pretend you aren’t high on a guy to throw other teams off. Dallas already has 2 first round olb’s though.

  4. Von I’d love to have you on the Cowboys but our DB’s are all garbage while our LB’s are still mediocre. Sorry man.

  5. I hope the Saints move up in the draft and select Von Miller. Him and Vilma would reek havoc on opposing offenses! Geaux Saints!

  6. Why is it, that PFT just has to have some snotty one liner at the end of every article. I always notice it at the end of every Cowboys article. I’m a Dallas fan so that’s probably why I notice it, i’m sure they do it to other teams too. Seriously though…..

    “The good news for Miller is that there’s a good chance he won’t be on the board when the ninth pick comes up anyway.”

    Why is that good news? Out of the top 10 pick, Dallas probably has the best chance of making the playoffs out of any of them…so tell me why It’s good news that a guy who want’s to play for his hometown team probably wont get too? If this rookie wage scale comes to fruition then the money’s not gonna be THAT much different.

  7. Keep the 16 game schedule but make it a 18 week schedule instead of 17.

    An extra week of revenue for the owners = win.
    An extra bye week for the players = win.
    An extra week of football for the fans = win.

  8. @markdamack

    I think they meant its good news for Miller because he will be taken higher than #9 and will therefore make more money, etc. I don’t think this was a dig at the Cowboys per se.

  9. If the Cowboys had a Top 5 pick then maybe that comment wouldn’t be so stupid. Way to tell the Top 8 teams you don’t wan’t to play for them.

  10. Not a ‘Boys fan, but they need OL, OL, OL. If they protect Romo, defense won’t be on the field as much.

  11. Just Saying…

    Ware and Miller?

    That is CB/S help.

    They can sign Huff and Asomugha, or sign Asomugha and draft Rahim Moore in the 2nd.

    And if you don’t think teams will draft him because of that comment you’re a moron.

  12. The Cowboys needs DE and OL help badly. After that, any place in the secondary is ripe for a top 10 pick. And even in the most bizarre case, Miller goes top 5 easily and drops no further.
    As long as the Redskins, Giants or Eagles don’t get him, the Cowboys should consider themselves lucky.

  13. Maybe Dallas could pick up a saftey in FA and also Spencer may have some trade value for more picks also with this guys ability to be a sideline to sideline player he would make that defense better. He has raw ability and he has a serious motor.

    I can understand why not according to the team need but why not a maybe for the raw ability?

  14. All he can hope for is that the Cowboys really like him and trade up to get him. If they like him, they’d ignore him to throw other teams off. I don’t think it’ll happen since he’s a top 5 pick and the Cowboys have Anthony Spencer and DeMarcus Ware.

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