Brian Dawkins can’t count how many concussions he’s had

After 15 seasons as an NFL safety, Brian Dawkins is deeply concerned about the fate of a couple other longtime NFL safeties.

Former Bears safety Dave Duerson and former Eagles safety Andre Waters both committed suicide, and some have linked those suicides to depression caused by brain damage suffered on the field. Dawkins calls that a wakeup call.

“Sometimes things are not just hitting home but smashing you in the face,” Dawkins told Philadelphia Sports Daily. “Like when tragedy happens, it makes you think about things on a different plateau, you begin to think about things on a different level. It’s a concern, and it should be a concern to everybody.”

Dawkins said he has no idea how many concussions he’s had in his NFL career, but he said that’s not even what concerns him most. What concerns him most are the major incidents when a head-on collision causes him memory loss. And he said that has happened to him four times.

And Dawkins is right: That should be a concern to everybody.

26 responses to “Brian Dawkins can’t count how many concussions he’s had

  1. brian dawkins is a great player and person. i had the privelage to meet him. the eagles will always be remembered for lettin him go and not winning any superbowls.

  2. If Brian Dawkins really cared about players health, why would he be so vicious on the field. When you play football, you sign up for the risk. If you don’t want the reprocussions, don’t play the sport.

  3. I wasnt sure if he couldnt count the number of concussions because it was a ridiculous amount, or if he cant count higher than the number of fingers on one hand???

  4. At least 1 of those 4 times was probably on purpose. I’m sure he wanted to forget when the Raiders came to town and whooped them 59-14

  5. True warrior – we’ve had a GAPING HOLE at safety since he left.

    I miss the days of seeing him work himself into an absolute frenzy before the games.

  6. b-dawk was and still is my favourite all-time player, the man is a class act and embodies what a pro athlete should be. Hope all is well with him and his family.

  7. Life ain’t easy Brian.. I haven’t put on pads myself but i’ve had 6 concussions and have some memory loss from it..Stay strong, and you’ll get through it .

  8. PHILLY LOVES YOU DAWK!!! hope he doesnt retire so i can still see him play the way only B-Dawk can. he is the reason im an Eagles fan and i would always try to play like him in my football days. o yea, and he has the BEST youtube highlights!!!!!

  9. Maybe he should have learned how to tackle without using his helmet as a weapon. He’s seriously injured other players by hitting with his head, and now it’s clear he’s obviously injured himself as well.

    Sure, Dawkins was a tough, ferocious player that exemplified the qualities of manhood we like about football, but his leading with the head crap was, frankly, dirty and malicious. And on top of the head-to-head, he mastered the art of spearing people in the square of their back.

    Hopefully stories like this on the others will get players to stop using their helmets as weapons.

  10. B-Dawk may be my favorite player ever. It’s a shame to think of the long-term ramifications he may face due to the injuries he’s describing.

    As much as I’d love to see NFL football every week of the year, if you are a fan that truly loves the game and its players, there’s no way you can be in support of a longer season.

  11. You people are all kissing his ass. When a guy plays like he does and gets concussions, who’s fault is it? Is it the leagues? NO! Is it his? YES

    Any oh yeh, Brian, WHY ARE YOU STILL PLAYING with all of those head injuries. I guess you need to feed your family like the rest of us.

    Hang it up Brian! Before its too late!

  12. Dawk is an exceptional human being. An Eagle great. He gave Eagle fans many thrills. I can find only one thing wrong with this genuine tough guy. He’s a Union member.

  13. JOHNJOSEPH, You are an ignorant fool. One of Dawkins’ most famous hits was on Crumpler in the NFC Championship game in 05(’04 season) and he CLEARLY leads with his shoulder against a man who was about 75 lbs heavier than he was and he put Crumpler ON HIS A$$!! No dirt, malicious hit there buddy! Just some good ‘ol physical play by a man who CONSTANTLY plays that way. . . . . .CONSTANTLY!! And to the people who continue to say that the Eagles “let Dawkins go”, I should remind you that they offered him a 1 year deal worth about 4 or 5 mil I believe. He ended up going to Denver for a 5 year deal or something like that. Nobody else was going to offer him that kind of contract. And maybe Philly knew what they were doing by offering a 1 year deal because he had a Pro-Bowl season after he left Philly but last season he fell off. I hope Philly can re-sign him even if its just for a ceremonial retirement. He needs to finish his career in Midnight Green.

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