Chester Pitts takes issue with report of planned decertification

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Recently, reports emerged that NFLPA executive director De Smith told players via conference call that the current plan is to decertify the union and launch Litigeddon.

Adam Schefter of ESPN posted the news on Twitter, Jim Trotter of Sports Illustrated re-tweeted it, and Seahawks union rep Chester Pitts responded sharply.

“False!” Pitts said on Twitter.  “Some people have ZERO integrity!”

Interesting stuff.  At least he didn’t call Schefter a “false rumor monger.”

18 responses to “Chester Pitts takes issue with report of planned decertification

  1. MikeSilver Michael Silver
    A good source just told me that management’s offer “split the difference.” The union hasn’t countered

    MikeSilver Michael Silver
    Same source: Union made no counter, heading to court

    So the union didn’t even want to counter? And people want to say the players are getting screwed. Looks like the players are trying to save face with the fans, when it is really them trying to get the lockout.

  2. Well good maybe the gag order is working, maybe not, but maybe!!! I just wish we could all get along, and play nice. Most of us just want football, and if you ask Roger the whole world wants it, and he want a paycheck, so just agree and lets move on to free agency please.

  3. In other words, it makes the PA look bad unless decertification happens after the expiration of the extension and a lockout is imposed. To be planning to decertify before that happens makes the PA look like it is not negotiating in good faith.

  4. I can’t remember any information Shefter shared to be “wrong”!

    He is a great guy – players losing more of my respect and sympathy with every single information that comes out!

  5. This entire court of public opinion is stupid. They each want you to be against the other and both make up essentially the same thing the NFL.

    I’m with the player’s, I’ll show those owners.. I’ll boycott going to games.

    Oh.. I’m with the owners so I’ll show those players by not watching them.

  6. How about “we don’t really know what’s going on because each side’s sources have ulterior motives to make the other side look bad/their side look good” ?

    To say the owners don’t want the best deal they can get verses the best deal the player’s can get is unrealistic. BOTH sides want the “best” deal they can get. Who knows what that “best” is for either side…

  7. The player vote to decertify many months ago is proof itself that the union never had any legitimate plan to fairly negotiate. That fact will hurt the player greatly when this goes to court.

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