DeMaurice Smith: “I dare any one of you” to show NFL has “fallen on hard times”

NFLPA Executive Director DeMaurice Smith was the last man to speak during a dizzying evening of decertification, deregulation, and some name-calling.

Smith stressed a lack of trust in the negotiations and cited a lack of transparency by NFL ownership as cause for decertifying the union.

“Any business where two parties don’t trust each other,” Smith said.  “Is a business that can never be as successful as it can be.”

Smith asked ownership for justification that the players should take a smaller piece of the pie than the last collective bargaining agreement.

“I dare any one of you to show an economic indicator the NFL has fallen on hard times,” Smith said.

Smith confirmed that the NFL tried to “split the difference” on Friday in an effort to bridge the $650 million gap that separated the two sides.

“Well it is with a great deal of pride that the members and the players of the National Football League said ‘No…We are going to demand as your business partners that you meet us halfway and justify taking any money from us” Smith said.

“The measure of our Association is the men and their families who fight for the only thing they can bestow to each other: a better game, a safer game and a recognition from those who own for common respect,” Smith said in a statement Friday evening.

The NFLPA took their position of financial transparency very seriously.  They weren’t budging, and no amount of negotiating was going to change that.

58 responses to “DeMaurice Smith: “I dare any one of you” to show NFL has “fallen on hard times”

  1. I’m kind of tired of hearing about the $1B figure. The league has 32 owners. Splitting that is only a little over $31 million more a year per team. If the owners came down, then it is obviously less than that. In the grand scheme of things, that is close to what Tom Brady and Peyton Manning will make this next year. Using one big figure makes it sound worse than it actually is.

    I don’t feel sympathy toward either side, but the union and players are a little less sympathetic to me know with this stunt today.

  2. Mo can’t even articulate his own thoughts in a reasonable fashion. I think his hats are too tight.

  3. I saw his statement on TV, and Smith kept suggesting the NFLPA represented the players as well as the fans against the greedy Scrooge ownership.

    I would have found that more convincing if he said even one thing about making the game more AFFORDABLE for the fans.

    All these billions of dollars getting tossed around, and not a word about cutting ticket prices? Food? Parking?

  4. Ok so correct me if I’m wrong but the owners are people that have worked hard in their lives and were smart enough to acquire wealth to buy the NFL teams. They are the ones who have made this league this profitable. Now due to the economy and all the expenses that they have their profits have taken a hit and they want a piece of the pie back. Now the players mostly have not even graduated from college yet get a minimum pay of 400K a year, while players with larger roles on teams usually make millions. How much would these players be making in the outside world with no NFL that the owners created. The players are the greedy ones, not even listening to the owners offers.

  5. The question I have is

    Why are the owners under any obligation whatsoever to show that they are in less advantageous financial position now than they were before the current (now expired) CBA as a basis for this renegotiation?

    I think the basis for terminating the CBA early was the Owners decided it was not fair to them, not that they were having financial trouble, just htat it was not fair to them.

    I think a 50/50 split of revenue (revenue, not profit) IS unfair given that the players don’t incur any of the costs associated with running an NFL franchise (team facilities, stadiums, training camps, medical costs, etc etc) why should they get 50% of revenue? I think it would be fair if the players union assumed 50% of the costs of running a franchise if they insist they should get 50% of revenue. The current model probably is unsustainable.

  6. I hope they bust this union. I hope to see replacement players in August.

    Why would people who have an average career length of 3.5 years think they have the right to micromanage the expenses of any business?

    Players are fungible. Period.

  7. “I dare any one of you to show an economic indicator the NFL has fallen on hard times,” Smith said.

    ..and there was not one taker.
    That’s why we’re where we are right now.

  8. Public opinion has shifted to the Owners. Seeing the deal that the owners were willing to go with just confirms that the Players have no argument when it comes to the fight of who is more greedy.

    Give me replacements. Every player we like today will be gone in a few years anyway. I’ll get over it.

    F them. Go work at walmart.

  9. The league countered by “double daring” Mo to show how the average NFL player salary could be construed as being inadequate.

  10. someone get Julian Assange and Wikileaks to release (you know they have it–they have everything) the NFLs financial status so this can be over with.

  11. Today will go down in history as they day this jackass untied the laces on he NFL pigskin! It will now slowly unravel! Too Bad!

  12. Here’s a great question. Has there been any coordination between the DOJ or any other executive organization and the union?

    I ask because DeMaurice comes from Team Obama.

    I want to know if DeMaurice has been operating under a wink-nod that he will have the backing of the DOJ with antitrust claims. I want to know if this whole thing has been orchestrated for PR purposes only, all while the grand plan has been to have a coup and make ownership irrelevant.

  13. This is the core issue here – they have an agreement that worked well for the league, the players and the fans, and have created a hugely succesful product that by ALL available indicators is performing exceptionally well.

    The players were willing to continue that agreement – the owners opted out and claims that they could not afford to continue to share the revenue in the current way.

    Since the league is such an enormous success, since there are no indicators that NFL teams are in trouble, the demand for documentation of that claim is completely reasonable.

    We won’t know what REAL labor trouble is until the NFL opens the books and it shows that the league is not slowing down financially at all…

  14. I hope the owners win the injunction or whatever and can lock these bums out and show them what hard times are.

  15. It’s very apparent that DeMo Smith doesn’t have the best interests of the NFLPA in mind…I bet he’s using this as a launching pad for politics or a better job somewhere else.

  16. D. Smith, you no longer speak as a union representative for the players so shut the hell up!!!

  17. Well, at least the rest of us can go back to being business partners at McDonalds, Starbucks, Target, General Motors, and all. Provided they meet us half way in terms of division of profits.

  18. Well anyone with directv and sunday ticket knows the price goes up each year, the tv rights and merchandising go along with it and increase every year. The owners are getting this extra money.

    You may not like Mr. Smith but his point is valid, the NFL is a hugely successful business why should the players take a pay cut? Even if Payton Manning may make more than Mr. Rooney, why shouldn’t he? Mr. Rooney has guaranteed money while Payton is an injury away from most of his salary? What if owners revenue was not guaranteed? What if they lost money if they didn’t go and make free agent, coaching, front office, and draft moves that were successful?

    When was the last time you seen someone wearing an owner jersey?

    If there is money to be made on the game the players who are putting their lives and health on the line should benefit, the owners are not losing money, the value of an NFL franchise continues to increase so they aren’t risking as much as the players, if they were they could always sell, There’s no shortage of people who could buy a team, there is however a limited number of quality NFL stars.

    It’s stupid and sad to see it come to this, and both sides should be ashamed.

  19. Dsmith is full so full of spin he cant even comprehend reality.

    Business partners? D – let me explain reality a little.


    There is no partnership. The owners seem to have been more than fair in these final days to find a workable agreement. The players had no intention of finding compromise.

    A least we can watch college on Saturdays!

  20. Hey DeMoron Smith…maybe you failed math, but the Packers only had a $5M profit after taxes last year (its been falling for years). They have no stadium debt, sellouts & rabid fanbase, no free agency blunders, & were under the cap by large amounts for years.

    So don’t tell me the revenue formula works.

  21. the nfl will be forced to open the books for the simple fact that they are having astronomical success and they claim that they are going broke but refuse to open the books and in negotiating they have insisted on asking the players to take a smaller piece of the pie and then play two more games…the owners will get crushed in this legal battle

    Reading over all the comments of fury aimed at the players union I am thrilled that the owners, goodell and pash took the time to set up pft accounts to come vent on here because they know they are going to get waxed in the courtroom and they are on borrowed time until everyone knows the please continue trying to gain what little support you can until you get taken to school in the court system

  22. Bottom line: at a time when profits are soaring and revenue is just going up and up for the NFL, the NFL wants the players to take a pay cut. That’s absurd. If they didn’t like the current agreement, they should never have agreed to it in the first place.

  23. For all of you that keep saying the owners are “in the right” because they are taking the risk and the players are the “employees”, you are really missing some critical points in this. First, I should say that I myself own a business and employee over 125 employees. I absolutely understand your logic of risk vs. a guaranteed paycheck. My employees and I often talk about this. What you are all missing with the NFL however, is that the NFL is not one business, it is 32 separate businesses that have bargained with an employee union for the right to ignore antitrust laws (which all of the rest of us who own companies have to follow!). Put it this way, in your job, in order to work in your profession are you forced to only work were a group of 32 businessmen tell you to (i.e. Buffalo, NY is the only place you can play young man!) And when your contract ends, can you go to work for any other company you want or does your company have the right to keep you FOREVER, by saying “No, Mr, Mankins, I am making you sign a contract for one year only as a franchise employee”! Oh, and by the way, since the people who buy our product really only do so because you work here, we are going to sell t-shirts with your picture on them so the company can make some more money. Oh, also, our 32 competing companies have agreed that we will put a cap on how much money we can spend on employees to insure we all make a profit (by Federal Law, I am not allowed to do this with my competitors!) These 32 company owners also have asked our government to pay for stadiums, access roads, police during games and even pass legislation making it legal for them to stop other individuals from forming their own football teams or even for an existing team to move to a new City unless the other businesses give them the green light! I used to be the GM of an NFL stadium, and I can tell you that the amount of local government subsidy for each team is HUGE! I am still a big NFL fan, I don’t complain too much about the gov subsidy, but I do not view these NFL (or other sports owners) as typical American business owners. They are quite greedy and are sucking at the public trough to get richer and richer. They HAD labor piece and VOIDED their union contract at a time they were making huge profits, while making statements like “we are going to cram this deal down the unions throats”(Richardson).

  24. Ha “taking any money from us” Smith said” what position did DeMaurice play other than bloodsucker? I say kill there League if you have to, I would never show my financial information to ANYONE. Manning Brees and Brady are all a little full of themselves, I will now root against them forever. How about those three show the world their financial information, without the NFL they wouldn’t have all the endorsement deals they make money from.

  25. To the NFLPA and the NFL: “I dare either one of you” to give the fans one good reason to remain loyal and spend our valuable time and money for your benefit any longer after this blatant display of blind greed, pride and arrogance by both parties.
    I’m done with pro football. I’m sure my paltry $250 for Sunday Ticket won’t be missed that much, but multiple that by a few more of like mind…..

  26. What a joke. What about us making 50K a year struggling to make it right now? Jesus give me a break. The Union is flat out greedy, nothing more. Good luck to these guys with 3rd grade educations………… I hope the owners lock them out for 3 years. Let them hit the street looking for work.

  27. D Smith’s background is in litigation not negotiation this had been heading for the courtroom from day one unless the owners took a very player friendly deal.On a positive note people will realize there will be life after pro football this fall.Go outside you fat slobs!

  28. This wreaks. I would almost welcome a lockout at this point. Bring on the ‘replacements’. As long as they hustle, make plays and represent my city I’ll show up. Both parties here fail to realize they need each other to be successful. Truth be told they both suck. Greedy trust fund white collar crooks upstairs and wife beating, drunk driving, reality star divas on the field. I hope somebody pumps a few of these dollars into local law enforcement because there’s gonna be a lot of gunshots and making it rain in clubs across the U.S. this fall.

  29. Seriously? These a**holes walks away from what looks like a good deal cause he thinks he will get a better one in Court?

    DeMaurice Seriously? The Same day Japan suffers a major disaster that effects our own States along the West Coast and Hawaii and the NFLPA pulls this D*ck move.

    What a bunch of a** clowns

  30. yep I am sure all of the 20,000 season ticket holders in oakland would agree with you.

    Lock em out and hire scabs… don’t matter to me what other felon’s they can find to put on the field, in place of the current ones. As long as they play the game, i am a fan.

  31. Someone tell D-Bag Smith that a bussiness partner is someone who invested their money in said bussiness……NOT someone who is employed by the bussiness !!

  32. DeMaurice, I think you blew it! You had the owners making concessions; you made none! Public opinion has been turning against the players all week! I think you killed the golden goose. I seriously doubt we’ll have much football! I hope you are happy! Nobody can force owners to hold games! I hope the owners stand firm thru the duration of the anti-trust suit!

  33. >
    “I dare any one of you to show an economic indicator the NFL has fallen on hard times,” Smith said.
    ..and there was not one taker.
    That’s why we’re where we are right now.

    This is pure manipulative crap and you shouldn’t buy into it.

    The Packers’ books are on the web and they show declining net from football operations, down 76% since the CBA started despite increasing revenue from TV and merchandise sales, headed into the red by 2012 at the latest. The only reason: player salaries have already increased $40M since the CBA started.

  34. “I dare any one of you to show an economic indicator the NFL has fallen on hard times,” Smith said.

    The owners aren’t saying they have fallen on hard times, they are only saying profit is down.

  35. scudbot says:
    Mar 11, 2011 8:47 PM
    “I dare any one of you to show an economic indicator the NFL has fallen on hard times,” Smith said.
    ..and there was not one taker.
    That’s why we’re where we are right now
    Did You expect someone on this thread to show proof idiot!

  36. When publicly traded companies start laying off typical employees like you and I, or slashing salaries and benefits, they justify their choices with charts demonstrating how profits have fallen. So it’s not a ridiculous expectation.

    No, NFL teams aren’t publicly traded–but players aren’t typical employees, either. They’re partners in the way authors are partners with publishing companies. They are the product.

    All the people calling them bums for seeking proof of financial burden before agreeing to cutbacks are fools.


    I’d gladly watch them. Any players who opt not to come back can go away and stay gone.

  38. If the owners are bleeding why wouldn’t they open the books to proof their point??? These hard working self made men who threaten cities with team re-location if the local tax base doesn’t cough up the money for a new stadium. (See Ziggy Wolf, Daniel Snyder, et all.) Maybe robbing the local coffers wouldn’t seem as justified if we knew the numbers. I’m just saying…..

  39. DeMaurice Smith sucks as much as Goodell.

    I can also assure you that if Gene Upshaw was still alive, and Paul Tagliabue was still around this lockout isn’t likely to happen.

    Neither sides are taking any compromises. DeMaurice Smith is trying to win sympathy with illogical arguements, and Goodell is well…Goodell.

    No one cares how rich the owners are, did you know they had to invest capital in purchase a team? Why the hell would I buy a team knowing I can’t make any revenue, let alone a profit? If the profit generated from owning a football team was that great, the Rams would’ve had no issues finding a new owner.
    Revenue is not profit and it seems like the NFLPA is trying to win sympathy over fans by leading them on with revenue and team owner’s net worth.

    Most people don’t realized this, but teams have minority owners too. They have to make their share of their investments. If owners are generating that much profit, then teams should have no problem valuing over $1b because of how profitable they are. Clearly, this isn’t the case.
    I really doubt an owner makes much more than some of the highest paid players such as Manning, Brady, Rivers, etc.

  40. Anyone who believes that the NFLPA had ANY intention of negotiating and not de-certifying still leaves cookies and milk out for Santa on December 24th… get serious, there was NEVER any chance for a deal. Smith wants to be famous, thinks he’s a politician, he was NEVER going to get off stage that fast, this has been a sham from day one.
    I’m not supporting the owners in the least, but please, to report this like a deal was EVER a possibility is just a farce, you’re buying this self-aggrandizing liar’s act and that’s just sadder than sad… this was a waste of time and on some people’s part, effort.

  41. “I dare any one of you to show an economic indicator the NFL has fallen on hard times,” Smith said.


    Stupid me …… I mistook De Smith for a, you know, intelligent guy.

    How was I to know that he was completely unaware that sincve that 2006 agreement was signed, the country has suffered the worst recession since The Great Depression?

    I’m not crying poor-mouth for the owners, but show me a business that HASN’T lost revenue since 2008.

  42. this guy cracks me up…he goes on national media and whines about if the plaers swallowed their “pride” and accepted the league’s offer the player would make the same boat load of money thet made way back in 2009.

    I wonder how many amercians would take a job they had in 2009, how many wish their house was worth what it was in 2009, wish their healthcare coverage was what it was in 2009…….poor players in this great economy of our right now, they would have to swallow their “pride” and have to go all the way back, way back when, to that of 2009….wow the greed of today.

    What we should all do is really tell the players and the owners , and the tv cable company, and the advertiser all to shove it. The players should make a couple hundred grand per season and tickets should only be 10 bucks, cokes, and beers should only be a buck fifty at the game , parking should only be 2 bucks, and tv should be free (really how many years are we away from the super bowl being on pay per view)…greed, plain and simple, and I am suppose to feel sorry that these guys who make millions would have to “swallow” their pride so instead of making 6.5 million per season, they would only make 6.3 million as they did in 2009….get real….enjoy unemployment like 15% of this country already does, and while you are at it buy some kleenex.

  43. Here’s my take. I really don’t care if the NFL is trying to screw the players. And I really don’t care if the players are being greedy. I’m just a football fan. I don’t care to see the fingerpointing and blame. It just totally turns me off. Just shut up and go away and make a deal. Anyone who thinks the players are going to win this battle is sadly mistaken.

  44. Smith is the #1 a hole in this deal. The players hired this idiot, so they will get what they have coming to them.

    I know the average NFL player is not exactly a genius, but there are plenty of smart guys in the league. I just can’t figure out how Smith (now forever known as Ahole) has got these guys so fooled.

    The players are banking on Doty keeping the status quo, but watch the owners appeal to the circuit court this time around. And the owners will win. And we will be right where we are now, in October.

    There is one other option, that being the league implementing their “last best” offer. I bet they do.

  45. How many of you truly “trust” your boss? In the NFL, how can you “trust” anyone? Players can get cut without pay at any time. Owners can be dealing with news of a star QB running a dog fighting ring at any time. Not much of a trust based relationship.

    Good business is based on one side providing a good product or service and the other side paying fairly for it. That’s all.

    This is a joke. I’ve already decided not to renew NFL season tix. And I’ll be ordering the MLB package on DirecTV tomorrow. Haven’t watched a baseball game since their labor pissing match. Go Sox.

  46. Again, Smith is ignoring the Packers financial report that is available for all to see. De Smith is the man who killed the goose that lays the golden egg. I’m done. No sympathy for either side.

  47. REPLACEMENT PLAYERS??? Are you people serious? Read the following, this is how it works:

    The NFLPA consists of the absolute best football players in the world. People want to see them play. As a result, a league was created and a bunch of rich guys built stadiums so they could make money on this demand. As long as football is popular and the NFL has a monopoly on the world’s best players, they are guaranteed to make money.

    IF the owners are making less money (which they can’t or are unwilling to prove), THEY have screwed something up. In fact, some teams are very frugal with their money and have been able to see recent success (ie: Bucs, Packers, Chiefs, for example).

    If the NFL loses its players, they lose the very commodity that made the league popular in the first place – the best football in the world.

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