Jeremy Shockey calls Panthers “an intriguing situation”

After getting released by the Saints, Jeremy Shockey took a pay cut from his expected 2011 salary and joined the worst team in the NFL.  He’s still looking at the bright side.

“It is something that I had a chance to meet with a bunch of teams and meet with a bunch of owners and things like that but to me, I had this thing, sort of a gut feeling and it is exciting, it is a young ball club compared to some of the other ball clubs I have been in and it is a very intriguing situation for me,” Shockey said on WFNZ in Charlotte via

The reality is that Shockey didn’t have a lot of options.  The Panthers were the only team known to have made an offer.  Miami’s interest in Shockey was described as “lackluster.”

Shockey has entered the same phase of his career that Terrell Owens is in.  He’ll need to have a bounceback season in Carolina to avoid accepting another relatively modest one-year deal in 2011.

13 responses to “Jeremy Shockey calls Panthers “an intriguing situation”

  1. Panthers got a good guy for low cost. He had bad luck with injuries but when he was on the field he produced and in the locker room, dude was a class act leader. Eventhough he went to the panthers we still have luv for ya Shock! Thank you for the good times and thanks for all you’ve done for our city with the foundations and charities!

  2. The Panther’s are going from Dante Rosario to Shockey. I’m thinking TE needs to be addressed in the draft

  3. what she really means is that anyone who makes me an offer other than the Panthers, has got themselves a TE who can play up to 10 games a year.

  4. Hopefully there’s easy access to booze and drugs there. Otherwise he’ll have to drive.

  5. Dont be crying when you find out ur qb cant get you the ball. You were lucky to have played with Manning and Brees as your qb. You aint got the luxary anymore so please dont whine

  6. If he can stay on the field, he’ll be lucky to catch two TD’s especially with Clauson throwing.

  7. And, like Terrell Owens, Shockey has two Super Bowl rings.

    Oh wait, Owens doesn’t have any Super Bowl rings.

  8. These guys are millionaires. Who cares if they can’t get huge contracts at their age? What else are they going to do that’s going to earn that much money?

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