NFL announcement expected soon

The long, ultimately painful day of NFL labor news is not over yet.

The NFL is expected to make an announcement soon before the league year officially ends at midnight, according to Daniel Kaplan of Sports Business Journal.  The expectation is that a lockout will be imposed by the owners, although a “curveball” is always possible.

It’s also possible a lockout won’t even be the final turn of events for the night.  As Florio pointed out earlier, the players could attempt to block a lockout quickly.

Get ready for a lot of NFL developments that anyone without a law degree won’t really understand.

8 responses to “NFL announcement expected soon

  1. What a sham perpetrated by DeCertify Smith!
    He never had any intention of bargaining in good faith. The NFL offered all kinds of concessions and he offered nothing. I think he’s just trying to make a name for himself and could care less what the players or fans really want, Otherwise he would have done the deal or at least extended negotiations. He’s shown his true colors and I’m sure there are plenty of reasonable players who wanted to take the deal. Maybe they should form a new union that would negotiate in good faith for them. At this point don’t expect a lockout rather look for the NFL to proceed with the season with ALL the New rules that were offered in the bargaining. Then the Union will have to sue based on Anti trust issues but the new precedent has been set in the American Needle case where they acknowledged the league has a right to implement rules that benefit the entire league. The unions counting on the Anti trust litigation but its not the 800lb gorilla in the room any longer. Expect a full season from day 1 until the Union can reorganize and try to strike after a 6 months period.

  2. The NFLPA/former members of the NFLPA want the NFL teams to dive into the same hole as the NBA, MLB and NHL. If the players think they will be better off, I guess they were just believing their own BS.

    OWNERS: please bust the union and reconstitute as a single employer!

  3. You guys blow my mind. 🙄 That’s right … those sweet lil ol’ owners are going to just give up and forget all about that nasty lockout and give the players all the concessions they’d offered at the bargaining table.

    The bastards are going to shut down the league … and by “bastards” I mean the owners. Why you fools think the big corporate guys are on the little man’s side, I’ll never know. No, NFL players aren’t exactly the prototypical little man, but you anti-union types are just parroting RupertTV. Yeah … history has shown us that the wealthy love tickling on everyone else. I’m just not that wild about urine!

  4. Any poker players out there? The NFL lockout has been a bluff. Sound crazy? Think about it from a business standpoint as a business you can’t cut of your revenue stream without a backup plan hense the TV lockout clause that would have continued that revenue stream. The NFL is working with a flowchart that plans for every contingency. No where on that chart does it say lockout the players and cut their own throats.
    it’s not going to happen. The NFL originally planned a lockout as one of many possibilities but sold that idea as the most likely option to the union to attempt to get them to bargain in good faith. With Judge Doty’s recent ruling and the likelyhood that the League won’t see any of that money anytime soon, that options off the table that leaves two moves on the flow chart, operate with no rules which will never happen unless they’re compelled or don’t lockout and implement the rules you want and start your season, The bluff comes into play over the last week since Doty’s ruling the league probably decided at that time if the Union didn’t take the deal they’d implement this option. While still selling the bluff to the union because it wouldn’t be possible UNLESS the union decertified. The NFL has been down this road before and they know from experience and precedent that the courts won’t throw out all the rules, they’ve allowed them before in the Reggie White case and the american needle case is the icing on the cake. Worse case scenario is the court allows unrestricted free agency or disallows the salary cap all of which they would give up under a no rules plan anyway. Oh and as a bonus the NFL keeps playing and looks like the good guys while the union scrambles to reorganize after 6 months and strike later to save face only to alienate the fans further.

  5. Sorry Deb, that YOU MISSED a HUGE LEGAL ISSUE. Best and final offer. Research it and get back to us….


    Deb says: Mar 11, 2011 11:50 PM

    You guys blow my mind. 🙄 That’s right … those sweet lil ol’ owners are going to just give up and forget all about that nasty lockout and give the players all the concessions they’d offered at the bargaining table.

  6. @bearsfan63 …

    You were saying?

    @palinforpresidentofnorthkorea …

    It doesn’t appear that I’ve missed anything, sweets. The lockout has begun and will continue until and unless the court rules in the players’ favor. And if you think the owners have made their final offer so it all ends here until the players cave, you don’t know much about litigators. Don’t underestimate De Smith.

    It’s nice that you both have such rosy notions about the generosity of the owners. Glad you don’t negotiate my contracts.

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