NFLPA tells agents that regulation of them has ended

In a March 4 appearance on PFT Live, sports lawyer David Cornwell explained that decertification would end the regulation of player agents.

And now that the union has decertified, a source with knowledge of the situation tells us that the NFLPA has informed the agents that they’re essentially on their own.

“By now you are aware that members of the National Football League Players Association renounced the NFLPA’s status as the collective bargaining agent for NFL Players,” says the memo to agents, a copy of which we have obtained.  “Going forward, the NFLPA will instead be operating as a professional association committed to promoting, protecting and enhancing the careers of professional football players – past, present and future.

“By becoming a professional association, the NFLPA has changed its relationship with agents who represent NFL players. Since the NFLPA no longer is the collective bargaining representative of NFL players for wages, hours and working conditions, it is no longer a requirement that Contract Advisors be certified by the NFLPA in order to represent players in individual contract negotiations with NFL clubs.  In other words, the NFLPA is discontinuing its agent regulation system.”

In other words, anyone can be an agent.  And any agent can do whatever he or she wants without any repercussions from the NFLPA.  And any agents suspended or terminated by the NFLPA are now free to return to the business.

And agents can try to pilfer each other clients (subject to civil or criminal laws of the states in which they operate).  Also, the so-called “junior rule” is no more, which means that agents can contact players less than three years out of high school.

The development is part of the NFLPA’s decision to go out of business.  Indeed, even the union websites are shut down, presumably for retooling to reflect the union’s new status.

27 responses to “NFLPA tells agents that regulation of them has ended

  1. Protest update! Vuvuzelas at the draft! Not joking.

    Fans sign of solidarity against this ridiculousness.

    Spread the word, if you go to the draft, blow that horn the whole time! I don’t get my season, then the NFL can’t have it’s draft!

    Fans unite!!!

  2. 1st again. Just like footballphds. I know whats up. No agents: yahoo that’s what we need.

  3. Cecil Newton just shouted out “Praise the Lord!”, and set fire to that run down old church in Georgia.

  4. The only one clapping after todays joke is the agents. maybe the agents will o[pen there book for last ten years. Hope a lot of boxing and wrestling jobs come up.

  5. Sounds like the players wouldn’t agree to anything that didn’t give them everything they wanted. Unions screw everyone again, way to go losers

  6. Well, the owners AND player just took a big dump on NFL fans… the agents, cancel the draft, and when you leave, turn out the lights. Amazing that when so many people are living paycheck to paycheck, these greedy, ego hungry idiots can’t come to terms.

    Plenty of blame to go around.

  7. “Going forward, the NFLPA will instead be operating as a professional association committed to promoting, protecting and enhancing the careers of professional football players – past, present and future.”

    This will only be going forward because we failed to previously do this.

  8. i wonder if NOBODY showed up to the draft and NOBODY watched the draft if the NFL and its players would get it through their heads to get a deal done

  9. Boycott NFL, Sunday ticket, and any merchandise. We as fans can’t do much, but let’s do something!

  10. Let the players and agents form their own league. Then they can feed upon themselves. I’ll laugh my ass off when a bunch of greed head agents, attorneys and crybabies 60 hours short of their sports management or basket weaving degrees are in charge. Hardeeharharhar!

  11. @ aaa82

    Good idea, in theory. But I can’t imagine that the powers that be are stupid and/or arrogant enough to let fans in to this year’s draft.

  12. Sad, sad, sad that it had to come to this. Now all the name-calling. finger pointing, blame game can begin. I’m telling myself I won’t be back but deep down I know that just isn’t so. We, the fans, can talk all we want about boycotting merchandise, Directv Sunday Ticket, PSL’s and season tickets but it won’t make any difference in the end. We are not organized and both sides in this fiasco can care less about what we are feeling. Sad.

  13. I’m an IT professional, but now I think I will be an agent. I have no idea how that works, but I HAVE seen “Jerry McGuire” 3 times. I think I can make this work.

  14. bucsballer says: Mar 11, 2011 6:35 PM

    Thx NFL all u in it our greedy. Never watching again. Basketball now


    Like Basketball isn’t.

    Are you kidding me or are you kidding yourself?

  15. While both parties are vying for a bigger slice of the pie, they would be wise to guard against their collective pie shrinking as a portion (not all) of the fan-base slip away in disgust. NFL has a great thing going but with world-wide calamities occurring almost daily and domestic economic problems reaching a critical mass, I believe there are many among us fans that will be turned off by the greed and turn to some other form entertainment…

  16. So does this also mean that all video game makers can start using the names and likenesses of all football players? The rule of five-or-more players in a picture meant no individual compensation – that seems like an NFLPA thing, too.

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