Owners hoping talks will continue after Smith’s update

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Darren Rovell of CNBC summed up the current state of NFL talks well:

“No reporter has any clue about what is happening in the labor negotiations now,” Rovell wrote.  “That’s a good sign.”

This much we know.  NFLPA chief DeMaurice Smith went ahead with his plan to update players around 2 p.m. ET.   ESPN’s Chris Mortensen reports that ownership is hopeful that negotiations will continue after that talk.

Basically, the players have to decide whether to proceed with decertification or extend the clock once again and try to keep the momentum from today’s talks moving forward.

16 responses to “Owners hoping talks will continue after Smith’s update

  1. “No reporter has any clue about what is happening in the ____________”

    fill in the blank.

  2. Not sure if it means anything, but Schefter just said De Smith told players the plan was to decertify. But if reporters don’t know anything, I guess we’ll see.

  3. Adam Schefter just said that De Smith told the players the plan was to decertify.

    Like I said earlier and got crap for, the players have wanted to decertify since the beginning. They are praying the owners lock them out so they can play the victim.

    Looks like we are headed for a long legal battle. Way to kill the golden goose.

  4. Decertify already. Then go to litigation where I hope the NFL pummels you into the ground. I would gladly sacrifice 1 season if it meant an end to the greed of the players and that we won’t be back doing this same dance again in 6 or 7 years.

    And P.S….would someone please make DeMaurice Smith take that hat off? He looks like a cross between a 1920’s Chicago crime lord and Huggy Bear.

  5. I know what’s happening in the labor negotiations right now…….but I’ll never tell…..

  6. they will decertify – good news? not so much. now i9t will go to court and the nfl will challenge their decertification as a sham

  7. People keep saying here the owners are compromising and the players aren’t. Even if they are ‘compromising’ we have absolutely no idea the extent of those compromises.

    They could just as easily be so meager as to be insulting. Just because you try to come up 1 cent at a time or whatever doesn’t mean you’re compromising.

    The main thing is, fans envision themselves as owners, not players. Even though most fans are more analogous to being like the players in their own work lives.

  8. The only good sign is when the deal is done, until then all of these “good signs” is someone trying to get their name in the headlines.

    This is heading to a lockout faster than a hobo to a ham sandwich.

    All of those tweets blasting each other were good signs too I suppose.

    Please for the love of God get a deal done.

  9. This just in: Roger Goodell’s wife has weighed in and is asking Roger to forego any further extensions. Sources report that she would prefer that Roger grow some dreads.

  10. Fans should begin the boycotts now. Turn off the NFL network. Quit visiting team sites. Do whatever you can to let all of these jackholes on both sides of the fence know that you are pissed-off that they would threaten this sport we all love to watch.

    All this time they have had to make a deal and we are supposed to congratulate them for trying so hard today?

  11. I think the way the NFL have been getting killed in the courts the past year or so…an attempt to declare the union’s decertification as a sham is quite unlikely to be successful. And the Needle case opened the door for the league to be sued for anti-trust. I think the league is going to get torn a new hole where the sun dont shine. And both sides know it. Which is why the league is all of a sudden making all the concessions. The tide has turned.

    The owners are going to be very sorry they opted out of that CBA. Having to reveal all their financial data is not what they had in mind. They wanted to squeeze the union and instead the courts and the government are going to squeeze the NFL. Greed is what ultimately led to this.

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