Polamalu won’t need surgery on Achilles

You didn’t need to be a medical expert to know Steelers safety Troy Polamalu was significantly bothered by an Achilles injury in the playoffs this season.

Gerry Dulac of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette has sources that confirmed what seemed obvious to the naked eye.  Polamalu was bothered and lacked burst because of the injury.  He seemed a step slow in the Super Bowl.

That’s the bad news.  The good news is that Polamalu won’t require surgery .   He is currently rehabbing the injury and receiving treatment in Los Angeles.

25 responses to “Polamalu won’t need surgery on Achilles

  1. Thank God for that. Just wish he could have been on top of his game in the playoffs/Super Bowl … sigh.

    Another photo in that weird outfit. The hair looks really dorky with a baseball uniform.

  2. Several comments were made about Polamalu being “invisible” in the playoffs…pretty much explains why.

    Troy is a remarkable player when healthy. Unfortunately for Steeler fans, recent history shows that he gets a significant injury every year.

  3. Great news!… This means he should be good for the 4 full games per season he usually plays! lol..
    He looked fat and slow in the SB. He should move back to Cali with his roomate Carson Palmer :>)

  4. Jordy Nelson had a busted Bulsa Sac in the Superbowl…..still put up 14o plus yards recieving….ah! now only if we had him at 100 %

  5. Hey at least he’s wearing a jersey from a team in my state with a winning record last season.

  6. @tuckercarlsonisthevoiceofreason …

    Have to say I think both he and Clay Matthews look much better with their locks pulled back. But at least it’s easier for Troy to do the flowing-hair Samoan warrior thing in Steelers black and gold than in a Twins uniform. And I’m still trying to figure out why he’s in a Twins uniform 🙂

  7. Maybe if he got a haircut he wouldn’t be injury prone. Good luck without surgery. I hope it heals properly.

  8. The Twins uniform must have something to do with Head & Shoulders because Joe Mauer is endorsing it too. Maybe Joe will be wearing a Steelers uniform. Actually, I’d like to see him in a Vikings uniform because he’d be the best QB we could get for this season.

  9. Deb says:And I’m still trying to figure out why he’s in a Twins uniform
    Easy. All people wish they were from MN or living here. Can’t blame him!

  10. Deb–it’s a new H&S commerical.

    Wouldn’t mind a fishing trip Perv but I think I’ll keep my residence south of the Mason Dixon

  11. You mean he wasn’t really that hurt when he used it as an excuse for his horrible SB play?

    Go figure.

    A Steeler who’s not honest.

  12. Hey, rulz!!! Hope all is going well with you … well, except for all this lockout stuff. Wish H&S would leave Troy in his Steelers uniform LOL

  13. Same ol, same ol Deb. The grind never ends. This lockout sux. How are the Pack/Steelers gonna repeat if they can’t play?

  14. ROFL … congrats, perv. Guess she was mixing your martinis and lighting the cigars the other night. Hope she keeps you better company than the bottle on Christmas 😆

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