Report: Lockout starts at midnight

We are still waiting for an official announcement from the NFL, but ESPN’s Adam Schefter says a lockout is a done deal.

Schefter reports that the NFL owners will lock the players out midnight, as expected.  (Although some in the league legitimately thought we could be headed for bizarro free agency.)

The union will try to block a lockout. And based on some information Florio wrote about earlier tonight, they may just be able to pull it off.   Any court ruling would have to wait until Monday at the earliest.

In the meantime, we’ll let you know when the NFL lets us know anything official.

26 responses to “Report: Lockout starts at midnight

  1. This is stupid who cares who’s sand box is bigger if they can’t clean up the crap. The only one that are suffering here are the fans but I guess we just don’t matter.

  2. just may be able it off.. . wat the? Seriously, Whats going on w/ Free Agency tonight? Should I be waiting for some big moves, or should I not be waiting at all….

  3. And the death of the NFL, thanks to whiny, greedy billionaires, begins.

    Just think. The future of the NFL is resting on the shoulders of the likes of Jerry Jones and Dan Snyder.

  4. dontcallmepete says:
    Mar 11, 2011 11:29 PM
    Just wanted to be the first to say It’s not a strike. Big difference

    No football means no football… doesn’t much matter if it’s a strike or a lockout.

    I have zero sympathy for either side, as its the fans who get screwed. Just like corporations and government conspire to screw the little guy, not we’ve got coddled athletes and billionaires dickering over who should be getting a bigger piece of the pie; screw ’em both.

    If a single game of the ’11 season is lost, they lose me as a fan, just like baseball lost me after ’94. I have no more tolerance for this crap.

  5. I am going to start a list of all of the screen names of all of the people here who are currently claiming that they won’t watch the NFL when it comes back.

    You’re all liars, and when you start posting on here about games you allegedly aren’t watching anymore, I will call you out.

  6. This is a joke. The rich get richer and we suffer. Goodell and Smith both said it was a sad day for the fans. NOT!!! its a joke this CBA should have been done a long time ago. They had plenty of time to get their crap together. If the players want a slice of the pie, and the owners get the whole pie why not share with the fans and give us a piece of the pie. I want to get paid to watch these guys.

  7. realitypolice says:
    Mar 11, 2011 11:50 PM
    I am going to start a list of all of the screen names of all of the people here who are currently claiming that they won’t watch the NFL when it comes back.

    You’re all liars, and when you start posting on here about games you allegedly aren’t watching anymore, I will call you out.

    Let me tell you what you can do with your list. I said I would give up being a baseball fan after ’94 and I did. I am sick of the spoiled brats that both operate and play the game.

    If a single game is lost next season, they lose me. And if you have nothing better to do than look for my screen name after that, I might suggest you need to get a life.

  8. Haha…I have to laugh with all this blather about the fans suffering. It’s the middle of March, for gawd’s sake. Get a friggin life. If people need the NFL 24/7 to keep them entertained in the off season, they have issues more serious than the current labor impasse. The path to the draft hasn’t changed. Mock draft speculation is still alive and well. The only thing the fans miss out on right now is the FA period. That will be solved within a week or less. Once a lockout is blocked, football activities will resume in parallel with litigation. For football junkies, the off season will be twice as entertaining. Litigation, agitation, capitulation.

  9. I would get rid of that “League Source” that told you there would be Free Agency. The dude is an idiot, that is a huge advantage for the owners. All those Free Agents who may or may not be Free at all.

    Who knows if a deal even gets done but not until very late there may not even be any Free Agency this year, the players will have to stick with their current team for a 2011.

  10. Fans are flipping to the league’s side tonight because it’s a better option than what the NFLPA is pursuing. NFLPA cut a players-favored CBA that allowed the owners to opt out. The owners signed it because the opt-out provision was in it. The owners opted out, just as NFLPA expected. Now it’s court time, as planned for years. This is NFLPA’s plan to pursue the MLB model. If they’re successful, welcome to the football division of the AL-East, and too bad if you’re a fan of a team in Pittsburgh or Green Bay.

  11. pfii63 says:
    Mar 12, 2011 12:01 AM
    realitypolice says:
    Mar 11, 2011 11:50 PM

    If a single game is lost next season, they lose me. And if you have nothing better to do than look for my screen name after that, I might suggest you need to get a life

    You’re a liar. You’ll never stop watching NFL football.

    It bothers you that I’ve called you out for the fraud you are.

    I have a life. I’ve never spent one penny on a ticket or a jersey or whatever it is you fanboys blow your cash on.

    Do you seriously expect anyone to believe you will walk away from the NFL when you are posting on a NFL website at 12:30 in the morning.

    Grow up.

  12. Reality Police –

    I love how you “know” anything about me. I care passionately for the NFL, as is obvious from all of my posts. But I for one will not be held hostage by a bunch of overgrown babies. I loved baseball passionately before ’94, and haven’t thought twice about giving up that game.

    Get a life, loser.

  13. Call yourself out first realitypolice. You claimed you wouldn’t post here back in 2009 if Vick got signed by a team….but yet here you are!

    And people whining that “there is no football!”…where you expecting a game tomorrow? Get over yourself. The media is just pumping all this because its a slow time. Pro football will be played in the fall as usual.

  14. I am not suffering, and I would consider their thoughts to be incorrect! We’re not going to suffer at all… The league and the NFLPA will… Let’s have some perspective people… This is just a worthless waste of our time and money, and I for one feel great about their impasse…

    I know that everyone involved will not read this post, but suffering is something that they will get a little taste of when those who are really suffering from a loss of employment or loss of caring like myself don’t come back… I ask other “fans” to show those who have so much to simply leave the situation and not come back! They don’t deserve your money…! They don’t deserve your attention…! They don’t deserve your caring…! They don’t deserve your love…!

    They should all get what they truly deserve… Which will be nothing!

  15. I watched Teddy Bruschi on tv last night discussing the lockout…

    he was proposed the idea “well if the players and owners can’t come to an agreement, why don’t they use the difference to offset ticket costs and costs of concessions at the stadium?” To which he stumbled over his words and got to his thought “well the players stand for a rich tradition and history that we want to fight for that and the fans would want that”

    I call B.S. neither the owners nor players care about the fans. They all just want more money and don’t want to give it up. We could say blame lies on one side or the other, but both sides really just don’t care about us, the fans. That’s why a deal didn’t get done.

  16. The NFL comes off really sleezy in the PR battle stuff. They try to paint this picture that the Union “wasn’t willing to bend” and that they “wanted to pursue litigation all along” and stuff like this.

    Look, the NFL may be justified in what they are doing. But make no mistake. The Union didn’t come into this thing looking for anything extra. The NFL is trying to pay the players less money, or make them play more games for the same money. They entered looking to take an extra 1 billion revenue for the owners before divying the remainder. Then they act as if halfway to that would be “a good compromise”.

    Corporations always use that tactic in union labor deals. They try to give the workers less than they used to get and they set that value really high. Then they dial the amount back about halfway and go to the public saying “we were willing to compromise”.

    They say the reason for giving less money is that the NFL can’t be profitable with the players taking so much of the money. But they refuse to give the data required to prove this.

    Simple. NFL owners want more money. Maybe they are justified maybe they aren’t. But this is definately a greed thing. It isn’t the players fault that the owners signed the last CBA in a way they weren’t going to be happy with. They can’t justify paying less without showing any real data on why.

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