NFLPA decertifies, work stoppage imminent

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Well, now things are about to get ugly.

The NFLPA announced Friday afternoon at 5 p.m. ET that they have decertified, following an ultimatum issued by NFLPA head DeMaurice Smith.   This is expected to lead to a lockout after the current collective bargaining agreement expires at midnight.

So what does it all mean?

The reality is that no one knows.  Even the men that were inside the room negotiating for the last two weeks.

NFL lead negotiator was asked Friday afternoon if a lockout would start at midnight.  He didn’t even answer that question and a source has told PFT that they have started to prepare in case free agency starts at midnight.  Seriously.

The battle between the two sides is apparently headed to the courtroom, which is partly uncharted territory.   The NFL will try to say that decertification by the union is a sham.  The Union will try to get a judge to open the financial records of NFL teams, after the owners refused to “open the books” on Friday.

The union said they asked the league to release ten years worth of audited financial statements on Friday or they would decertify.

The NFL, as expected, did not comply.  The NFLPA will now move forward as “a trade association,” whatever that means.

Both sides seemed to expect to get to this point, yet it’s still jarring and depressing for NFL fans.   It’s especially frustrating because there was reportedly significant progress at the negotiating table on Friday, but negotiations are basically going to end for now.

“No constructive purpose would be served to requesting parties to continue mediation,” said Federal Mediator George Cohen said.

Translation: Both sides are at fault here.

You just wouldn’t know by listening to them after the fact.  The NFL and NFLPA wasted no time after decertification to start playing the blame game.

The owners claim that the players’ side did not truly negotiate and they were determined to take things to court.  The league says they were willing to defer any 18-game seasons and offered many concessions. The union says the owners are lying.

Both sides continue to jostle for position in these increasingly confusing times, trying to win the public relations battle.

Surely they know they are both losing, as are all NFL fans.

UPDATE: Here’s the statement from the organization formerly known as the NFLPA:

“The NFL Players Association announced today it has informed the NFL, NFL clubs and other necessary parties that it has renounced its status as the exclusive collective bargaining representative of the players of the National Football League.

The NFLPA will move forward as a professional trade association with the mission of supporting the interests and rights of current and former professional football players.”

UPDATE II: Here’s the NFL’s statement on decertification, along with Florio’s analysis.

UPDATE III:  NFL stars Tom Brady, Peyton Manning and Drew Brees all filed an antitrust lawsuit against the NFL to prevent a lockout, as expected.

175 responses to “NFLPA decertifies, work stoppage imminent

  1. Speaking for the players union, DeMaurice Smith promised us—you and I, NFL fans—that, “We’re not going to let you down.” They just did. In retrospect, perhaps Mr. Smith should have run for U.S. Congress instead of NFLPA executive director.

  2. Wow… the players are waaaaay out of line on this. When the players negotiate for more and more money on their next contract during the course of their careers, are the owners asking the players to get their personal bank records, monthly expenditures, etc. to justify those increased contracts? NO!

    Personally, I almost wish there is no football just so these spoiled players can go out and try to work FULL TIME JOBS for $50K/ year. We’ll see them running back and begging to play football again, even if it was for only $250,000 / year.

  3. It’s official: Both Rodger Goodell and DeMaurice Smith have failed. Completely and utterly failed. They’ve let down the fans, the former players, and the sport of football. What shame money and greed have rotten the greatest sport in the world.

  4. Trust us you don’t need to see our books. We’re losing money and need 1 billion to make a profit. 3 days later ok really trust us this time. We only need half of 1 billion to make a profit. Would you believe this person and or organization?

  5. oh well….. tix prices will go down with the scabs out there…. bonus.

    maybe now families can go, hasnt been that way since free agency.

  6. duh is dumb. players, u picked a fool to lead you. which means u are fools too.

  7. F the NFL. Epic fail, guys. Thank God baseball, March Madness, and NBA Playoffs are coming.

  8. Well that makes it official.. the leaders on both sides of the table failed in the measure.

    They can do as they wish from here as far as this one fan is concerned.. I will not look upon the NFL with the same passion from this point out.

    Revenue is at records levels, yet the two parties can’t agree to a split of the cash. The cash we the fans in the end front.


  9. Judge Doty was all that was evil to the NFL Owner’s, so this thing never stood a chance.

  10. Excellent!

    After arguing for hours about sharing finicial information, once the deadline ensumes Smith says “we will have an extension if you show us the information”. Ridiculous! Is he trying to make the then-NFLPA look like the good guys?

    Now we’re going to get months and months and months and months of court battles and appeals of NFL not locking out the players. And, sadly, eventually the judge will lock the players out. The NBA will have a lockout as well. The economy is going to a huge dive. Natural disasters all over the world. Fish dieing, poverty, civil unrest. Screw you millionaires and billionaiers!

  11. Ugly?
    You mean after 10 days of hope and change this is only NOW going to get ugly?

    I think this is good news.

    It’s good because now maybe everyone will see how serious this is and they will get down to negotiating!

    Yes, this is great news !!!!

  12. How can this be a surprise to anyone? This is what the union planned to do all along. Schmucks!

    Well at least the union kept the lawyers racking up the hours.

    Now the league has to deal with Kessler. Good luck!

  13. With what’s going on in Japan right now and the impact of that around the world, how can anyone in their right mind possibly care about this garbage on any level?

    F everyone involved.

  14. After an awkward and embarrassing bout of premature decertification, the NFLPA performed as expected, although no satisfaction was acheived by either partner.

  15. There was no reason for the NFLPA to resort to this measure.

    It’s clear they have no interest in finding a solution. De Smith is only interested in his own, personal fame.

    You’d think a league of big, supposedly tough minded players would be smart enough to negotiate, rather than follow De Smith off the edge of a cliff like a bunch of lemmings.

  16. If the NFLPA wasn’t going to do a deal without seeing 10 years of owners audited financial statements, then why did they drag out this nonsense for an extra week?

    Was De Smith just grandstanding for the last 2 weeks? No, De Smith, I do not “dig” your game!

  17. I almost never side with owners in these negotiations, but this is one of those times that I’m convinced the Union has its head up its a$$.

    You force the NFL to deal with you as a whole when it works to your advantage, and then break up the union when the owners want to lock you out to open the doors to litigation.

    I have no ill will toward the players and don’t have any problems with player salaries. My beef is with the organization that is “protecting” them.

  18. Well have fun all the greedy SOB’s you lost this guys $$$$ for sure on to better things. DONE WITH THE NFL just like I have been done with baseball since their strike

  19. Fail. Absolute fail.

    DeMaurice Smith, resign. You never bargained in good faith and had no intention of making a deal all along. You pursued a scorched-earth policy that does nothing but alienate fans.

    Roger Goodell, resign. It was your job to make sure that league business continued and that NFL games were played. You over-saw the process of opting out, and then watched as owners acted with arrogance. Real negotiations didn’t even begin in earnest until a week before the expiration of the CBA. You were paid to lead but did nothing but follow.

    Failures and losers, both of you.

  20. I just read the ultimatum given by the union, 10 years or else thing. Since when does an employer have to give anyone 10 years of their earnings?

    Can I just goto my employer and be like, ‘yo, can i get your last 10 years earnings, I wanna see how much your making compared to me.’ There is a reason why the guy i work for is the owner, and i’m the employee… Am I wrong?

  21. Still not sure if this means they are more likely to get a deal done than before. Help?

  22. Jeffrey, Moe, and Curly George are self aggrandizing turds. They have no skills worthy of a spotlight, but when the fates conspire to place them in it, they don’t want to leave. EVER.

  23. Maybe I don’t understand the whole mess of things but if it ended with a 50/50 split of $1 billion extra in revenue who lost? If the NFLPA is fighting for better health care, then here is a way to facilitate that need. I find it very hard to believe that this was all shut down because of possibly a rookie wage scale, an 18 games season and how you split up free agent tendering. What is the Union really after? I wish the Wisc. governer was presiding over these meetings, at least we would have football next year. haha

  24. Welcome to the land of billionaires, screwing up life for the rest of us.

    Good. The owners never wanted a deal anyway. Sue ’em.

  25. It’s March, I don’t care. The greedy bastards can’t figure out how to split 9 BILLION? Wake me in August and if they haven’t screwed it up I’ll pay attention. If they have, I’ll watch college. No big deal.

  26. So, does the league have to lock them out? can they just say “OK, let’s open for business – no union, here’s how things will be”?

  27. DeMaurice Smith is a JOKE!! Thank you for ruining football for the fans. As a season ticket holder, I enjoyed going to training camp @ other off season events!!! WHAT A JOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Screw De Smith. This guy has no intention of negotiating. He is a grandstanding egomaniac. The players would have been much better off with Cornwell who, at the very least, has some class.

  29. Congrats De, I suppose technically you won!!!! You got what you wanted all along, decertification.

    You cant actually believe the fans are dumb enough to fall for your little act De. You had no interest in making a deal.

    Who could have imagined, that the fans that get raped by the owners on game day (you know, $400 for tix, $50 to park, $12 per beer, $7 per hot dog, etc etc….) would actually side with the owners on this one…. We have been hearing about the possibility of a lockout for more than 6 months, and when it first started, I was gung-ho behind the players, now I have completely jumped ship and joined the owners.

  30. The owners brought this upon themselves. Had not treated their employees like pieces of meat (see 18-game schedule, shoddy protection against concussions, other health matters) over the years, they would not have found themselves in this situation. Go NFLPA.

  31. really how about you give that 9 billion to the fans who have to listen to a bunch of grown rich whiners complain that there not making enough money. i might have to seriously think about boycotting the nfl for a while. f- off nlfpa and owners!

  32. Hey De Smith…how does it feel to be unemployed…and I hope you never collect another penny from the players…because since the players decertified, you have no job….good for them if it means dumping your azz….

  33. I’m done. They’ve just lost every dime I had to spend on their crap. I sick of this crap every 4-5 years. They can kiss my _ss goodbye!

  34. And this is why I don’t own one player jersey. Its about the passion and love for the team on the front not the name on the back. The players actions have only served to reinforce my dislike for them.

    Go bills!

  35. Absolutely ridiculous. Greed is going to kill everything.

    /Saves $1500 for season tickets, buying new TV to watch NCAA.

  36. Cancel the season. I stopped watching baseball and hockey after their greed stoppages. You’re next boys! great job! College football is pretty good. They’ve got another fan now.

  37. To be honest this decertification is a sham by the NFLPA. When a union decertifies the union is finished but in this case as soon as a new deal is worked out the players will form a union. I am very disappointed in both sides in particular the players. I’m sorry but the players are employed by the NFL/Teams they play for and demanding financial statements from your employer is unrealistic. The only team that had to show their financial statements was the Packers since a portion of the team is owned by the public. A sad day for everyone and let see how this plays out in court. I really don’t think this will play out well for the players.

  38. Sad day, but a silver lining…

    I expect the unemployment rate to go down to 4% as every single lawyer in America is hired to get involved in this epic case.

  39. OK so this means the NFL will have a lockout or won’t? Either way this is really bad for the NFL. De Smith I don’t like. I wish Gene Upshaw was still alive…

  40. Everyone needs to relax this going to the court rooms means that this will end sooner and we will have football…if this never went to court then the season would be in jeporody….

    The players are going to clean the owners clock in court!!!!!Victory for the union and round of applause to them for not cracking and giving in the the arrogance and bullying tactics and getting walked on by the league

  41. I find it hard to support either side now.

    As an NFL fan of 30 years, I pretty much decided if this Decert/Lockout happens then I am doing something tangible like canceling my Sunday Ticket, even if they come back.

    I hope every fan takes something, be it money, time, something, away from these greedy bastards.

    Maybe just read a book on one day you’d have followed the games or draft. Don’t buy that jersey etc.

    Just do one thing to voice your opposition to being taken for granted by both sides.

  42. You would have to be a complete idiot to think it wasn’t going to get to this point….We are talking billions of dollars here..Of course it’s going to the courts…

  43. Today is a sad day – not just for football but for the world in general. In a day when the shrinking American middle class has a potential union busting policy passing through government and when hundreds, if not thousands, of poor Japanese souls are lost overseas, millionaires and billionaires cannot settle their differences in terms of a small percentage of their bottom line.

    The difference should and could have been worked out before today. In a day when the world sure could use some great philanthropy (and the NFL has been very studious about being a good purveyor of such) we will see a very sad story unfold. Too bad the kindness and good will of otherwise great people lost out to the motivation of money, as I was hoping the events of today and the common era would have really struck a tone of common sense between both the owners and players. Opportunity rarely knocks, and today could have been a great day.

  44. Nice move owners…instead of giving up the financial info, you will now get a worse deal in the court systems and have to give up your financials. EVER HEARD OF DISCOVERY? Again, what lawyers are advising these jackasses?

    This is totally on the owners. They opted out of a great deal for both sides saying that it was causing them financial stress but then had no proof to back up that assertion and refused to provide any proof. Now, they will get their asses handed to them in the court system and probably have to abide by the current CBA anyways. All the while, the fans get to hear about decertifation, injunctions, and antitrust suits instead of getting excited about free agency and the upcoming season.

    Great job owners…you are on a fast path to ruining America’s favorite sport!

  45. the beginning of the end…. & yet again who truly suffers…the lowest on the totem poll…the fans, stadium workers, bar/rest. owners…etc….

  46. for anyone who believes that this guy wanted to make a deal!!!! He wants to make a name for himself!!! I’m not about to feel sorry for the owners, but it seems to me that the players weren’t interested in negotiating. This is a disgrace!!!

  47. Actually, the NFL did call the Union’s bluff by not providing the financials. Caving and giving up the financials would have been not calling the bluff. But apparently the Union wasn’t bluffing and will decertify. I hope the players get crushed in court, although it’s not likely.

  48. Well, I guess I can torment my Viking fan roommate about my Super Bowl Champion Green Bay Packers for a few more months than anticipated! Would rather be at Lambeau in August gentlemen!

  49. Im very disappointed with both sides. But in the end, the union was looking to decertify from the get go and, In my opinion, did not bargain in good faith. Im not an owner shill and know that they did the same with the whole “Lockout Insurance” but once they no longer had that chip, they wanted to get a deal done. I think we are where we are because of the entity formerly known as the NFLPA. Boo owners and Boooooooo NFLPA and De Smith.

  50. I get trying to get every last bit of coin you can in a negotiation.

    But the way to do that is to bargain as hard as you can right down to the wire.

    You DON’T go to the wire and then blow everything up. The players just lit a fuse that could wreak havoc on the fan’s love of the game. The players just lost the battle of public opinion with the owners. Americans don’t want to see that someone walked away from a negotiation without making an offer.

    I don’t think there is a good guy in all this, but it certainly isn’t the players, who turned down the owners offer and didn’t make a counter-offer. Whatever they gain through the courts they are going to lose through public backlash against them.

  51. It’s official: Both Rodger Goodell and DeMaurice Smith have failed. Completely and utterly failed. They’ve let down the fans, the former players, and the sport of football. What shame money and greed have rotten the greatest sport in the world.

  52. I hope the NFL holds it’s ground and stops paying all of the players over this. The union must think all of us fans are stupid and that the media is so deeply in need of the union members that they dare not sound off on this like they are supposed to. Otherwise there is no way they could possibly believe that they are not shooting themselves in the foot over this move.

  53. You know what….hundreds probably thousands dead in Japan, untold suffering yet to come. I could care less about these rich boys whining about how bad their lives are.

    NFL, I hope you go under and all these owners and players can go out and get REAL jobs, ones like their betrayed fans have had to do all along.

    The greed on both sides has finally done you in.

  54. Some of you need a lesson in what Capitolism is!
    The odds aren’t in the Players Union favor, friendly judge or not!
    Ever heard of appeals? Bit off more than the NFLPA can chew.

  55. Ok, so now if the NFL does not lock them out and says lets play, what happens? There is no more union so can the owners make their own rules now?

  56. Thank goodness most of these NFL players received a free education at America’s top universities. They have no need to fret due to their degrees that they earned. Some will become entrepreneurs, some will use their skills in the business fields.

    DeSean Jackson, Chris Johnson, and Adam “Linguist” Jones surely have a knack for the English language so i foresee them becoming today’s great contemporary novelist’s.

  57. No one loves football as more than I-maybe as much, but not more. No one looks forward to the college draft more than I do. For me the college draft rivals Christmas and it’s hallowed ground. Having said that it’s wonderful that I love college football and look forward to it as much as I do NFL football. However don’t expect me to to get bent out of shape while the rich and filthy rich decide how to split billions while I’m working a stiff gig just to pay my bills-life’s to short for that!

  58. The rooting for the billionaires who care nothing for the game, and ravage us with ridiculous ticket and concession prices not to mention team apparal, over players, most of whom play a grand total of 3 years, is sad and pathetic.

    It is either viral ignorance or paid bloggers. Probably a little of both.

  59. I’m so mad right now I could spit. I was on the side of the players until they pulled the pin on the grenade.

    Smith wanted all along to decertify and take it to the courts and now he got his wish. How he could convince the players that the courts will fix this mess is just unfathomable.

    Both sides had a freaking gravy train going, but too much pride and greed to see it for what it was. And what happened to all the players’ early talk about increased safety, benefits to retired players or better health insurance? Not a flipping word about any of that – it’s all about the nitty-gritty of the players in the league right now: money, greed and pride.


  60. As a lawyer – and a proud one at that – I really, really hate when lawyers prove all the negative stereotypes to be true. This is a train wreck, and I’m sure it didn’t have to be this way. Greedy people all around, and the lawyers failed to do their job by serving their own agendas instead of guiding their clients to do the right thing for all involved. A pox on all their houses!!!

  61. I cannot believe people are expressing any degree of sympathy for the owners. Over the last decade, they have milked the public purse millions of dollars for their own private profit through taxpayer financed stadiums, yet they the balls to ask for another $1 billion, even as they nickel-and-dime the players on health matters? I do not think so! Sure, the players were getting millions out of the past deal, but this relative prosperity does not mean that they have to accept a deal whose principles are flawed.

  62. Jeff Pash on right now talking about what the NFL had offered.

    He is doing a great job making the union come across as horses asses.

  63. Welcome back hockey!
    Is it Bruins? I think it was Bruins.
    Yay Bruins!

    Also, What’s with this guy? You don’t even know what calling a bluff means? Why is this your job?

  64. The owners and players are fighting for the money. So what do they do? Give it to the lawyers.

  65. This fight ceased to be about money and turned into about winning awhile back, that is to say the jealousy of the incompetent owners towards those who run effective organizations. If the owners had truly been united do you think the players would have gone boo?

    In the wake of current world events I sneer at the self-involvement of both sides.

  66. I do not get it… if the owners needed financial relief and the players wanted proof, then why not show them the books?

    Oh, yeah, that is right, the books are more embarrassing than not acting in good faith and negotiating TV deals that only serve their own interest…

  67. I wish the people hooraying that baseball is about to start would shut up. This is a football site. Not all of us sit in front of a TV with a remote blindly watching whatever guys happen to be chasing whatever-shaped ball happens to be flying by. Some of us are dedicated NFL fans.

    And for those who keep saying the NFL called the players’ bluff … obviously the players weren’t bluffing.

  68. The owners blew it. As 1/2 of a partnership, they should have provided the financials. And they’re refusal spoke volumes. Just like Walker, they’re going to get killed in court. Morons.

  69. Well you can count me out.. im off this site and the team website and the league website and even when you do work out a deal you’re going to have to work twice as hard to get me to come back as a fan. I am truly disgusted.

  70. Initially I was in support of the players. But through the info I have seen, it appears that the NFL was at least attempting to negotiate. It was the Union that wouldn’t budge on their demands.

    What I don’t get is how the Union can decertify, when it is obvious their intent is going to be to reform down the road once a deal is worked out. I feel this was their plan the entire time.

    The Union wanted 10 years of Audited Financials!!! Are you kidding me?!?!?! Let any one of us go and ask for something like that. The only reason the Union wanted that much financial info in the first place was so they can spread more dirt about the teams to boost their PR.

    I am highly dissappointed and hope the players get SLAMMED in court.

  71. Here’s hoping the players get a raw deal from here. Fans can take solace in the fact that with each passing week of no football, a few more players will be bankrupt and sleeping in mommies basement

  72. Pulling this stuff during a recession where the people that buy tickets are suffering to make ends meet? F*ck em and the horse they rode in on.
    Motocross is more fun to watch anyway. A**holes.

  73. Crap now i’ll have to spend my sundays with my family or playing golf. Actually fine by me -I’ll check back in a couple years.

  74. The sad part of all of this is that the union manipulated the process from the word Go. They intended to decertify from the beginning, and simply negotiated for the purpose of gaining ground on the owners, and hopefully, some public support along the way.

    Dee (no, that’s not a typo… I feel like assigning him the feminine spelling today because he’s such a bitch) Smith is a real piece of work. It’s guys like him that have forever given labor unions a bad name.

    My desire is to see the players treated fairly by the NFL and it’s owners. It’s just that I believe they already are, and have been, treated fairly. From a sympathy standpoint, I am clearly siding with the NFL.

  75. I think its safe to say the mass majority of fans think both sides are acting like children. I remember when this happened with baseball. I also remember the last baseball game I watched and it was before they decided to strike…..

  76. footballphds called this yesterday or this morning. I can’t tell if those guys are for real or jokers. who does a fashion post and then says oh by the way the union is decertifying at 2pm today?

  77. The players seem to want a share in all profits made by the owners. Why can’t the owners ask to have a share of the players endorsement deals, wouldn’t that be asking the same.

  78. Unions have by far lived out their use. I think when I go into work tomorrow I will demand my boss to pull out his wallet and give me his money because as a worker I deserve it. NFL players suck!

  79. Former NFLPA head DeMaurice Smith will now be known as Irving Jones, a family friend and advisor to many former professional football players. His wife and children have not yet decided on new names, but will call the country they live in Xexiplaz9 from now on.

  80. How refreshing to see that people can get together. Two months ago, all of these posters would have been bitching about some play or player or team gaffe, etc, as usual for PFT. Fine.

    But today, I can use the word WE. We all think this is ridiculous and insulting. The fans that pay for it all. Most of these posts make a statement of taking their money elsewhere. This is the coolest thing I’ve seen in a very long time!

    The rich and richer arguing so hard that those of us that actually pay them for entertainment speak openly and together of spending our time and money somewhere else!

    Power to the people! Remember this feeling, folks. You may need it again soon.

  81. Eff!!! The sad part is that the fans have zero influence on making a deal get done. I can threaten to not watch the NFL anymore, but that would be a lie. Even if there isn’t a season this year, I’ll go right back to watching it the next year. Sure, I’ll be really pissed, but I won’t be able to boycott watching it.

  82. Think of the whole situation as though it were a gold mine.

    The owners own the mine.

    The players want the gold.

    We, the fans, get the shaft!

  83. I’m hoping they don’t go the same route as MLB. When that group of overpaid losers tried to hold the fans hostage for the second time (after being forgiven for 1994), I quit.
    I have turned down FREE playoff tickets. I will never attend another major league baseball game ever again. I know I am about the only one, but hopefully, people will do the same thing to the NFL if they kill the golden goose like AssRod and his like did.

  84. The NFL has 1 single product – football players. Lose the players and you have lost your product. No TV, no advertising, no stadiums, no income. Probably just a lot of ego debt for the owners. Call them what you want, but this is why unions came to exist.

  85. This will be great for the economy. Tens of millions of dollars will be spent on something other than filling the pockets of players and owners.
    Increased attendance to other venues will create jobs for those that have been working one day a week at the stadiums.
    Parents that left the kids home while they went to the game or sports bar might spend some extra time with the kids.
    There will be fewer drunks on the roads on Sunday afternoons.
    I’m having a hard time finding a down side to this and I really do like to watch football.

  86. Being practical about,

    – The owners put the product on the field…the product is paid for, no matter the results…no matter the performance,
    -The owners market the product …pay for the infrastructure…carry the risk
    – Like any business…financial results rise and fall based on the results you deliver. The product is still paid for….no risk there
    – Would the players go for a “pay for performance” wage scale…allocate more of the pool to teams that win to pay their guys? If your committed to the fan and the game…that is.

  87. So the bottom line is the offseason and all its activities, as well as the upcoming season will now commence as planned. Thank you, NFLPA.

  88. We talk a lot about owners and players, but they forget customers, the fans.
    Without fans, NFL is a 0$ business.
    And it’s never good for a company when their customers are unhappy.

    If they lose market share, they lose money for both.

  89. What a croc of sh$t!!!!!!…These dickwad dont have a clue what fans go through to watch their team….NFL ticket?..GOODBYE!!!!!

  90. Up until this announcement I have been neutral in my opinion of the two sides but hoping for a fair deal to both sides.

    Now I am clearly dead against the union and it’s ridiculous demand of 10-years of audited financial statements. No business is going to give up that amount of data that is competition sensitive.

    As point out on this site a lesser amount of data would be sufficient. Clearly, the union never wanted anything but decertification. This has not been negotiations, rather an attempt to railroad a one-way solution.

    At this point, I hope that the strategy backfires and the union get it handed back to them straight up their as—. I have been a NFL fanatic since the days when there were eight teams in the league, now I could care less – bring on MLB and who know maybe they will regain the title of America’s greatest sport.

  91. Well they better figure out how to divide up less than 9 billion. Because with the way they are turning their backs on the fans, it won’t add up to that much anymore.

    Way to ruin the game, you greedy jackasses.

  92. People blame Unions instead of Corporate Greed. Corporations control what you see, eat, read and watch on TV. They have been shaping the minds of Americans the last few decades. When the Supreme Court gives Corporate America the same rights as people it’s the endgame. Checkmate.

  93. “I think when I go into work tomorrow I will demand my boss to pull out his wallet and give me his money because as a worker I deserve it. ”

    At lot of people do that every day. And it works.

    Because, unlike your sad-sack existence…they have talent.

  94. If you want to really hit them where it counts…..boycott the sponsors of the games, the teams and the players.

  95. mediasloppy says:
    Mar 11, 2011 6:14 PM
    People blame Unions instead of Corporate Greed. Corporations control what you see, eat, read and watch on TV. They have been shaping the minds of Americans the last few decades.

    More than corporations, it’s the public schools that have been shaping the minds of Americans for decades. Public schools controlled by teachers unions.

  96. fanlinc says: Mar 11, 2011 5:25 PM

    To be honest this decertification is a sham by the NFLPA. When a union decertifies the union is finished but in this case as soon as a new deal is worked out the players will form a union. I am very disappointed in both sides in particular the players. I’m sorry but the players are employed by the NFL/Teams they play for and demanding financial statements from your employer is unrealistic. The only team that had to show their financial statements was the Packers since a portion of the team is owned by the public. A sad day for everyone and let see how this plays out in court. I really don’t think this will play out well for the players.
    I think you’re missing the point of the relationship between the NFL and the players. The league and it’s players entered into what is called a partnership. A partnership seperates itself from the typical employer/employee relationship in several ways. One example is that the employee contributes a percentage or a set dollar amount of his paycheck towards the company he works for. In this case, that money goes to the league as a whole. That money is typically used for staffing or finding ways to grow the business and employ strategies that will maximize both profits for the employer and better working conditions and/or benefits (both directly and indirectly).

    In the case with the NFL, the league is wanting more of that partnership money; citing financial shortfalls, expanding player salaries, team’s fiscal instability, etc. However, in a partnership, the employer needs to explain or show REAL numbers supporting the need for more money. Now, things are different in many “real-world” businesses where the employer doesn’t have to explain anything. Typically, the employer just lays off employees to protect his/her profit margin without working with it’s employee workforce to find ways to become more efficient, productive, or out of the box thinking to find new ways to not only remain a stable business, but to actually make the business prosper and grow.

    The thing is, the NFL wants a partnership but wants the right to behave like it doesn’t have one. I truly feel that the owners want to return to the days prior to age of free agency. The days where owners told the player to shut up and play and take the money I decide to give you. The age where players gave all they had, but had very little to show for it in the end except bad knees, concussion syndrome, and mental/social disorders.

    On the other side of the court, you have the 800-pound gorilla of the insane salaries of the top 20% of the players; mostly consisting of QB’s, WR’s, Cornerbacks, and Defensive Ends.

  97. Well, take solace American sporting fans! Let me introduce you to the magical, mysterious, and magnificent world of professional kickball, ahem, I mean, football, ahem, I mean soccer. Let me remind you that you do have a pretty good domestic league, Major League Soccer. It is turning 16 years old this year and opens its season next week. Its players earn peanuts compared to NFL players, its tickets are way cheaper and it stadiums offer a more authentic atmosphere. Try it. You might like it.

  98. Demoron Smith! Decertification is a sham!

    Most of these teams probably don’t have reviewed financial statements yet alone audited. There is no reason to have audit financial statements. Most of the owners are able to lend money to their teams from themselves or other businesses, they do not need to spend the money on an audit to get a bank loan.

    This makes Smith seem like a hard ass and he’ll keep his job, but the reality is this only helps the stars.

  99. Both sides suck, Did you really belive a dude named De Maurice was really gonna get anything done?, his do it for the fans BS. was just that. That dude is trying to milk out his 15 minutes. of fame. Why would he want this to end? he’s getting Pub. and once it ‘s fixed he will go back to being out of the spotlight. GO FANS! Just like everything in society the shirt and ties bend us over any chance they get!

  100. justadude71 says:

    Wait! What about Tiki Barber?

    Major props for being the only person to make me laugh in the middle of this insanity!

    @mediasloppy …

    Amen and aaaa-men!!

  101. oldtymefan says: Mar 11, 2011 6:07 PM

    Up until this announcement I have been neutral in my opinion of the two sides but hoping for a fair deal to both sides.

    Now I am clearly dead against the union and it’s ridiculous demand of 10-years of audited financial statements. No business is going to give up that amount of data that is competition sensitive.

    As point out on this site a lesser amount of data would be sufficient. Clearly, the union never wanted anything but decertification. This has not been negotiations, rather an attempt to railroad a one-way solution.

    At this point, I hope that the strategy backfires and the union get it handed back to them straight up their as—. I have been a NFL fanatic since the days when there were eight teams in the league, now I could care less – bring on MLB and who know maybe they will regain the title of America’s greatest sport.
    You must understand that asking for 10 years of financial data means that they want to look at the last 5 years. It’s just like when bartering for goods, you start high and end up somewhere in the middle. It’s likely that somewhere in the last 5 years, something changed or happened with league money and the Union will likely suspect tv revenue streams; the NFL’s cash cow. Also, there is no “competition” when it comes to the NFL strategy for market share. The NBA, MLB, and NHL all know what and how the NFL has become so marketable. The problem for those other sports entities is that that cannot even come close to competing with them without having the fans to shell out the dollars.

    Also, you forget the league was dead set on a lockout. Up until the most recent verdict of not giving the league the TV revenue insurance, the NFL held ALL of the leverage and they were going to the full court press. In actuality, both sides had a nuclear bomb and both were prepared to use it.

    This is a problem where both sides are equally to blame.

  102. Monday morning I’ll cut NFL Network off my cable package. Bet that happens alot all over the country. It’s a small thing but maybe it’ll get their attention….. when the $9 Billion industry becomes an $8 Billion industry… becomes a $5 Billion industry…….

  103. mediasloppy, corporations BY DEFINITION have individual rights. That’s the point of them. The Supreme Ct didn’t grant that in some right wing conspiracy.

    Christ, I think America’s getting too stupid to live……

  104. Owners are required to provide the best work environment possible and to market the best product possible. It takes money to do those thing. It takes great employees to make a great product to market and sell said product. The employees that step on the field are the only peice of the company the owners can truly rely on to sell their company to their fans. Pay the great players great money, the good players good money, and the rookies should prove it. Treat all players fairly after retirement and let’s play football…wait, you want to litigate?

    Sad times brought to you by good people who can’t get out of their own way. Thanks for fracking up the best part of fall.

  105. Canyonero says:
    Mar 11, 2011 6:55 PM
    mediasloppy, corporations BY DEFINITION have individual rights. That’s the point of them. The Supreme Ct didn’t grant that in some right wing conspiracy.

    Christ, I think America’s getting too stupid to live……


  106. here’s an insane question – why don’t people who want to play a GAME for a living – just PLAY THE FRIGGIN’ GAME!!! I’m sure plenty of folks sloggin’ around in AFGHANISTAN to protect us would be better served with that kind of jack regardless of the risk of an ankle sprain or acl tear…maybe i’m CRAZY – but the REAL WORLD is just a little friggin’ DIFFERENT than your world…

  107. prmpft…

    Are you in Afghanistan?

    Or are you just using those brave people as a prop for your stupid argument?

    Because that would be shameful.

  108. I am not pro or anti union. I do believe in the free market and workers are in business as well as the businesses. They have to sell their product in the market JUST like the corporations do. Otherwise, it is not a free market. I do believe that Corps will do ANYTHING to enhance profits. And, in all of this, do remember that the NFL, not the NFL players, has been granted a free ride by the US Congress by allowing it monopoly status. That really tilts the free market argument somewhat! But I do try to ascertain the truth which is often very hard when you rely on only what is presented in the media! For instant, why is the NFl refusing to open books? R they hiding massive profits, etc. from the players? If the owners position is true, then what is wrong with showing the public that truth. I suspect that the owners are holding back. I do know the owners have not fared well in player benefits over the years judging from the way players were treated before the nflpa evolved. It is a shame what has happened to older players that built the NFL. And I have a real problem thinking Brees, Brady, and Manning are bad guys. I think they are good men that value integrity. I do not think the billionaire owners are really good men that have players well-being at the heart of their souls. Do we, as observers, really know the truth? Who do you believe? If you are so “informed” with the absolute truth, then how did you get it? If the owners are building piles of money up to break the union and are holding back just to make MORE profit without paying fairly to their most precious resource, then they are wrong. Are they really asking the players to play an 18 game schedule without paying a fair share? Are the players just trying to take the league over? If the owners can still make huge profits, and provide better pay and benefits, then why not do it? I dont know. I feel, “feel”, that the main culprit is with the owners camp. How much profit is enough? Do you feel the same way about the owners in the energy market (Exxon. Shell, etc?) Of course not; then why would the owners in the NFL be any different? They are cut from the same cloth. The players are in this for a few years and sacrifice bodies, etc, to play the game. They are not slaves (gladiators) from the Roman era. Yeah, some, and I mean some, get very healthy salaries, but come on, do you really feel that for their health, and a few years of physical devastation, that they dont deserve good compensation?At the same time, you have to ask are they just as greedy as I really feel the owners are? I just dont know the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Do you? Finally, I will make this point, and that is if I could see the reports on owners profits, etc, that the players are asking to see, then I could make a better decision on who I thought was really to blame for this crap! I think that this is what the players want the public to see…

  109. screw de smith, screw the greedy players. bring on the scabs. make the greedy players find a job in the real world. that ought to wake them up. their greed is just sickening. and de smith is a joke. get that guy out of the negotiations. or lack there of. due to players and de smiths greed football might be ruined forever. hate the greed on players part. i for one will never buy a players jersey ever again. as i said bring on the scabs. rather root for them than greedy players.

  110. The bench players and practice squad guys need to form a new union and get their interests taken care of. Oust the NFLPA for good.

    Hopefully it will be no more closed shop and the players will have the right to choose if they are part of the union or not.

  111. Since when has an employer/employee relationship EVER demanded full financial disclosure much less a 50/50 split of the corporate earnings? Personally, I think both sides have forgotten the fact that they work for you and I, the fans, who make the billions in disputed revenue possible. Regardless, if I were making tens of millions to play a game, I wouldn’t whine about it. Whatever happened to players like Van Brocklin, McElhenny, and Tarkenton who savored the chance to play a game they loved rather than a big paycheck? It’s time to scrap everything and bring in new players who just WANT to play.

  112. This whole this is a joke!!!!! You have billionaires and millionaires fighting over money. They have all lost touch with reality. Most of them couldn’t pass college entrance exams much less finals and still get paid more than highly educated and valuable personnel (Surgeons, scientists, etc…. These people actually change or improve peoples lives). They should try raising a family on $50-75 thousand dollars a year). I’m so sick of all the greed that goes on within profession sports and listening to how tough they have it. Maybe the best thing for the NFL would be to shut down and hopefully the fans wont be quick to support it again. The league and players should have to feel the pinch the rest of the country has with the recession and job losses. Why should we feel sorry for either side!

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