Mayock ranks Marcell Dareus as his top overall player

The best draft analyst in the business has revealed his first big board, and it has a surprising name at the top.

Mike Mayock of NFL Network ranks Alabama defensive tackle Marcell Dareus as the best player in the 2011 Draft.  Mayock stresses that his top-32 rankings, revealed on, are not a Mock Draft.

14 defensive linemen are in the top-32, and 20 defensive players overall.   Four other interesting notes from his rankings:

1. Linebacker Von Miller ranks second on Mayock’s list.  Clearly, Mayock isn’t buying the Vernon Gholston comparisons.

2. Both wide receivers A.J. Green and Julio Jones crack Mayock’s top seven.  Green is at No. 4.

3. Mayock continues to rank Jake Locker ahead of Cam Newton.  Blaine Gabbert is Mayock’s No. 5 overall players, while Locker is No. 20 and Newton is No. 21.  Again, this isn’t a Mock Draft.

4. Clemson defensive end Da’Quan Bowers is only ranked tenth on Mayock’s board.  He’s worried that Bowers could be a bit of a one-year wonder.

19 responses to “Mayock ranks Marcell Dareus as his top overall player

  1. I would agree with Locker IF he can get back to his form from his Junior year where he was predicted to be a top 5 QB. If he continues like he did in his Senior year he won’t last 3 years in the NFL.

  2. This is the same guy that had reservations about Ndamukong Suh last year stating that he wasn’t a good enough pass rusher to be ranked ahead of Gerald McCoy.

    Um, ya…

    Mayock doesn’t watch enough film and he likes the sound of his own voice WAY too much to ever be taken seriously.

    The sad thing is, as bad as Mayock is – and he is bad – he is still head and shoulders (pun intended) above the likes of Kiper and McShay.

  3. Saying Mayock is the best in the business is like saying he’s the lightest kid at fat camp. The truth is no one knows in this business what will happen and everyone misses badly.

    Case in point: Mayock ranked Glenn Dorsey at #4 and Vernon Gholston at #5 in his draft rankings (not mock draft) in 2008. Not to mention he ranked the mighty Chad Henne and Brian Brohm ahead of Joe Flacco in his QB rankings.

  4. One of the most useful posts would be a recap of the picks of guys like Mayock and Kiper from previous years. It would tell you a lot about their believability. Without that, this stuff is just fantasy.

  5. Well, if he’s the best, which, all 3 of them are arguably the best at what they do, which isn’t THAT good either, but hey, its projecting what a guy is going to do right? Who would of thought some of these big time guys in college would end up being absolute FLOPS in the NFL, or studs (Tom Brady). It’s kinda like ranking recruits coming out of high school. All I know, is Mayock annoys the piss out of me when he talks… its kinda like a dog on a meat slicer

  6. Don’t agree because of Marcell Dareus’ production. I wouldn’t put him as #1…He’s the Vernon Gholston of the draft. Give me any excuse you want, but if your the #1 player in the draft your #s and season better have been completely dominant and he wasn’t. Just not a believer. Mike Mayock also said Robert Ayers will be the best defensive player in his draft…Really Mike!! But FANS puts so much stock in what he says.

  7. Mayock is the best in business and although he has missed at times I don’t think his record is any worse than most of the NFL scouts.

    Another thing to remember is that these guys rank the scouts coming in but they don’t have any say in how they are developed. Who knows how Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers would have developed had they been forced to start from day 1 or if Vernon Gholston was drafted by a 4-3 team instead of bouncing from 4-3 end to 3-4 OLB to 3-4 end. In some cases it might not have made a difference at all, in others having stability or even a good role model on the team to take them under their wing could have made a big difference.

    As for Dareus, I really hope the Broncos take him at #2 because with his agility at his size, he could be dominant.

  8. It would be much easier to draft players such as Gholston and Dareus if the risk wouldn’t potentially cripple a team for years. The players need to have their compensation tied to team wins and accomplishments on the NFL field, not based upon what they did or did not do in college.

  9. @sabeybaby says: Mar 12, 2011 12:04 PM

    Who cares what Mayock thinks. America wants to know who Toad McTurd likes.

    – – – – – – – – – – – –

    How old are you?

  10. I still want to know why Gabbert is a top 5 player in his eyes? He worked out of a spread and only had to make one read like another QB he has ranked 21. Opinions are just that opinions maybe he needs to get off NFL network and take all that film study to a team where it really matters.

  11. Mayok is pretty darn good. Nobody has everything right. Give the guy some slack. He has to make a lot of judgements. Of course these guys that knock him get everything perfect. I take it all back.

  12. He ranked Joey Harrington as the number one player to, who cares. The dude try’s and act like he has some Crystal Ball, he is wrong as much as he is right.

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