Roger Goodell, Jeff Pash follow through on vow to slash salary to $1

In January, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and chief negotiator Jeff Pash promised to cut their pay to an annual salary of $1 during a work stoppage. They’ve followed through.

The Associated Press reports that Goodell, who makes about $10 million a year, and Pash, who makes about $5 million, are both going down to $1 until the lockout is over.

But Goodell and Pash are far from the only ones: Everyone who works at the league office in New York, at NFL Films, at NFL Network and at is getting a 12 percent pay cut. Those folks make a lot less than $5 million a year.

I’m not sure how exactly a $1 salary works: Will Goodell and Pash get paychecks for two cents each week while the lockout is going on? Furthermore, I’m not sure how relevant the $1 annual salary really is: The owners may give Goodell and Pash a nice fat bonus check if they’re able to resolve the labor situation in a way that is good for the owners’ bottom line.

So this sounds more like a PR move than a real sacrifice.

39 responses to “Roger Goodell, Jeff Pash follow through on vow to slash salary to $1

  1. He’s still a douche and i imagine he saved some of his money from previous years salaries so he won’t have to worry about money,are you paying attention NFL players????

  2. Rajah takes a big haircut. DeMo mentioned something about doing the same, but when they got close to his garish little dome, they thought it would be unnecessary and cruel.

  3. Goodell is still overpaid at $1. And of course, it’s a PR stunt. He and Pash will recoup their losses. But I’m sorry for those rank-and-file workers whose pay has been slashed.

  4. Guess they need the money for the expensive lawers they hired for the litigation.

  5. If I made 10 million a year prior to this happening I would agree to a $1 salary for a few weeks or months too……what a joke and makes me more angry and I think both sides look horrible for not reaching an agreement

  6. *golf clap*
    What a joke, Mr. Goodell, pretty sure you’re not feeling any pain and fans will see this sham symbolic gesture for what it is; we’re all pretty sure some of that 10 million is still in your bank account.

  7. Ten million bucks a year? And odds are that he won’t even be mentally impaired or crippled when his career is over with. Sweet.

  8. Bull, I would’ve taken then seriously if they’d slashed their salary to $0.10. Common guys, win my sympathy, your making $0.90 too much.

  9. Yeah, it may be a PR move and he may get a bonus after the new CBA is in place, but in the meantime the part of his $10 million he gives up will be available to keep other employees from being laid off… right?

    After the CBA is in place, the wine will flow and no one will care if Goodell gets a bonus.

  10. Is DeWhatever Smith taking his salary down to a buck? The PFT writers must really like the taste of the platers shoes they are licking. Must be yummy!

  11. Woopty-Doo!!!…these guys have been making 10/5 Million/Year for several years now. Somehow I think they’ll manage to put food in their kids mouths.

    Nice gesture on their part. But really???….I’m certain it’s not going to be too painful for them.

  12. Man, i really feel for someone who made 10 million last year. How will he ever pay his bills?

  13. Thanks, behh999, for pointing out Goodell has to accept SOME compensation for his work as commish. If he didn’t, the NFLPA* would probably challenge him in court as a volunteer without authority to bargain. Good point!

  14. Considering I don’t see smith dropping his salary to .67 like he promised more bonus pts for the the league…

  15. Their salaries have nothing to do with what’s at stake. Neither side was arguing over the salary of Goodell and Pash.

    What’s really messed up is that folks who make salaries close to what you and I make are getting their income slashed by 12%. All because millionaires on both sides can’t manage their greed long enough to sit down and figure out how to dish billions of dollars. Instead getting one dollar for a salary, those folks getting a reduction in pay, should be allowed slap both Goodell and Pash in the face in lobby of NFL headquarters, as they get on the elevator to get to their offices next week.

    I love football don’t get me wrong. I believe it’s the best professional sport out there. However, the past couple of weeks have made me hate a lot of things about the sport I love.

  16. That’s reasonable actually…..

    For once, I truly feel her is earning his paycheck.

  17. “…should be allowed slap both Goodell and Pash in the face in lobby of NFL headquarters…”

    interesting that you don’t add kessler and smith to that list as they’re equally (and probably more) responsible

  18. Goodell is the worst thing to happen to this league since Al Davis.

    Over two decades of labor peace down the drain at the hands of an incompetant who’s trying to change the basic fundamentals of the game, and extend the seasons to dangerous levels of exposure.

    Worst commish in sports.

  19. This is nonsense they are never going to struggle for money and pretending to too curry favour is patronising. The league imo has been waiting for this as much as the union, good luck sorting out the $9.3bn, these players (granted are being paid to play a GAME) are pawns not all them are drew brees and are def not making his money yet prepared to do what they have to do. I for one wish them well and hope they are able to take care of themselves and each other while these times continue. Oh and on another note am sure we arent gonna hear about an owner being impoverished over this period so any comments about owners owing players nothing be realistic

  20. Your right Deb. He’s grossly overpaid at $1.00/year.
    Now if we could get the oil companies CEO’s to do the same, we wouldn’t have to pay $4.00 a gallon for gas.

  21. How did Goodell stumble into this job?? As far as I can tell he has been HORRIBLE for the game of Football! (and this has NOTHING to do with the current mess). How could there not have been a better candidate when Tagliabu left??

  22. You people are so envious of success…its funny. Hope the owners stick it these spoiled manboys. Go drive a truck for 10 years to make 1 yrs worth of football at min wage.

    Owners, make this right! I can wait until then. I got work to do anyway, so I can get ahead like the owners once did (or their fathers before them).

  23. Btw Goodell has been great for football. Strict rules to keep manboys in check, maintaining a great comp balance (read: more offense), solid growth, etc.

    Pls no 18-g sked, tho.

  24. Did they also turn over their corporate credit cards? Are they swearing off corporate jets and such? Are they truly living their lives out of their own savings? Fsck no.

  25. So many of these useless tactics. Who cares if he’s only making 1.00 this year. He’s already pocketed a boatload of dough. I’ve had enough! If you’re as tired of this baloney as I am, add your name to the petition at <a href=""Lock Out The NFL. Let’s start screaming at them together

  26. People are missing the point. Without revenues how does the NFL employ it’s staff. The salary reductions put 15 million back in the salary pool so that others, the rank and file at the NFL, can be paid. Yes, they have to take a 12 percent haircut but they still have jobs.

    That 15 million is a lot of jobs. Probably 75 to 100 or so all in, accounting for benefits and overhead. You can scoff all you want at how much money they make (or made) but Pash and Goodell are showing leadership.

    It’s a good move on their part. How many big name players will put their endorsement money back on the table to help out their “brothers”. I say none.

  27. dirtdawn nails it.

    As for the constant criticism of Goodell, I’m really puzzled about why people blame him. Tags presided over the CBA labor deal that was later voided, and he recently said it was actually designed not to last (be voided). If you want to blame a commissioner, blame Tags, not Goodell.

  28. @burntorangehorn …

    I have no problem with the CBA that was voided, so why would I have a problem with the guy who presided over putting it together? As for why I have a problem with Goodell, for starters:

    He talks about following the rules but rewrites them to suit himself. He talks about personal conduct but only enforces it when the media is watching. He talks about safety while pushing unsafe policies. He talks about what fans want but promotes changes fans don’t want. He talks about the integrity of the shield but has done nothing to improve officiating and ensure fair outcomes.

    He’s proved himself to be an unethical man who’s more interested in doing what’s politically prudent than what’s right.

  29. @str8t2dvd …

    Envious? Of the owners? 🙄 You’ve got to be kidding. All I’ve seen on these threads is a lot of couch potatoes envious of high-paid athletes.

    I’m a fourth-generation small-business owner. It was my dream from childhood to be self-employed like my parents and grandparents. I have no desire to be a corporate bigwig or to do the bidding of others. All that matters to me is my freedom. The owners have nothing I could ever want other than a seat in a skybox and a pass to roam the sidelines. And I can live without those. Believe it or not, some of us actually take positions on principle.

    I have no problem with people working their way to the top and making whatever they can make. But historically, team owners have undercut and abused the players that made them rich in order to put more money in their own pockets. They wouldn’t have teams without players. When they decide they want to cut into the players’ earnings, I think they should have to demonstrate why.

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