The Jets start their organizational pay cuts

Rex Ryan can expect his pay check next week to be a little lighter.

As expected, the Jets embarked Saturday on organization-wide pay cuts and mandatory furloughs with the lockout underway.

Our plans are in effect,” the team said in a statement to Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News.  “This is a fluid situation. We will obviously be evaluating our approach as events unfold.”

Everyone contracted on the football operations side of the business will take a 25% pay cut.  Everyone else will have mandatory furloughs throughout the offseason.  If no preseason games are missed, the employees will be reimbursed for the money.

The news is a reminder that the people that can least afford a pay cut will be the ones who get hurt the most in a work stoppage if it drags on.  Pay cuts and firings within the league would increase dramatically if a work stoppage stretched into the regular season.

Jets owner Woody Johnson released a statement on the lockout, but it doesn’t really say anything new.  It can be viewed here.

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  1. I can understand why the NFLPA wants to see the books. However, being a private business they do not have the right to. That being said, the fact that the staff and other employees of the Jets are having forced paycuts and furloughs, to reduce expenditures during the work stoppage either sends the message that the Jets are real tightwads or there is a significant reality regarding the owners statements that there are teams that are experiencing financial difficulty….It appears that the Jets are one of them.

  2. Ahh Grasshopper Greg – you’re learning.

    Mention Rex Ryan, aka Coach Laughingstock and you can be sure of getting a good number of hits and responses.

  3. The organizations that are run well, its business as usual. Woody Johnson can’t run his family, and doesn’t know if a football is stuffed or inflated. All you idiots that’s side with the owners, WHY 1 day in the lockout are the ill prepared? You’re going with the owners who wouldn’t let you average fan, even shine their shoes. What do you guys have in common with Snyder, Jones, & Johnson?…LOL.

  4. Jets employees, don’t forget to send your billionaire owner a birthday card this year! Stay classy Woody.

  5. @duanethomas,

    What does the average fan have in common with the players? Most of them live that same out of reach lifestyle that the average working man could never understand. Just like the owners. Millionaire or billionare its the same thing for us. You and I will wake up tomorrow working the same silly job trying to get by. The players that live paycheck to paycheck on a $350k+ salary a year are imbeciles.

  6. The Jets should be ashamed of themselves for doing that. Woody Johnson is not hurting for money and Im sure everyone outside Rex Ryan on that coaching staff is not rich. There are people working on the operations side that probably make between 50k-80k a year. Not terrible, but taking a 25% paycut when you have a family in the NY/NJ area is going to cripple alot of those people. Not cool at all, when you consider the operations guys have nothing to do with the labor situation. Ridiculous. He is being spiteful and those people dont deserve it

  7. The Packers announced today that they will be making pay cuts for Mark Murphy, Ted Thompson and others in the front office. The players union is so thrilled that Doty refused to allow the NFL to use the TV money but in reality, all this did was force the teams to make these cuts. The teams can still survive the cancellation of the 2011 season, they just won’t be carrying a lot of staff at any level. There will be lots of problems for employees of all the teams.

    More proof that the players are the greedy, me first crowd in this whole thing.

  8. Money comes and goes but loyalty is something you can’t ever buy back some 4 months from now ‘if’ the pre-season happens. Woody just took a permanent hit on his legacy.

    Even the legendary cheapskate Mike Brown is not cutting salaries or people.

    Woody should just increase the price of band aids or foot powder which I am sure he will do anyway.

  9. So what monies are the owners being deprived right now that they need to cut overhead?
    This is the same B.S. that cost tens of thousands of Americans jobs while business said “it’s the economy you know” and now they are sitting on more cash then in anytime in our nations history and shareholder returns are great.
    That is the way it is.
    How much money do you need?
    Why won’t you open the books if you have nothing to hide?
    I just don’t get it.
    I’m losing interest real fast here and I’m a hardcore fan.
    @ almost 10 billion, your not cutting up a pie, your mining a mountain.

  10. Hopefully Mark Sanchez can still afford to date underage girls! That can’t be cheap.

    Haha, did you ever Google Sanchez? The entire first page of hits is a story he picked his nose and wiped the booger on Mark Brunell. Loser.

  11. Why are there pay cuts now? It’s the off season and they are still going to do the draft, at this point on the calender nothing has really changed there are no games or practices scheduled for March so why the cuts?

  12. Poor babies. They could always get a real job like the rest of us. The economy still sucks. Everybody needs to do their part.

  13. The jets are great at making noise and self promoting just not doing the right thing. The Giants are paying their organizational members full pay for as long as they can. This shows the difference between the two organizations.

  14. @bigblue11
    The same NY Giants who have PSL’s that can cost as much as 20 grand? The same NY Giants, that, if you wanted to transfer your season tickets to a family member, charge you 200 bucks for a “transition” fee? I guess that’s doing the right thing huh….

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