The lockout has officially begun

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For the first time since 1987, the National League Football has officially entered a work stoppage.

It came with a whimper.

As of 12:33 a.m. ET, the league hasn’t released a statement on the matter.  (The collective bargaining agreement ran out at midnight.)  NFL Network did announce on air, however, that the owners have imposed a lockout on the players, and also has a story on it.

The Associated Press also confirmed the move and teams received an email notifying them a lockout was imposed.

The start of the lockout will set off a number of legal maneuvers.  The players have gone to court in an effort to block the lockout.

They have filed an antitrust lawsuit — officially known as Brady et al vs. National Football League et al.   The owners are expected to try to prove that the NFLPA’s decertification is a sham.   That argument could have problems.

All of the legal wrangling above is not something the average NFL fan (and writer) will fully understand.  Nor should they have to.   Florio will break it all down on PFT in the coming days and weeks for us to digest.

We knew this day was likely coming, yet it’s still unsettling for anyone that loves the game.   And you don’t need a law degree to understand the emotional implications.

The issue of trust continues to be thrown around.  The players and ownership talk about the trust necessary for them to come to an agreement.  They clearly don’t trust each other very much right now.

Both sides need to understand they risk losing the trust of a loyal, rabid fanbase.   You can’t file a lawsuit to get that back.

113 responses to “The lockout has officially begun

  1. Screw you owners. You greedy a-holes. All you want is more money. I hope Jerry Jones eventually can’t make the payments on his new palace and goes into foreclosure. All fans should pitch in a dollar to buy it and piss on it.

  2. Meanwhile people are dieing in Japan and Northern California and the owners and players are acting like animals fighting over 9 million dollars…

  3. it’s official… NFLers have shot the goose….

    now that it’s all litigated.. forget about football anytime soon… start thinking MLB… because that’s where it’s going….

    and they deserve it

  4. Idiot’s got what they wanted. Both sides do not care about the fans. Why should the fans care about them?

  5. It’s really sad that all of those ignorant rich players and owners cant come to a 50/50 agreement. Shame on the players for thinking they should get more than 50% of what the company makes, and shame on the owners for thinking theres a huge differance between being worth 720 million, and 760 million. Really, Not a single one of them knows what its like to struggle. They arent struggling to put food on their tables, and meanwhile we have people in real financial shambles dealing with real economic issues. Talk about killing the goose that lays the golden egg. So pathetic. I dare them to miss even a single day of training camp, I’ll find something else to do on sunday afternoons for as long as I live if they make us fans miss ANY time watching football…. that is all.

  6. How much money is enough!?!?
    Nice of BOTH sides to hurt SO many other people that rely on the NFL for their jobs and income.
    Screw the NFL!!!

  7. Screw them both….i already bought San Diego State season tix instead of Chargers season tix for the first time in 10 years because of the JOKE that is NFL stadium prices. I’ll just watch college football and have plenty of things I can do on Sunday like throwing horse shoes on the beach. I do live in SoCal…now, you guys living in Green Bay, Pittsburgh, etc….I don’t know what to tell you. Both sides are greedy and out of touch with reality. The economy is still a mess and these jackasses would rather strangle the golden goose that is the NFL instead of compromise. Good riddance.

  8. All of you are suckers. Neither one of them cares about you. They know when football starts, the stadiums will be full. As far as the players not trusting the owners, the owners don’t trust each other. That is why the don’t want to open up their books.

  9. Kiss my ass NFL and PLAYERS, you fudgeduts can’t figure out how to split 9 billion a year, what a joke! I don’t make in a life time what Brady or Payton or Drew makes in one damn game. Kiss my Redneck ass you bitches!!!!!!

  10. CAN’T WAIT for the players to run out of steroid money. Maybe then they’ll stop roid raging and actually negotiate in good faith instead of running to Daddy Doty to make things better.

  11. Yeah, if the players win in court teams like Pittsburgh and Green Bay won’t be able to be competitive down the road. This plays right into the hands of Jerry Jones and whatever billionaire gets the LA Bling franchise.

  12. These guys couldn’t find away to split 9 Billion Dollars? Especially on a day the world sees one of the worst natural disasters of our lifetime?

    If you’re reading and commenting on a website called you obviously love football. Don’t lie. You’ll eventually come back when games begin again. But it won’t be right away. And it will never be the ferver it once was.

    Selection Sunday is 36 hours away.
    Opening Day is in 19 Days.


  13. For everybody who thinks the players are making more than the owners, let’s do some math

    9.2 billion pot
    owners take 1 billion off the top

    leaves 8.2 billion

    players get (well round up) 56% which equals
    4.51 billion

    Owners get the remaining 3.69 billion add in the 1 billion they took off the top 4.69


    It’s not the players it’s the owners. The owners want to force an 18 game schedule and pay the players less?

    If you side with the owners, maybe you should ask your employer if you can take less pay this year and ask if you can work more than you do now (if your salaried). Instead of 9-5 monday through friday, see if you can work 9-5 monday though friday and come in saturday from 9-1 on saturday too, but keep your pay cut. that is the nfl equivilent

  14. We jump on the owners for being greedy. Players want more money also…why 75% of them piss it away anyways. Im all for better benefits and giving more to retired players. How many of you can go to your company owner and say hey you make more money that we thought we want more money. An owner is an owner for a reason bc he didn’t blow his money like so many of these spoiled players.

  15. I am going to start a list of all of the screen names of all of the people here who are currently claiming that they won’t watch the NFL when it comes back.

    You’re all liars, and when you start posting on here about games you allegedly aren’t watching anymore, I will call you out.

  16. Oh, and by the way- to all you silly nannies, crying about there being no football this year.

    September is SIX MONTHS away. There will be football next September, and if you don’t think so, cut and paste this post and rub it in my face if I am wrong.

    But if I am right………

  17. Gene Upshaw must be rolling in his grave. How sad this is. A lawyer they hired and to court they go. The Packers may have won the first and last Super Bowls ever.

  18. How would you break the news to eight baby mommas that you might be a little short of funds for a few months? That would be one ugly conference call!

  19. I hope this goes on forever. I’m a ‘skins fan, so the thought of Dan Snyder losing millions of dollars is far more appealing than watching his team suck.

  20. so tired of these stupid athletes, lucky to collect a huge paycheck to play a game. if they want to see the books buy a team. i go to the stadium to see a team not one greedy player.

  21. I don’t have an opinion on the deal because I don’t know all the facts. I’ll just leave it to the rest of you bloggers, who apparently attended all of the meetings, to write your opinion on the matter.

  22. Wow if only I could make a fraction of any of these whiny crybabies make I could live out my life comfortably and not have to work my ass off every day thanks alot NFL for taking away one of the very few things I get to enjoy on my day off well there’s always college ball on Saturday oh that’s right I work most Saturday’s what a bunch of greedy assholes

  23. Well good thing its the National League Football that is being locked out not the National Football League.. Hahaha!

  24. I keep seeing a misrepresentation on this site. It’s like Fox has their supporters spinning the truth and everyone is falling for it.

    The NFL owner’s profits are astronomically higher than ever before. The NFL’s popularity is higher than it has ever been. They (NFL owners) are asking the players to take a pay cut. Why. Why would you take a pay cut if your employer is richer than they ever were before? Why would you take less than the last agreement if your employers profits have increased?

  25. Here’s to hoping everyone who has had the Sunday Ticket over the years has already canceled (or will cancel) their early renewal deal.

    At least I’ll be able to devote a lot more time to the Brewers.

  26. Meanwhile people are dieing in Japan and Northern California and the owners and players are acting like animals fighting over 9 million dollars…
    Prayers and sympathy for the Japanese people. No sympathy for California morons taking pictures and getting swept out to sea.

    Meanwhile I hope the players prevail in the courts and force the NFL to cut a deal. The NFL (supposedly) wants to be partners with the players for a piece of the pie. But since they won’t open their books, nobody knows how big the pie is.

  27. and the UFL is officially saved! lets go Locomotives!!! Tiki is welcome in Vegas

  28. They are really Fkn greedy they F D up all the teams with new coaching staffs and all the free agents

  29. fonetiklee says: Mar 12, 2011 12:39 AM
    And baseball season fast approaches…

    No football doesnt make baseball any less boring to watch.

  30. Don’t blame Green Bay Packer Inc. owners… I’m one of ’em and I did my part. Our books are open to the general public!

    Well, I’ll be the only fan I guess. I love football and understand there’s a business side. The business side is so different than anything we have in America or really in the world.

    Anyway, here’s hoping these guys start to all think about what they’re doing and get something done before the Sept… You know, the Pack plays the first game of the season and the SB winner always wins that first game!

  31. We knew this day was likely coming, yet it’s still unsettling for anyone that loves the game. And you don’t need a law degree to understand the emotional implications.
    Guess what…now I love it a little less! I walked away from baseball and never went back when they walked out and I’m hoping the same thing happens here. The owners and players can both kiss my a**

  32. start over….there was no union in 1955 and thay played football. i seen the old film… every thing old is new again. maybe the players that play for love of the game rather than money will be better for the game . if i was an owner the pay scale would greatly be reduced and the other owners should follow along with a wink and a nod. not colusion. like any other market. i would like to see 2 leagues competing for the fans and the tv money. NO MORE BLACKOUTS.

  33. hey804 says:
    Mar 12, 2011 1:02 AM
    College football just popped a boner.


    As did postseason baseball. Go Phillies.

  34. Id ride the pine for the league minimum to support my family. I love football. All Day, your my boy… But come on.. This is non-sense. Multi-millions a year for most. You want fewer work outs. Shorter off-seasons. How do you think the mining, oil riggers and off shore fisherman feel for less money and more time away from there families, feel like. Lots of wear and tear, statistically the most dangerous jobs in the world, yet they do it. If I went to my boss this Friday to said “open the books, I want my share” I would become part of the 9% of the unemployed Americans right now for that request. You are paid to do your job, just like me. I work 60 hours a week, 52 weeks a year, to break even. I dont have an off-season. My off-season is taking a dump and sipping on a 6-pack every now and then. But Im proud I can support my family on my FIVE-FIGURE income. At least I can say I work my balls off to earn my keep. I know the team owners are rich. But they earned it over a lifetime of hardwork and commitment. Not a 5 year average of success like a football player. So I completely support the multi-billionaire owners who earned their way into business, rather than the multi-millionaire players who did it in a matter of just a few years. You are nothing but employees. That is it.

  35. hey804 says: Mar 12, 2011 1:02 AM

    College football just popped a boner.

    I think the NHL is popping a bigger one. Possibly no NFL or NBA?

  36. Congress can act to provide an anti-trust exemption.

    Then teams could act in concert to set work rules.

    This-all seems like a rash move by the players.

    Can’t help but believe they’ll regret it in the current political climate and economy.

    I’m pro union; we’re a union family. This was a miscalculation on the part of the players.

  37. Hey Demaurice Smith we dont DIG you!!!!
    You and your greedy players have ruined my offseason. Jeff Saturday ur a loser who doesnt care about other peoples jobs how about all those free agents out there in limbo and rookie free agents after the draft? Kevin Mawai stay home enjoy ur millions cant stand ur face!!! I wish i was gettin millions and had health care and a retirement i work a graveyard shift have no health care no retirement and bearly making ends meet eveyweek!!!

  38. The owners should have opened their books. They don’t have a problem asking for tax money to increase the value of their stadiums; when Miami’s owner sold the team, he even whined about PAYING his taxes…event though he’d have made a fraction of the profit with that stadium (the people of Miami paid for).

    The players entire lives and careers revolve around a few short years…if they’re lucky. The owners are millionaires (or billionaires) to BEGIN with.

    And you call the players greedy? You’re not thinking this through…

  39. “[T]he players would have been giving up only $193.7 million….[they] became convinced they could get a better deal via litigation.”


    What more do people need to know?

  40. The players need to decertify their Barry Obama wannabe and take back their union. Make a deal and play football. This guy is a over-hyped liberal zealot.

  41. In all honesty, both sides are taking a big risk in that they are going to drive enough people away to undo all of the growth the NFL has done that has made it the 800-pound gorilla of sports.

    Short of the players getting an court order that ends the lockout, what I see happening is this:

    The networks, knowing they have massive amounts of money at stake and especially with the up-fronts coming in mid-May pressure the NFL to get a deal done before the draft in late April so they can plan their fall TV seasons knowing there will be football in the fall. The fact is, the NFL TV ratings are far above anything not named American Idol at this point, and the networks need the NFL, especially for pre-season telecasts in August and the opening week of the regular season in September to heavily promote their new and returning shows that premiere later in the month. In my his probably would

    Some players, including most notably Antonio Cromartie who apparently need the money will pressure the players to “cave in” to the owners and give the owners more than what they want to give them.

    If neither of these happen, what I see happening is this:

    A deal gets done shortly before the regular season would start.

    The regular season is pushed back a month so players have close to a full training camp, most likely with two pre-season games in late September, scheduled a bit more scatter-shot than normal to avoid potential conflicts with baseball teams (especially where teams were scheduled to be on the road the weeks where pre-season games would be played). As such, the following would likely happen:

    The regular season would open Columbus Day weekend. Since if that’s the case, the season would start after the regular TV season already has and that would also be during the baseball playoffs, NBC likely would not get their normal Thursday night opening game. Perhaps as part of a re-worked regular season starting a month later, NBC gets the Thanksgiving night game that normally would be on NFL Network along with an additional game the following Tuesday or Wednesday that would either involve teams coming off a bye week or teams that played on Thanksgiving.

    Speaking of Thanksgiving, and especially if teams playing on Thanksgiving are involved in playing in a Tuesday or Wednesday special NBC game the following week, those teams would have their bye before the Thanksgiving day games (something the NFL should really look at doing anyway for teams playing on Thanksgiving regardless of any such situation involving giving NBC extra games to compensate for losing their Thursday night opener). The networks would likely insist on a full 16-game, 17-week schedule because of the ratings such games get.

    One additional team in each conference makes the playoffs as a #7 seed in a revamped playoff format where record (except where there is a tie between a wild card team and division winner) would be the sole determining factor in determining seeding and home field in the NFL Playoffs. The additional teams would be done to give The Walt Disney Corporation a Saturday afternoon-early evening playoff doubleheader that most likely would be on ABC (to appease members of congress who would strongly oppose NFL Playoff games airing on cable). Meanwhile, NBC, instead of having the late afternoon-prime time Saturday Wild Card doubleheader they have had since taking over the main prime time package (and moving it from Monday Night to Sunday) in 2006 (and has been late afternoon-prime time since 2002-’03) would now have prime time playoff games on Saturday and Sunday night, both likely with 8:50 PM ET kickoffs to allow for overruns of what would be 4:40 PM ET games on ABC (Saturday) and FOX or CBS (Sunday).

    Since in this scenario the playoffs would be a month later, I suspect the conference title games would be played Presidents Day weekend (possibly with one on Sunday night and the other on Monday night) in a dry run for the Super Bowl eventually moving to that weekend with an 18-game schedule. The Super Bowl for the 2011-’12 season only would be played on Sunday, March 5 even if it meant having to move the game from Indianapolis because of Lucas Oil Stadium not being available that week.

    If there is an 18-game schedule, the earliest that happens in my opinion would be in 2014, not because the players don’t want it, but because of another factor: The Olympics that take place in February 2014 in Sochi, Russia.

    As big as the NFL is in the US, the International Olympic Committee is the 800-pound gorilla in the rest of the world in many ways. The IOC is the one organization that can take the NFL head on and prevent the NFL from expanding its presence further in Europe and Asia if the NFL ever tried to schedule the Super Bowl during the Winter Olympics. It is because of this that every four years where if the NFL went to an 18-game schedule, in years where their is an Olympics in February, the NFL season the preceding year (2013 for the 2014 Olympics and 2017 for the 2018 Olympics) will need to start the regular season two weeks earlier than at present, that being the weekend preceding Labor Day weekend in late August, something not as desirable for the networks. The NFL would need to work with the IOC to where perhaps the IOC awards the Winter Olympics to a country the Southern Hemisphere so the Winter Games can take place in May, June or July, when it would be winter in the Southern Hemisphere and the games can take place away from the NFL season. Otherwise, we would see every four years where the NFL season would have to start two weeks earlier than normal to work around the IOC.

  42. maybe its time for US fans to show who rules the game and teach these greedy idiots where their money come from. Wait for a season to begin and then lock the whole pro football industry out:
    – don’t buy tickets
    – don’t pay to watch pro football
    – don’t buy NFL merchandise
    – ignore pro players and NFL commercial activities (incl. pro football computer games)
    – ignore pro football sport media
    – forget about it for half a year (maybe just check PFT once in month to learn how bad NFL and players are doing without you)

    – replace live stad. experience with college/high school/ other sport or just spend time with family and friends
    – can’t stand without watching it – find out how to do it for free 🙂
    – form pro football US fans union and push for a 50years+ game stoppage insurance agreement with NFL and NFLPA (somewhere in Nov-Dec)
    bring both down to earth, play their games: capitalism with NFL and socialism with players
    – save a lot of money and time and probably, in the end if you not bankrupt them, you get football back, or maybe even lower ticket prices / cheaper jerseys and tv subscription

  43. My new fall weekend schedule:

    Saturdays–watch college football

    Sundays–golf, visit family and friends, hunt, do yardwork

    I wonder how the players and owners are going to feel when season ticket holders don’t buy tickets, when there are empty seats in the stadiums, and
    TV ratings are way down….

  44. The owners got what they wanted. They have planned and prepared for a lock-out for more than two years and only got serious about negotiating when the judge nixed the lock-out windfall they had been counting on. They stone-walled and turned their noses at the players until the judge ruined their plans.

    If I was a player, why would I accept any deal the owners’ offered? Any deal requires that players lose money in an era when the NFL has never enjoyed the huge profits and revenues and fan interest it (did) have today. The last 2 Super Bowls are the most watched TV events in US history!

    Let’s also remember that it was the owners who decided to cancel the agreement that was in place. The players didn’t. The owners went on the offensive believing they could make the union kneel at their feet and they almost did it, too. The union’s offer a few weeks ago really was a concession and a waving of the white flag and what did the owners do? They walked out and didn’t even respond. That was a true slap in the face.

    I don’t blame the players at all for playing hard ball. The owners pushed and bullied and spat in their faces until two weeks ago.

  45. Its a dirty shame when you have hands down the most successful sport in America today . Television ratings are at an all time high , as well as ticket sales and merchandising . You’re so successful , that you have an additional nine billion dollars to divide up between owners and players and like two little kids on the playground , you cant figure out a way to compromise . Its sad because at the end of the day , the fan is the one that suffers and that same fan is the one that made the NFL the league that it is . We buy the tickets , as well as the merchandise , both of which are rediculously overpriced . The average fan cant even afford to take his family to a pro game anymore due to the fact that the tickets are so overpriced and thats for nose bleed seats . When its all said and done , the the league and the players should have kissed us because they certainly screwed us .

  46. Screw U players. Looks like I am just going to watch you before you leave college. No more support for the NFL from me. F the NFLPA.

  47. Quote: “College football just popped a boner.”

    As did the UFL. I just picked a UFL team.. Virginia Destroyers. They start in August I believe.

    I’ve never followed college football much, but I’m going to start. None of this strike crap with happen in college football.

  48. I’ve seen a few stories in which Robert Kraft refers to Tom Brady as “Tommy”.
    With Brady’s name on that lawsuit that might not be the case anymore.
    Memo to Jerry Richardson – you the owners are indeed the ranchers, the players are indeed the cattle,


    These are hard times out here in the real world folks and you had best remember that.

  49. Does this mean that once the owners hire replacement players from India or China……. the cost of game tickets and the NFL package on directv will go down?

    Com-on, — why should a person that exposes his body to endure potentially life-threatning punishment from high school, college and into the professional arena expect a better deal from those who own the business and view the game from high above in the luxurious stadium suites.

  50. The owners screwed the pooch on this one. They wanted more money and set their demands ridiculously high, thinking they could negotiate it down to something the players would think they were getting a good deal at. Then the union balked and said “Prove it” and wouldn’t back off on principle. Common sense has exited the scene, and once again, we the fans are totally screwed. My biggest concern is that once you burn the house down, how long does it take to rebuild?

  51. What the NFL and players don’t realize is that in the end, the FANS are the Football Gods and were the ones who breathe life into them……

    So we should lock them out for 2011 !!!

    **That’s what I’m talkin bout**

  52. hey ( whatagreatfootballmind ). It’s everyone that’s involved, not just Jerry Jones !

    what owner in the world doesn’t want more money ? same goes with an employee .

    EVERYONE of them has their hands in the pie not just 1 guy………….jerk

  53. “Both sides need to understand they risk losing the trust of a loyal, rabid fanbase.” – Rosenthal

    Unfortunately, not true. We should desert greedy bastards, but we won’t. Everybody is all pissed now, but when football does return, we will eventually soften. Hell, the fans even returned to baseball. Baseball!

  54. These guys are a joke, especially the players. I am no big fan of the owners either, but the players are coming off a very favorable deal and are still being little bitches about their millions. I’d like to see how well any of these players fare when they enter the real world of business and actually have to risk something to try to make money. Currently, they just show up and play when they can and often stil get paid when they can’t. They have no investment in the league. Von Miller is the biggest joke of all. The rookie wage scale is BROKEN! Anyone who argues otherwise is just a greedy prick. If the show fits…

  55. clownburger says: Mar 12, 2011 12:50 AM

    The Players should have taken the deal. It was fair.
    mymorningstory says: Mar 12, 2011 1:01 AM

    I honestly feel that deal was soo sweet for the player, that they are morons for not taking it.
    What the hell would either of you know! The players are right to force these dusty old farts into full disclosure. The last person’s word I’ll take is a billionaire’s.

  56. Can we please stop mentioning the damn golden goose???? Charlie Sheen is getting jealous of all the attention this fella is getting.

    But seriously, this is a shame. I love football (and the Giants) just about as much as the next diehard fan. I can’t imagine my Sunday afternoons without watching the games. Sounds silly, but I look forward to those three hours (I usually only get to see GMEN games) of the weekend more then a normal man should.

    I just hope they have football in time for the fall. Sounds odd, but not everyone reads PFT. Some of my fans whom are more the casual type, have no idea of this entire labor battle. If the NFL comes back in time for the first scheduled game, I don’t see them losing a large fanbase like Hockey did some years ago.

    You’d think the NFL would learn from the NHL’s ‘year off’.

    Continue to hammer out a deal!

  57. C’mon you fans are crying now but you will be back and just as happy as you were before this happened. Right now it hurts but just like when you sulk when you don’t get your way you will be back.

  58. “They clearly don’t trust each other very much right now.”
    How do you write that with a straight face?

    10 days ago NFL “reporters” were writing about how great negotiations and extensions were, because a deal could get done. We had blow by blow coverage of every fart or tidbit, and how that fart or tidbit was “good news”.

    Now you write that you saw this day coming?
    “We knew this day was likely coming, yet it’s still unsettling for anyone that loves the game. ”
    I love

    But the way this labor dispute has been covered is making me question my loyalty for this website.

    Sorry, but you are all supposed to be in the “know” about this stuff, and clearly you just followed the story like a pack of dogs, the way the national news media handles stories.

    It’s dissappointing.

    Thanks for letting me vent.

  59. Something these owners should consider: no one goes to a Cowboys game to watch Jerry Jones play football. The guys bashing their brains in on the field are the ones who should be getting paid.

    That all said — its billionaires v. millionaires. Let them play their games with each other, and if they kill the golden goose and don’t get this sorted out by this Fall, Americans will find something else to distract themselves on Sundays.

  60. Just like in Wisconsin the Union has found away to screw things up. I guess they could start their own league in Mexico.

  61. clownburger says: Mar 12, 2011 12:50 AM

    “The Players should have taken the deal. It was fair”

    Unless you’re one of the parties involved here, with intimate knowledge of the proceedings, how could you possibly know this?

    …Or are you just going by what you read here on PFT?

  62. Man, if there was no football on Sundays, do you know how much extra work around the house my wife would find for me to do? I need to sue both the owners and the NFLPA to obtain an injunction against them all and stop this from happening!

  63. With all the possible lawsuits, I wonder if the fans can file a class action suit against BOTH sides!

  64. For the record, for all you Jerry Jones haters. For better or worse, Jerry made the NFL what it was. To think he is the sole mastermind behind a League that requires a 24-8 vote, is ignorant and frankly retarded.

  65. First of all Smith can bask in glory because after the CBA is agreed upon nobody will see his face on TV again, if you think not, remember Donald Fehr for MLB after they settled. I do agree with Bob Kraft when he said, “get the lawyers out of the room and leave it to the business side” and that means for both sides and the lawyers are the only people who are going to make money during this period.

  66. Dark day in the history of pro football. Obviously I am not in the meetings, but the appearance is that the players only want to go to court, and skip the negotiating process. Great leadership by De Smith, he clearly cares about the fans, and about the game itself. Gene Upshaw is turning over in his grave right now. What an embarassment.

    Furthermore, like I said in previous posts, no matter who is right or wrong, it is time to fix the problem. These people argue over billions of dollars, while you and I, who can barely fill our cars with gas, save up our money to go to games, suffer. It’s not right. The game is at the peak of it’s popularity, and these people go and screw it. It just makes no sense.

  67. efff em all…. They could care less about the fans and the thousands of small businesses who rely on their business. I hope the players end up as furniture movers making $12/hr and the Jerry Jones $1.2 billion dollar stadium ends up hosting tractor trailer pulls (I know that won’t happen…just venting)

  68. The owners made a hell of an attempt to resolve this. The last offer was very reasonable and should have been accepted. Screw Demaurice Smith he is the on that doesn’t want this resolved. He needs to go. Why should the owners give them 10 years of financial records. It is none of there business. Players are employees making a very good living. Do you ask your boss for financial records when you are up for a raise???? Demaurice Smith is a GREEDY, SELFISH SOB!!!! HE NEEDS TO GO!!!!!

  69. It really is too bad that it got to this point. The fans are the ones that lose in the end. I am not going to be so absurd to say that I’ll “never watch the NFL again” like so many of the previous posters have suggested. Did the NFL majorly F up? Obviously they did. BUT if they get something figured out before August and they don’t miss any games then what is lost ultimately to the fans? The biggest thing we will miss is the free agency speculation but if there are no games lost then in the end it’s really not THAT big of a deal to us. We will get our games on Sunday’s and can get back to the bigger issue… hating everyone else that doesn’t root for our team.

  70. this site is worthless as long as players keep putting in comments as if they were fans.

    All real fans (not players0 know that in the business world, Owners own the business. Under them are either Employees or Independent Contractors.

    Unions are destroying this country.

  71. You greedy punks on both sides have lost my interest. I love NFL football but guess the fish in my area lakes will be in danger on Sunday afternoons for now on!

  72. The players-nor the owners give a rats a$$ about the fans…so I would personally appreciate if high profile players like Drew Breeze and others, stop insulting all of us with thier “I feel your pain” kind of fake sympathy.
    Half of these overpaid ego driven morons wont even give a kid an autograph because they are afraid the kid will sell it and they wont get five bucks from the deal. All of this crap because these ego/money driven vampires cant figure out a way to divy up 8 or 9 billion. F–K EM BOTH!

  73. I can’t feel too bad for either the owners or the current players. Both sides are rich beyond what normal people could imagine.

    I feel bad for the college players who declared for the draft. I’m sure most of them were hoping that the two sides would come to an agreement, especially the juniors who left school early. Realistically, they should have known like the rest of us that the chances of an agreement were decreasing as the deadline got closer. If there is no agreement in place by mid April, I would hope that the NCAA allows the players with eligibility remaining to return to their programs. It’s the fair thing to do because what happened with the lockout was out of their control.

  74. Poetic justice would be, when everything is decided how the riches will be divided between the owners and players, the source of all those riches (the fans) don’t show up. Screw the $4 dollar hotdogs and the $7 draft beer. No more $4 soft drinks. Sunday ticket…cancelled. NFL jerseys and hats…gone! As I’ve said before, players and owners fighting over billions of dollars and the fans that make it possible get left holding the bag. Well, not this fan…not anymore!

  75. Yeah, people said baseball would suffer from a lost season, and it came back stronger than ever with a steroid fueled home run race that made baseball more popular than ever.

    Fans can talk as much smack as they want but they’ll be back. Fans aren’t very good at taking moral stands. They support rapists and murderers as long as their teams win. Once the nFL season returns the fans will be right there like good little sheep.

  76. @All the people saying Upshaw is rolling in his grave …

    De Smith is following Upshaw’s strategy.

    @All the people who think the poor pitiful owners are the victims in this …

    I hope your spouse, parent, or significant other has your power of attorney. Like they say … there’s one born every minute. 🙄

  77. Hard to get excited about a bunch of bums who make a fortune in “entertaining” people when you see what’s going on in Japan, post 8.9 quake.

  78. Ummm… Most of those billionaire owners inherited their money… Mara, Rooney… So, come on here. If you’re gonna begrudge one man’s wealth, not all of them?

  79. hey ( whatagreatfootballmind ). It’s everyone that’s involved, not just Jerry Jones !

    what owner in the world doesn’t want more money ? same goes with an employee .

    EVERYONE of them has their hands in the pie not just 1 guy………….jerk


    I know it is all 31 owners (and public stock of Packers) that are involved. However Jerry Jones is the most outspoken owner. He is the owner who lead all the owners to back out of the current CBA, not the players. Jerry Jones was so pissed off how the last labor deal worked out, he and about 5 others are out to screw the players big time in this CBA. Lucky, you need 8 on the same page or the CBA will never be worked out this year.

  80. realitypolice says:
    I am going to start a list of all of the screen names of all of the people here who are currently claiming that they won’t watch the NFL when it comes back.

    You’re all liars, and when you start posting on here about games you allegedly aren’t watching anymore, I will call you out.

    LOL! Why would you even care what a bunch of anonymous dullards post here? 95% of them talk straight out of their a-pipe at the best of times!

    I’ll watch the Packers again when the NFL returns, but I’ll be splitting my time between them and the Toronto Argonauts ($60 for my GF and I to see a game). I can’t stand the NHL and MLB is about exciting as watching cement dry. If the NFL doesn’t return, I’ll be bowhunting Sundays when the Argos aren’t playing.

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