Tom Zbikowski wins easily, improves to 2-0 as pro boxer

Ravens safety Tom Zbikowski has had two professional boxing matches. He hasn’t yet been tested.

Zbikowski needed only a minute and 45 seconds to knock out a little-known opponent named Richard Bryant on Saturday night at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, improving his pro boxing record to 2-0.

“I was looking to get a little more work but you take a win any way you can get it,” Zbikowski said. “I know I hurt him with the hook, you could feel the air come out.”

Bryant, whose record is 1-3, was a hand-picked opponent in a fight that was designed for Zbikowski to earn a victory. But give Zbikowski credit for doing what he was supposed to do and quickly dispatching of Bryant. (And give Bryant credit for lasting a full minute longer than Zbikowski says Chad Ochocinco would last in the ring with him.)

Zbikowski, a restricted free agent who is not currently under contract, has indicated that he’d like to box a few more times this offseason, especially if the NFL lockout gives him plenty of free time. Having made $50,000 on Saturday night, Zbikowski has, if nothing else, found a lucrative second job. But Zbikowski indicated afterward that he’s not viewing boxing that way.

“Right now this isn’t a second career for me,” he said. “It’s a first career.”

33 responses to “Tom Zbikowski wins easily, improves to 2-0 as pro boxer

  1. That was a fun fight, albeit short. When he got knocked down and got back up and the ref asked if he wanted to keep going the look on Bryant’s face was great. Anyway, can’t wait to see more of him in the ring, hopefully Ocho will get in with him, I’d pay serious money to see that in person.

  2. He fought a tomato can, Betty White would be 2-0 against those stiffs. Back-up safety and you act like this guy is the next John L Sullivan.

  3. With as much respect as possible, no one cares. What is next, BJ Raji breaks world record for powdered donuts in a minute?

  4. Lol 2-0 against hand picked guys that can’t fight. Set up a fight with a real boxer. Before you make a big deal about him. Although I would love to see him fight 85

  5. I don’t care. This guy current job is boxer, which means he has nothing to do with pro football talk. Next story please.

  6. WOW Tommy Boy beat up a 35 yo bum . Thats like a Offensive lineman beating up Urkel for his lunch money in high school .

  7. Ochocinco is in for the beating of his life if he takes this guy on…. what happened with the challenge… nothing back from Chad I bet…

    thumbs up for a Z over Cinco win

  8. Fight was a total joke. Shouldn’t have been the part of the TV portion. His opponent was worse than I would have been and I haven’t had my hands wrapped in 6 years.

  9. “Bryant, whose record is 1-3, was a hand-picked opponent in a fight that was designed for Zbikowski to earn a victory.”
    Yes,of course.
    THOUGH I haven’t fought in almost 20years AND MY RECORD WAS 4-2-1, if given one month AND $7G(currently unemployed),I’D OUTBOX THIS GUY.

    PETER The Pugilistic Preacher LUDWINSKI

  10. Sooo wanna see eight five use his mouf to coward his way out of this one. On the bright side, if he steps in the ring with this Zib, he can have a new reality show that’s a step by step showing of how they put his jaw back on his face.

  11. What the hell are half of you talkin about? The guy got $50k to knock out some bum….. Like you wouldn’t take that fight.

    Get real….. I’d fight him too if it was a basically guaranteed knockout & I walk away with a years salary in 1 min 45 secs.

  12. Anyone bashing this guy about fighting a weak opponent is ignorant. He needed to get the rust off. He has a solid amatuer career and has been playing football instead. Now that football is uncertain. You can’t knock this guy at all. Besides you wouldn’t talk all that trash to his face anyway. So why even say anything at all

  13. Mark Gastineau and Alonzo Highsmith should be next in line for the “NFL’s Best Boxer” title. And the winner could eventually face Ed “Too Tall” Jones.

  14. Ocho vs. Z would be good for the people in the front rows since they will be picking up 85’s GOLD chiclets as they fly out of the ring!!!

  15. Okay, so everyone saying Zibby is not all that good and his only 2 fights are hand picked and easy, go ahead and tell me that you know all about Zibby’s amateur boxing records right? 60-13, and a silver gloves finalist in 98, 99, 2000, and won regional boxer of the year in 2000. Dude is no slouch. Would you honestly tell me you would fight somebody with the potential to whoop your ass and put your football career on the line? No, you take the match your handed, collect your 50G, and move on to the next. But to call him a nobody? I’d like to see any of you last 1 min 45 sec in the ring with him.

  16. He did what he was supposed to do, knocked him out in the first round against a guy that had 30+ lbs on him. I’m impressed.

  17. This is the strategy that is keenly used by MMA.
    Tightly Control Who fights, and control Who fights Who and you can capitalize on the publics overwhelming hunger for a Great White Hope!

  18. You all want to run your mouth that you can do this and that, wont you put up or shut. When someones handpicking a fighter for you my 12 year old stepson could win a fight that way, The only thing that you guys wanted to do is build tommys rep up, but if you want to build it up and make something put him in the ring with someone his own age, instead of trying to pick on someone they know he can beat. Plus richard bryant isnt a wuss, hes more of a man than half of you guys on here. i should know hes my first cousin.

  19. rockthered1286:

    YOU SAID,”I’d like to see any of you last 1 min 45 sec in the ring with him.”

    “any of you”?

    LIKE I SAID,”if given one month AND $7G(currently unemployed),I’D OUTBOX THIS GUY.”

    C’MON SEE WHAT YOU CAN DO TO make it happen 🙂

    I appreciate ANY EFFORT PUT FORTH.

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