Texans say the “CBA development process” continues

Absent any better news, we’ve been passing along the emails and statements sent from NFL teams to their fans following the start of the league’s work stoppage.

The Texans sent out one of the blandest notes yet to their season ticket holders, from team president Jamey Rootes rather than owner Bob McNair.

“We are working hard to prepare for the 2011 NFL season. At the same time, the league and NFL Players Association are working to establish a new collective bargaining agreement,” Rootes said.

“Unfortunately, those discussions broke down Friday. You are probably quite aware of this situation due to the intense media coverage of the issue.  However, I wanted to reach out to you directly to provide you with access to a few key documents which review the current state of affairs.”

At that point, the Texans passed along a few league-friendly links.  The whole thing is rather like a blog post, without the snarky comments about the lame Texans defense.   Like the Lions, the Texans didn’t try to blame the union in their team message.

The end of the letter includes the following passage:

“Despite the challenges, the CBA development process for the 2011 season and beyond continues.  Likewise, our preparations for the 2011 season are in high gear and we are looking forward to providing you an exceptional experience at Reliant Stadium this fall.”

We like that new nickname for a work stoppage: “The CBA development process.”

Sounds much nicer than Litigeddon.

5 responses to “Texans say the “CBA development process” continues

  1. After the Lions’ and Texans’ non-player-blame messages, Art Rooney’s finger-pointing must rile his Steelers for his failure to take the high road.

  2. A great thing about the NFL pretending to be 32 separate businesses is that it gets to have the company line toted 32 separate times until the people hear it so often they believe it must be true.

  3. The Texans issued a bland message? There’s a shocker.

    As an aside, the Texans and every other team needs to get a freaking clue. In Texas anyway, we’re facing a RECORD budget crisis and our schools are right in the cross-hairs. Our children’s education – their future. And these idiots can’t get on the same page to divide a $10B pie? Just writing that pisses me off to no end.

  4. After over 50 years of being a loyal NFL fan, I’ve finally had enough. I don’t care if they never play again. My watching football time will be spent being productive doing almost anything else.

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