Cam Newton, Jake Locker among quarterbacks in Dolphins’ sights

Although Chad Henne’s chances of staying the starter in Miami will only improve the longer a lockout lasts, the Dolphins plan to spend a lot of time looking at potential replacements for Henne over the next six weeks.

Omar Kelly of the Sun Sentinel reports that Dolphins General Manager Jeff Ireland and coach Tony Sparano plan to work out the majority of the quarterbacks in the 2011 NFL draft, including two players they would consider in the first round, Auburn’s Cam Newton and Washington’s Jake Locker.

The Dolphins apparently don’t think there’s much of a chance of Missouri’s Blaine Gabbert falling to them at No. 15 in the first round, and working him out doesn’t seem to be a priority for Miami. But the Dolphins do want to take a close look at Newton and Locker, and they’re also planning workouts of players they would consider in later rounds, including Nevada’s Colin Kaepernick Florida State’s Christian Ponder, Idaho’s Nathan Enderle and Florida Atlantic’s Jeff Van Camp.

Few quarterbacks are ready to start in Week One of their rookie seasons, and that will be especially true if the lockout cuts this offseason short. So Henne has a good chance of being the Dolphins’ starter when they open the season.

But there’s also a good chance that he’ll have a rookie behind him on the depth chart who’s been drafted to take his job.

29 responses to “Cam Newton, Jake Locker among quarterbacks in Dolphins’ sights

  1. Jake Locker is simply Chad Henne 2.0. The collective groan from Dolphins fans would be audible if they go that direction.

  2. IMO, it’s probably somewhat smoke and mirrors to drum up the “interest” in case one of them drops. Miami doesn’t have a 2nd rounder and probably COVETS gaining a 2nd round pick.

  3. He needs some competition to light a fire under his butt, he said I know I have work to do, time to start is now. Bill

  4. Jeez…they don’t give QBs a chance at all in the NFL anymore. Wasn’t it just a short time ago they said that it “takes five years to be an NFL QB”?

  5. PFT can keep saying Henne’s got a good chance to be the starter, but let’s be honest. Sparano made Henne the guy last year and nearly lost his job because of it. Absent Parcells, I doubt Sparano would have even had Henne on the roster. I would be SHOCKED if Matt Hasselbeck, Carson Palmer, or Donnovan McNabb isn’t starting for Miami in Week 1. Sparano’s better off going all-in than hoping Henne miraculously recovers from his mediocrity. If ever there was a team in need of a one-year veteran QB rental, it’s this one.

  6. Cam Newton would fit right in with the Dolphins ownership being an entertainer and an icon.

    Who cares if he isn’t a good NFL QB when he has all the other qualities ?

  7. Maybe the Dolphins can just take fans money for tickets, not win a home game and hope for the worst worst record in football. They have been practicing the scenario for a few seasons now and practice makes perfect for the Andrew Luck sweepstakes.

  8. Well there’s one way to make sure Jake Locker’s a failure, have the Dolphins draft him in Round 2.

  9. Take, for instance, J. Odrick in last years draft. Miami never worked him out once (not even an interview). But they picked him.
    Just a few days before the draft, Miami was suddenly “very interested” in Ryan Clady as their top pick in ’08, & J.I. “accidentally” slipped that they were going to go defense with their 1st pick (Chris Long). They picked LT Jake Long.
    Darius Butler was the pick every mock had the Dolphins taking in ’09 (Sorry pats fans, your team was duped). Vontae Davis got the call instead.
    It’s all smoke & mirrors until the draft.

  10. Jake may be a good pick down the line. But as you know the NFL has a problem passing up on the sexy pic. When yup watch cam newton play football you have to admit he can hold his own. I don’t want to hear that he won’t be tuning that hard in the NFL rubUshh he WILL and he will ply get better . I say you but ohm back there with a run option and his team has a Wining season!

  11. Listen up Dolfans! I’m not the Shoola of fantasyball for nothing. Henne is a BUM! Cut him now and get on without him! He has zero pocket presence, throws pick sixes like he’s handing out candy on halloween and hasn’t connected on a deep pass in two years! He sucks! He can’t extend plays by scrambling, throws one of the worst deep outs in football and is dumbe than chit! I hate his guts! He’s a backup somewhere but not in Miami…..screw Henne!
    Shoola knows all!

  12. Henne has his issues and needs to be pushed…by someone other than Thigpen. Newton is not the guy. IF they grab a QB it will be one of 3 guys…Locker/Mallett late 1st round after moving back for a 2nd or Kaepernick in the 3rd. I don’t see them pulling the trigger at 15 on any of the QBs in the draft.

  13. Kapernick will end up better than all of them. The Fins might get him in the third round. That is if there is a draft.

  14. whatchutalkinabouthillis says: Mar 14, 2011 6:30 PM

    Well there’s one way to make sure Jake Locker’s a failure, have the Dolphins draft him in Round 2.

    Dolphins don’t have a second round pick

  15. Cam did what was askied of him in Blinn and he led his team to a National Championship. He did what was asked of him in Auburn and he led them to their National Championship. I’m sure he will do what is asked of him in the NFL and hopely whatever team gets him he will put them further along than they are right now and hopefully win a Superbowl. The proof is in the pudding that is why folks like Mayock and Lamborie of NFL Network can only focus on his past cause they know.

    As for Jake, He has one bad game in the SeniorBowl and he’s not worthy of a Top ten. He was the top QB for most of the 2010/11 season. He was even ahead of Lucke just this past August and now out of NOwhere comes Blaine. A kid who has never top anyone’s list as QB but he’s worhty of being the first QB off the board.

    I realoy wonder what the y are drinking over at ESPN and NFL Network. For when your own school sport-writer isn’t writing positively about your game, there is a problem.

  16. I dont see them drafting a qb in the first. Torrey smith or pouncey. If the get a trade for a 2 nd rounder then so be it. Thats when jeff will get a qb. Remember jeff spotted romo under the radar

  17. Im sorry but if you cant at least be average as a qb with two RBs and Brandon Marshall maybe you cant be average…

    That aside at some point maybe building a defense should be priority number one…

    Maybe giving Henne one more year wont kill you, its not like getting a good qb is going to help you go anywhere in that divison anyways….

  18. Unless JI strategically uses his reputation of smoke and mirrors as a smokescreen itself and really is targeting one of the two QBs…..
    Either way everyone seems to be forgetting about Miami’s RB problem, TE, and WR. Forget both QBs, Miami is trading down to get a second rounder back.

  19. Jake Locker remind me again how losing every game in 08 and then in 09 winning only 5. Can make you the number overall pick in the 2010 draft? Or how the only way you can beat a second tier team like Nebraska is play them twice in the same year. Colt Mccoy was the college QB with the best winning percentage. And he was only drafted in the third round.

    I just don’t get where everybody sees all this potential in a proven loser? Sounds to me like someone is going to throw away a draft pick just like happened with Henne. Wish him the best of luck as another bust I might be required to watch on Sundays. Hope he keeps his money in order cause his career is going to be short, hate to hit the drive through and see him serving french fries.

  20. very simple:

    all of this is to ensure that we end up with Ryan Mallett, who (although i’m sure i’ll get yelled at by lots of “expert” commenters on this one) WILL BE the best QB to come out of this class.

    Miami would be smart to move down in the 1st and pick up a 2nd, draft Mallett and an Interior Lineman who can run-block. Re-sign Ronnie Brown to a 2 or 3 year incentive laden deal and get a RB in the 3rd (R. Williams from Va Tech???)

    Done and done. Pick up some more run blockers in FA and bam……offense moving in the right direction.

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