David Cornwell addresses the respect issue

Sports attorney David Cornwell batted cleanup on Monday’s PFT Live, and proceeded to bring the heat.

He was especially concerned with reports of a lack of respect coming from the ownership side.  He said he’s worked with Roger Goodell and Jeff Pash in the past and knows it wouldn’t come from them.

You can watch Monday’s entire show including Jay Feely and Pash right here.

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7 responses to “David Cornwell addresses the respect issue

  1. I’m so glad to hear the union play “the lack of respect” card. My God this sounds like baskeball,football etc when the players complain about lack of respect. This lack of respect is so weak.

  2. thats says a lot coming from a guy who represents the scum of the earth profession.

    Lets get real, the only one whpo truly are going to make the most money from this “court battle” are the attorney’s

  3. NFL wants to keep us entertained all year…is this part of it? Like celebrities using the cops and courts to get PR? Hold on…bigfoot is in my yard again…

  4. Jerry Richardson is reputed to have said to Peyton Manning – “you (players) are the cattle – WE (owners) are the ranchers.”

    Fair enough, Jer, but remember this: WE – the fans – are the ones who decide whether or not to buy the beef.

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