Jed York promises “business as usual” from his football people

NFL owners are continuing to reach out to fans and present an often coordinated message explaining the lockout from the management’s perspective.

Owners are also hoping to get the fans focused on football, not on labor fights. That’s what 49ers President and CEO Jed York attempted to do in a letter to 49ers fans about the lockout, noting that the primary focus of the football people in his organization — General Manager Trent Baalke and head coach Jim Harbaugh — is the draft.

“As you might expect, Trent Baalke and Coach Harbaugh, as well as their respective staffs, are working tirelessly to prepare for the upcoming draft,” York wrote in the letter. “In fact, to every extent possible, we will be operating with a business-as-usual attitude.”

York also gave the standard owners’ spiel about how the owners think mediation is the best way to reach a labor deal, but his letter to fans was mostly an attempt to focus on football.

“Please know that regardless of how this offseason unfolds the 49ers commitment to building a championship football team remains steadfast,” York wrote. “As such, we will be prepared to take advantage of every opportunity within the league rules to be ready for a successful 2011 season.”

Which assumes there will be a 2011 season.

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  1. In other news: Fora limited time offer, every potential draft pick that boycotts the draft will be mailed an authentic DeMaurice-Smith-signed goat-rope (standard shipping and handling fees are additional).

  2. “Please know that regardless of how this offseason unfolds the 49ers commitment to building a championship football team remains steadfast,”

    Fingers crossed!

  3. It would seem that with fan sentiment leaning against the players at this point, a willingness of the owners to commit to mediation by an independent third party should be embraced by the players. I think if Gene Upshaw were still alive, a new CBA would have been in place long ago. Don’t mean to denigrate D Smith, but I just don’t believe he is an effective union leader….a little out of his league. On a side note, perhaps it would be worthwhile to have a conversation with the lawyer who helped found the original NFLPA, Ed Garvey, as to what the union’s current stance should be in relation to the original tenets of the player’s union.

  4. This guy is rapidly ascending into the elite class of bonehead owners. Dan Snyder, Paul Brown, and to a lesser extent Al Davis are the other members

  5. Eagles did the same ish today too.

    “listen we really care about football and everything. We are just trying to make more money off the top. Please dont get mad that we are greedy & please ignore the tax increase that helped fund our stadiums. thanks for the support and kiss our asses.”
    Jeffrey Laurey

  6. Business as usual includes the worst decision making in an NFL front office.

    Maybe they can make a good decision when Jeddy stops taking naps with Mr. Bear and starts to shave. Right now the niners could mess up a free lunch.

  7. Business as usual? What were the 49ers before the CBA deadline? Does business as usual mean sitting on your hands while your counterparts across the bay WORK to get their guys signed during the same time period?

  8. Jed needs to dip he does not have the intangibles we need to fix our situation. He needs ton sign over the team to Eddie b. And we need to get blain gaven or cam newton. I SAY CAm

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