Report: NFLPA* tells incoming players to boycott draft


The non-asterisked NFLPA, back when it was a labor union, advised incoming rookies to attend last month’s Scouting Combine.

The NFLPA*, now a trade association, reportedly wants those incoming rookie to eschew any invitation to attend next month’s draft.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that “[t]he NFLPA[*] already has contacted 17 top prospects that ordinarily would have received an invitation to attend the draft and informed them not to go.”

The NFLPA* has even considered making the players available on another network for post-pick interviews.

Frankly, we’re not sure how the NFLPA* can tell the incoming rookies to do anything.  The NFLPA* no longer has any control over the players.  Even when the NFLPA* was the NFLPA, they couldn’t tell players who have yet to be drafted to do anything.

Bottom line?  This could get interesting.

163 responses to “Report: NFLPA* tells incoming players to boycott draft

  1. No shot I’d boycott the draft if I was one of them. This mess will be resolved within a year and these guys are supposed to miss a once in a lifetime opportunity? Players Union[*] needs to get real.

  2. the nflpa* is wearing on my already thin patience….boycott the draft that the fans have been waiting for…because in the end…who really cares about the fans?

  3. Okay……I was gonna say good luck with that…..but I wouldnt mean it.

    So once this is hashed out will the NFLPA hold it against anyone that went to the draft? Are all players required to join the NFLPA?

  4. Wow! This is interesting. The union which doesn’t exist anymore is trying to bully non-union employees into a boycott? WOW!

  5. I’m someone who really loves the draft as it’s a confluence of two things I love: NFL football and college football. Honestly, I have to say if we dispense of fluff like asking a guy who just got drafted how he feels, or showing a guy in his living room waiting to be drafted and focus more on “tape and analysis” then I will enjoy it much more.

  6. Please! These kids have been glorified since their days in high school.

    Do you really think they are going to give up the chance to get some primetime face time?

  7. Unions and union members have always had LOOOONG memories. There is no Union today, but there will be one eventually. I would suspect that the person(s) that are asking(?) the incoming players not to go to the draft are reminding the new players that there will eventually be a union.

  8. So let me get this straight; an organization that no longer exists, and I am subsequently not a part of, is telling me not to do something?

    Thanks but no thanks guys.

  9. They can’t force the players to skip the draft, but they are forcing incoming players to pick a side. Meaning any prospective player who attends the draft has crossed the picket line. (You know, the one the players say doesn’t exist.)

  10. IMO it makes no sense to have the potential draft picks at any draft.
    I would much rather see game films of the picks rather then them in a suit doing nothing.

  11. DeMoron Smith will not be happy until he completely destroys the NFL. He’s off to a great start so far.

  12. So the former union (which no longer represents their interests) is “ordering” the kids who are employed by no one, not to go to an event hosted by their future employers.

    Yeah, that makes sense, A-A-Elmer Fudd. About as much as your style sense with those God awful hats.

  13. How about this… the NFL tells the players to go F themselves.

    Start all over with new players. The players who aren’t making an exorbitant amount of money like Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Drew Brees and others will come running back.

    Memo to the players: Keep screwing up everything that the NFL has fought to become, you are doing a wonderful job.

  14. Who owns the NFLPA trademark now that it is supposedly defunct? Could an enterprising individual take control of it?

    It is extremely funny that the Non-union union still wants people to treat it as a union (except in the courts).

  15. What looks like a duck quacks like a duck is a duck What looks like a union ,sounds like one . Is a union. That would be what i would say if I was a owner of a team.

  16. Wow, like I’ve said before the players attacking the Draft with destroy any remaining favorably public opinion. I’m fan, how dare they touch our draft. What the Bleep. More so, they aren’t supposed to be a union anymore. All players are supposed to be individual contractors. The NFLPA is losing this fight.

  17. LOLZZ! If I’m an agent for one of these prospects, I’d tell the NFLPA* they can interview the draftee for a price. It’s a great way for the new players to learn how to be greedy on the first day of the job.

  18. These college prospects have worked hard to enjoy what will likely be one of the most special moments of their lives. To hear your name called and have a hand shake with the commissioner is a dream come true for so many of these kids and to have the NFLPA (or whatever it is now that they are disbanded, yet still making waves) demand that they not attend is ludicrous. These rookies will already be embattled in the CBA drama the minute after they are drafted. The NFLPA should let them enjoy their moment in the sun (just like they once did as prospects) and then go from there rather than being ignorant and selfish.

  19. The stupidity of the NFLPA appears to be replicating itself at an enormous rate.

  20. Uh, since when can a union that doesn’t exist tell people who are not former members of said non-existent union what to do.

    Sound like fraud decertification? Only everywhere except Minnesota.

  21. Not sure what you mean by saying you are not sure how they can tell the players that, I would imagine they are simply doing that with a phone call. They get the numbers of the players through their sources, call them, and if the guys pick up the phone, then they give them their pitch on why they should not attend. It’s pretty simple for them to do that. And thus 17 so far have been called, what’s so complicated about how they are able to do that?

  22. I think the draft would be far more interesting if Goodell called up the fat ass owners to the podium one at a time and asked them “who you picking double chin and why?”

  23. They definitely should not go. Then they should be blackballed by the owners so they get on with their more promising career opportunities like unpaid intern, moving back in with the parents or entry level brick layer.

  24. Not that I care about seeing these draft picks all come out on the stage to hug Roger Goodell, but I guess some people do.

    I wonder though, the union, oh wait, I’m sorry, the “trade association”, keeps pulling off bad pr moves. Tons of fans adore the draft; all parts of it, and the union/ta wants to go after it?

    Good move nitwits.

  25. The NFLPA does know what happened when they decertified right?

    So what happens when these players want to form a union again, and when they do, will they put the same people in charge (De Smith)? If they do put the same reps/heads in charge, does that help the league’s claims that they (players) were not bargaining in good faith?

    I hope that somehow the decertification is tossed aside, along with the tv money that the owners already had tossed aside, then take the reps from the NFL and NFLPA, lock them in a room and make them come to an agreement. Make them collectively bargain for 24 hrs a day until something gets finished.

  26. The NFLPA is starting to look like the owners use to, in control of everything without firm power to wield.

  27. Fail. Some of these guys have been dreaming about being drafted in the NFL.

    Why miss it because the two parties cant agree on a new contract?

  28. Most of the money earned by NFL Network goes to… THE PLAYERS.

    Its hard to be sympathetic towards the players when they are deliberately shrinking the size of the pie.

  29. Deny them their “look at me” moment? Child please!

    If I were one of these players, I would tell them to take their request & shove it.

  30. Good – hopefully ESPN won’t spoil the picks now by showing shots of players getting calls on their cells before anything is announced.

  31. And what in the HELL makes them think rookies are going to boycott the draft? “Oh, I’ve only worked my entire life to become an NFL player, but sure i’ll be broke and go with your boycott, because im as rich as you…. oh wait no im not, so screw you, just be happy you’re getting paid, all I got was some free tattoos and a 50k college education. Oh you make a minimum of 850k last year? 7x what the president makes? so why are you crying again? oh yeah i’ll be sure to jump right on your boycott, or maybe ill be the replacement players when the owners lock your greedy asses out”

  32. You’re right, neither the NFLPA nor the NFLPA* can tell yet-to-be-drafted players to do anything.

    However, those yet-to-be drafted player will soon be drafted players and the NFLPA* will soon the the NFLPA again, and those draftees who don’t do what they’re asked to now, may end up in a bad situation down the road.

  33. Well things are certainly seeming to get uglier. April 6th is still a LONG ways away.

  34. This is the kind of report that forwards the “sham” argument.

    This is all so stupid. The Owners and NFLPA are totaly screwing the fans, the retired players, and the incoming players.

  35. What the NFL should do is the following:

    – freeze the league for a year

    – hold the draft

    – then import players from the CFL and Arena Football league to fill out the rosters

    – and here’s the clincher – blacklist any current player on a current NFL roster so that they are no longer eligible to play in the league

    – play as usual

  36. WHAT STUPIDITY…the once was association wants to tell the NFL hopefuls don’t show up yeah right way to make a good first impression with your future boss…this circus becomes more ridiculous by the moment.

  37. Hmm. This might mitigate poorly against the “decertification is not a sham” contention. What do you call it when a non-authorized non-union issues “or else” orders on non-members?

  38. Wow, I hope the players decide to boycott draft day at radio city. Maybe then it will shake up a few branches on the NFL tree.

  39. Ridiculous – another political move by the hyper-political D Smith….let the kids enjoy their moment in the sun before they get caught up in the politics.

    I’d tell the union to go f*ck off…once their is a CBA and they sign, and then a member of the union – then tell them what to do.

    At this point – these are kids coming out of college – and they, their family and friends have waited a lifetime for this. Let them enjoy it.

  40. It’s not a Union! How can they tell COLLEGE PLAYERS what to do? I figured that players entered the Union the moment after they were drafted to a team. I’m confused

  41. The one thing fans had to look forward to after hearing about the lockout and now the NFLPA wants to take that away from us?? I’m def. leaning on the owners side now.

  42. but those incoming players at some point will be part of the NFLPA or the NFLPA*, and if they want to be accepted by their fellow players, it may be in their best interest to be on their side now.

  43. Hopefully none of these guys pay any attention to this nonsense. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for these guys, let them enjoy it.

  44. “This could get interesting.” Anything could get interesting considering that nothing is happening or will be happening. Watching Albert Haynesworth attack a box of Little Debbie Snack Cakes will be interesting weeks from now.

  45. If I was blessed with the talent to be a top 17 pick there is NO way I would not attend the draft.

    I’m disappointed the the former NFLPA would even suggest this.

  46. “Frankly, we’re not sure how the NFLPA* can tell the incoming rookies to do anything.”

    Frankly, that’s referred to as “union mentality”………..

  47. What are they going to do to these guys. Send goons to their homes if they enter the draft? I think the rookies should cut the best deals they can with the other guys locked out.

  48. Yeah, great advice DeMoron. Tell the rookies, that he has no control over, not to attend the draft. The same draft they have been working towards their whole lives as a means to make huge amounts of money playing a game. That draft?

    Is DeMoron somehow going to get the rookies paid through litegation somehow too?

    I hope the lockout continues so all these morons come back to the real world.

  49. I dislike the NFLPA more each day. Hey DEE MOREEECEE, what happened to, “Were gonna get his done for the fans”?? Don’t think some of us fans really look forward to the draft and watching the players actually walk onstage with the new team hats etc. Hey De, since you can’t fix the CBAthing right, I hear theres a Nuclear reactor that needs some work, You may be da man for the job! Enjoy your 15 min. of fame chump!

  50. Pathetic……both sides in this are becoming more and more rediculous as it progresses. If not for the HUGE egos of most of these”men”(loose definition), this deal could have been done weeks ago. Do you think the fans aren’t watching your posing and posturing and name-calling with disgust? Why can’t two groups of “civilized men”(loose definition) decide how to split up 9 BILLION dollars????? There isn’t enough to go around? Pathetic is the only word to call this.

  51. This draft is going to be interesting on a lot of levels-

    1) How are teams going to know exactly what their needs are (other than the most obvious ones) without having any idea of what free agents they may be able to get and what free agents they are going to lose?

    Will teams adopt the “best player available” strategy assuming they may be able to fill specific holes through FA later, or will they draft for need even more because they have no idea what will happen with FA once there is a new deal?

    2) Teams drafting near the top that may have been inclined to trade down in the past may be tempted to stay up top since the new deal will most likely have a rookie wage scale. On the other hand, no one knows for sure if there will be one and what it will look like.

    Conversely, teams drafting lower that covet players at the top of their board won’t know the implications of trading up for the same reason.

    3) Will rookies stay away from the draft because the NFLPA* tells them to? Given the fact that the rookie wage scale will effect these top players more than anyone else, and the NFLPA*, when it was a union, seemed pretty eager to go along with the NFL on it, will they feel inclined to back the NFLPA* when it can be argued that it hasn’t really defended these players? (for the record, I completely support the rookie wage scale)

    Should be a very interesting day, indeed.

  52. How stupid would this be?

    Instead of going to New York and enjoying your moment in the sun, you’d rather take a stand for something that will be resolved in a few months?

    I wouldn’t even consider boycotting if I were a player, regardless of how others viewed me.

  53. Also, the person that was quoted saying “informed them not to go” is clearly an idiot. You can’t inform somebody not to go, you can “request” them not to go or “ask” them, but the act of “informing” is in giving information, and this is a command or request-based item, not a simple transfer of information. Who is the person that said that? That person should be the focus of the article based on pure stupidity.

  54. They aren’t *ordering* the players to do anything. They’re simply advising them not to go. Some of that has to do with the fact that the draftees and their families won’t be compensated by the NFL for their travel, etc. (Keep in mind, they aren’t rich yet.)

    They even said it was up to the players and their families as to whether they wanted to go or not. Some will probably go, some probably won’t, who knows? But more importantly, who cares? Theyre still getting drafted, they just arent going to walk on a stage and shake Goodell’s hand. Big whoop.

  55. The players who actually go to the draft are the most boring part of watching it anyway.

    Hey [player], how does it feel to be drafted by [team]?

    “It feels great. They’re a great organization, with a great core group of guys. I got along really well with the coaching staff when they came to my pro-day. The fans are great. I can’t wait to start my career as a [team] [mascot]!”

    zzzzzzzzzZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz….. oh wait, are you done? Can we get back to Mel Kiper’s hair now?

  56. The former NFLPA can do anything they want – they can tell or advise them anything – how they deliver the message is critical to their power struggle going forward. Even though they decertified – they’re still a union fighting for benefits – I think it’s going to work…but to be honest, I would still watch the draft whether the players are there or not – it’s games that will piss me off

  57. ok this solidifies the owners’ point that the unions “decertification” was a sham. I wish the players would stop being so childish. bring in scabs ill watch them play.

  58. Until these young hopefuls get drafted sign a contract pay unions dues which i’m sure they won’t until a labor agreement has been reached the association that once was has no business nor right to tell them or expect them to do what they say….it’s like a relationship what happened before we were a couple is before you so let it alone. Anyway are oop’s were you a UNION or an ASSOCIATION??? Think it was the latter with the ociation dropped from it LOL

  59. I agree with the NFLPA* on this. Why have a draft? The OWNERS locked the players out. Therefore, there is no league right now. So holding a draft without the ability to have player trades, etc., is a good idea? Further, the second these players are drafted, they can have no contact with the team that drafted them. So why even show up? Other than to listen to everyone boo the holy hell outta Goodell on the podium, it’s useless.

  60. Without a doubt, this would be a public relations blunder by the former—wink, wink—NFLPA. Why deny these young men the spotlight they’ve earned to make them and their families so proud? Why deny NFL fans what little they have to look forward to? Child, please. What’s next? Will Roger Goodell have to announce “Mr. Irrelevant” as the number one pick of the 2011 NFL draft?

  61. the NFLPA is not only childish, stubborn, and stupid. they also don’t have any balls. if you’re gonna decertify then decertify. don’t say you’re gonna do it and then not follow through.

  62. Oh the millionaires want the poor college kids to fight their fight. How about they let them get their cash first.

  63. The union can’t treat 1 player differently from the others. That is the whole point of the union. Now, i wonder if one could play in the NFL without being in the union. Either way, unions suck. They were great back in the 20’s, but this is 2011 and they don’t belong.

  64. So let me get this straight. These kids have to choose between the possibility of drawing the never-ending ire of the union that is supposedly going to protect them, or draw the never-ending ire of the owners who are going to be paying them…

  65. A self-decertified Union (now “Trade Association”) may have tried to convince draftees who are not yet in the League and therefore not yet in the Trade Association how they’d like said draftees to behave?

    I can only imagine the owners’ reaction to this. Heck, I nearly wet myself and I’m less than half Al Davis’ age.

    The NFLPA cries “ineptitude! and let slip the gerbils of war!”

  66. This is the same NFLPA [*] that agreed to put a rookie wage scale in place that will severely limit what these prospects can earn in 2011? They’re telling them not to boycott attending the draft altogether? That’s nerve.

  67. What happens if some guys go to the draft and some guys dont? All of a sudden you got Ryan Mallett going 5th to the cardinals or something because Von Miller decided to be a no show. If they boycott can they still be chosen during the draft? Would the fact that they weren’t there to represent their new team be used against them in contract negotiations? Also, if this “scenario” happened, hypothetically….would Mallett get number 5 money and Von Miller blow his chance and a huge paycheck?

  68. As much as I love football, I’m starting to wish the owners would cancel the 2011 season and really give the players something to think about. Let them get a job, like the rest of us and try to pay the bills.

    “So, you wanna play hardball, Mr. Smith? Here’s your freakin hardball”!!

  69. I am quite sure those future NFL players don’t want to piss of their future teammates by showing up. Its giving aid and comfort to the enemy (assuming there is no settlement before the draft)

    Any rookie gets his share of hazing in training camp and even more if he makes the team. You can just imagine the “extra attention” these players will get in training camp by the veterans.

    It will NOT be pretty….

  70. Do anyone NOT in the meetings really know what’s going on. Everything you hear is pure speculation.

    The fans should issue both side an ultimatum to get this settled by a certain date or we all boycott next season!!

  71. Wow…I’ve never seen selfishness at this level before…D-smith and company need to take some classes in business ethics at the nearest community college ASAP…How are you going to flush the futures of dozens of people to fuel your own greedy aspirations?? Total foolishness.

    To all those kids who received this D-smith-written message: IGNORE at all costs!!!

  72. Ugh…. The NFL, which is caught up in this mess, and the NCAA, where cheating occurs almost everywhere….

    What is happening to our American Football?

  73. Well if you were a former union, now a trade association, attempting to bend the employer over a barrel to get more money, the last thing you’d want is a bunch of young kids showing up and getting drafted to be your potential and eventual replacements.

    If I were drafted this April, I’d be more than happy to tell the owners that I work for them and not some “trade association”.

    Don’t confuse a lockout with not having a league. There is still a league. It’s just that the current group of players and the NFLPA aren’t welcome to play in it. And I for one, would be just fine with an entirely new batch. Talk about parity!

  74. Ok, let me get this straight…….the NFLPA is going the shaft the rookies with the pay scale AND tell them to stay away and support them…….big kahunis

  75. The OWNERS locked the players out. Therefore, there is no league right now. So holding a draft without the ability to have player trades, etc., is a good idea?
    Actually, yes it is…they will be offered “future contracts”…this has already been discussed at length on sirius and such…there is a logical SOP for a mid-lockout draft…they would essentially be postponing the contract-negotiating phase (that occurs with all drafts already) until a date after the lockout terminates…to boycott the draft would be stupid…if you’ve already declared and you are not a graduate, you are ineligible to play at the collegiate level, so going back to school to stay in shape and gain more experience is pointless…if you are not in the draft, and thus not drafted, all the money you COULD have made goes to someone less-hyped then yourself…given the actual success rate of 1st rounders, this might be something the NFL actually makes out on if the blue chips boycott.

  76. Is DeMoron somehow going to get the rookies paid through litegation somehow too?


    Good question…considering he rooked Von Miller into participating in the anti-trust suit…maybe that was a move to try and gain the “hearts and minds” of the draft class…it could backfire though…not too many more dumb aggies projected to go in the first few rounds…

  77. When this gets settled, players should have the option not to join a union… or create a new one with player interests in mind… not just the players’ money.

    They are not even part of this one and are getting instructions from it.

  78. “What happens if some guys go to the draft and some guys dont? All of a sudden you got Ryan Mallett going 5th to the cardinals or something because Von Miller decided to be a no show. If they boycott can they still be chosen during the draft? Would the fact that they weren’t there to represent their new team be used against them in contract negotiations? Also, if this “scenario” happened, hypothetically….would Mallett get number 5 money and Von Miller blow his chance and a huge paycheck?”

    Yes, they would still be drafted. They never have to sign a contract, but the drafting team has his rights for a certain amount of time. I’m guessing this is only to try and hurt their TV ratings. But it won’t, it will make them that much higher. Fans will tune in just to see who shows and who doesn’t.

  79. I’m secretly hoping the Owners come together and don’t draft Von Miller. How you going to sue a company you are applying for a position with? Nowhere else would that be an option….

  80. Demaurice Smith is what Donald Fehr was for Baseball a guy that will kill the goose times ten for the league and even when this is resolved, we will see a new NFL that resembles baseball in which the big fish win all the time and the little fish sink with a few exceptions.

  81. i think it would be fun to watch all the current players leave their “small” paychecks behind and let FOOTBALL players play the game. Also, with all the extra money the players say is laying around, perhaps the NFL and players should build all the needed stadiums and not us fans…

  82. Here’s what the NFL should do.

    Hold open auditions in every NFL city to field teams for next year. The local fans will still buy tickets to see local talent play against other cities local talent. Give that guy who had great skills in High School but got some girl pregnant and couldn’t afford college a second chance to be a star!

    If that doesn’t work…call Keanu Reeves and see if he will play QB. He did a pretty good job in “The Replacements”!

  83. What did anyone really expect? This is right out of the union playbook. There WILL be a union again so this is all posturing. What these morons don’t get is that whether the players show up or not, it doesn’t change if or when they’ll get drafted.

    Unions strike, boycott & give a black eye to the opposition to gain any leverage possible in public opinion. This is their bargaining technique.

    The players voted to decertify last year so this was a foregone conclusion. All that was achieved the last 3 weeks is hearing from the players that it’s not enough, we aren’t getting what we want. That’s EXACTLY what people would have expected a union to claim during bargaining.


  84. If I were a possible draft prospect who has been waiting my whole life to be up on stage and put on the hat and jersey I would be pretty furious if the NFLPA called me and told me to boycott the Draft while they are trying to reduce rookie contract values. Hmmm…I may tell the NFLPA to shut up and just collect my dues.

  85. Hey NFL Marketing types…

    If the NFL ever grows the cajones to re-start the league with a fresh batch of rookies…you should let every fan into the first game for free if they bring an ex player’s jersey in to be burned at the half-time bonfire. Or…you can donate them to some homeless charity…jobless jersey’s for homeless people. Makes sense to me.

  86. Does any true NFL fan care if they do not get to see any ‘name’ college players shake the hand of Roger GOD-ell after being drafted in the first round?

    Would your life have been meaningless if you did not get to see Sam Bradford shake GOD-ell’s hand?

    LOL…This is the best the NFLPA has???? I’m not happy with either group, but now they are just trying to out pathetic each other. And succeeding on a daily basis.

  87. To The NFLPA and the Players:

    I am your average football fan, and I pay your salary. Yes, the paycheck that you cash may have the name of the team that you play for written on it, as well as the signature of the team owner or president…but make no mistake about it, without me you would not have a livelihood.

    The level of greed that I have seen from all of you is the reason that most people cannot stand, or identify with, today’s athlete. You have been bestowed with a natural talent – a gift – that the majority of the population would give anything to own. This gift provides you with celebrity status. It offers you our adoration and our support every week. It enables you to play a game that we all grew up loving, and be rewarded financially for it. Do you have any idea of how many of us would love that opportunity – to be cheered while having a career doing something that we actually loved? And yet, you want more.

    Do you know that the overwhelming majority of you will make more in your playing career than most of us will ever make in our entire lifetime? Yes, some of you will have short careers – but the amount of time that you play football professionally will give you the finances needed to invest, start a business or do any number of things that will allow you to live comfortably the rest of your lives. And yet, you want more.

    Both you and the owners have stated that the fans are the most important part of the NFL, and yet neither of you can relate to us at all. Most of us can’t afford to take our families to a game anymore because of the outrageous ticket and concession prices, let alone the PSL’s that enable us the opportunity to just to purchase a ticket. And yet, you want more.

    Frankly, we are tired of it. I propose the following 10 point settlement to your dispute, which I feel is more than fair to the players, the owners, and the fans:

    1) Each NFL player will earn $250,000 for every year of service. This means that every rookie will earn $250,000 a year; every second year player will earn $500,000 a year; a 5th year player will earn $1.25 million a year; etc. The longer you play, the more you earn every year…which is equivalent to how most of our jobs are. If we are with the same organization longer, we earn a raise and make more. And you will do so happily, with the understanding that you are being paid more than you would ever receive with most any other type of employment.

    2) You will have the ability to earn bonuses based on team performance. If your team makes the playoffs, every member of the team will receive a $50,000 bonus. If your team wins the Super Bowl, every team member will receive an additional $100,000 bonus.

    3) Every player’s rookie contract will be for 2 years, which will be sufficient time for the team to evaluate the player, and for the player to evaluate the team. At the completion of that period, each new contract will be for 4 years.

    4) Your contract will become guaranteed for the year providing that you are on a team’s 53 man roster. Therefore, if you get injured, you will still be paid for the year.

    5) As a professional football player, you will acknowledge that you are (like it or not) a role model for younger people. As such, you are expected to conduct yourselves accordingly while you represent your team, your city and your region. Failure to do so will lead to disciplinary action, up to and including suspension and termination from the league. Playing in the NFL is a privilege, not a right.

    6) As your contracts are fairly easy, there will be no need to pay agents a 10% fee, unless you choose to use them for any type of endorsement deals.

    7) Every NFL team will offer full, lifetime benefits to you and your family, free of charge. Again, this is better than what most of us ever receive, and you will receive it for free.

    8) Every NFL team will provide you with a access to a financial advisor, free of charge. They will show you how to maximize your earnings and prepare for life after the game of football.

    9) The owners will immediately institute a 65% across-the-board reduction of ticket prices and concession fees. This will afford the average family the ability to actually attend NFL games, especially in our current economic climate.

    10) The NFL will immediately lift its blackout policy. You are enabling more fans the opportunity to attend each event, so you should not need to worry about selling out each event. For those that can attend a game, it will be easier to do so. For the fans who are not able to because of work commitments or financial problems, you will still be providing goodwill towards them.

    This may not seem like much in light of what you may currently be earning. If you’re not happy with it, then by all means, you are welcome to find other gainful employment at the company of your choice. I’m fairly certain that there is someone that will be more than willing – and capable – of taking your place on a team’s roster. And I will cheer for them.


    The Fans

  88. These rookies are more greedy that the veterans. No way they ain’t showing up for payday. Cam Newton and his dad will be the first ones in the building.

  89. Just another example of why Unions suck. Only worried about helping themselves. They care nothing about the people involved.

    If I were a rookie I’d tell them to go eff off.

  90. If the draftees had any sense at all, they’d ignore anything coming out of the union err, association. They should not have any influence on this “replacement” players. Von Miller should stay away from the draft though. He will be lucky to get drafted after joining a law suit before he even is an “employee” or member of a union or association.

  91. I just negotiated you rookies under the bus.

    Now, I suggest you avoid the draft so you make me look more powerful, although I don’t represent you, your interests or manage you in any way.

    Thanks for the making the sham all the more apparent DeMaurice.

  92. If it were my kid who was projected to go in the first round of the draft, I’d take him by the ear if that’s what it took to get him there. This is their day in the sun and they aren’t members of the players union (or now the players association), either.

    We know historically that 50% of first round draft picks wind up washing out, getting injured or never become impact players, so this is their one chance to get the accolades that they’ve earned and deserve from the collegiate careers.

  93. Wont happen, but wish Owners would have a gentleman’s agreement to let anyone (of the invited players) who boycott’s the draft, to pass them up in the first round, and let them slip to the top of the 2nd round. Hurt them where it hurts…the pocket. Wish they would also do this to Von Miller anyways since he wants to be part of the players suing he NFL

  94. Sounds like De Smith has just proven the owners point, that the ‘decertification’ is a sham. If there is no longer an NFLPA, why is the NFLPA ‘advising’ these kids to sit out the draft ??

    Smith, you just sealed the case for the NFL in most normal peoples’ minds. Of course we’ve seen many times, judges and lawyers aren’t ‘normal’ people.

    I’m getting to hate the NFLPA more and more…they are the ones being unreasonable here, not the owners…

  95. i guess you can’t post what these kids shoud really tell the NFLPA for asking them not to go. I now understand that you can not even use asteriks in lieu of letters.

    So with saying what the kids should really say, at least let the kids live out their dream of this very special, and then have them deal with the reality of there will be no contracts or money paid because of their good “new best friends” at the NFLPA.

  96. You guys are a hoot 😆

    The NFL doesn’t need a handful of draft picks sitting in suits to walk onstage and hold up a jersey in order to hold a draft. And why do you care if you peek into a few living rooms and stare at 23 family members you don’t know? Teams can still make their picks and talk to their agents.

    The NFLPA is now a trade association suggesting it’s in their best interest to support fellow players. They’ll be spending more time in the locker room than holding up a jersey on a stage. Post-retirement health care is on the line and the people fighting for that are their fellow players … not a bunch of blowhards cheering–or in some cases, booing–in New York.

    The draftees would be wise to take the advice.

  97. Stupid idea but let’s not place all the blame with the players. It’s the owners’ greed that started this whole mess.

  98. Just got a call from drek smith. He said if they hold a draft I shouldn’t watch football anymore. I think this is getting out of control.

  99. Maybe the Network Sponsors can sue the NFLPA. Let’s see how many different lawsuits we can get going during this time of insanity.

    Let’s see…the NFLPA is not a UNION and they are recommending that Draftees (meaning those that are not yet considered members of the league, Trade Association or soon to be UNION again) boycott the Draft. Pretty Smart? MORONS.

  100. …great idea – they’ve already screwed the the current players – may as well take a shot at screwing the new guys…i think it’s all gonna work out – but not because of the stinking union – because if nobody plays – nobody gets paid…which is amazingly like real life…despite what the looters and moochers think!

  101. No granadafan, it’s the ignorance of the owners wanting to overpay to buy a winner that started all this…combined with the “pay me more to show me I’m the best” greed mentality of today’s athlete. Two peas in a pod, but in this present situation the players are wrong. Most make more in 1 year than their fans will earn in a lifetime…how do you think that goes over in the court of public opinion in today’s economy?

  102. So let’s re-cap.
    1) LAST week the NFLPA came to an agreement on a rookie salary cap which limits the millions that incoming rookies make.
    2) THIS week the NFLPA* wants the rookies who they betrayed last week to skip the Draft.

    and the rookies would do this based on..what? The loyalty the Union showed them?

    Now, can a lawsuit which filed for the fraudulent De-certification that the Union pulled over the publics eyes? Why are only the owners held to a legal standard by Judge ( I got your back ) Doty?

  103. Wow, what a low blow by the players “army” – to make these kids feel guilty and pressured to not attend something they’ve earned a chance to attend reeks of bad taste and childishness.

    The “owners” side of this battle might not be glamorous, but the “players” side just took a major step back on the respectablity level.

  104. “granadafan says:
    Mar 14, 2011 4:55 PM
    Stupid idea but let’s not place all the blame with the players. It’s the owners’ greed that started this whole mess.”

    Based on???? The players taking 60% of the pie vs 40% for the EMPLOYERS/Owners? The owners giving in on some matters and the Union isn’t??
    Is that what you meant by blaming the Owners? Cause the Union has done just soooo much to move this along!

  105. Facebook update – what are you doing?
    DeMaurice Smith is advising all his non-union staff to advise all non-union prominent future draft selections to not attend the NFL draft, but instead allow the non-union union to sell their attendance rights (although we don’t yet represent any of you) to rival TV networks. Oh – did I mention that we aren’t a union? I’d best mention it again that we aren’t a union otherwise the NFL might be able to use this against us.

    – Roger Goodell likes this.

  106. Tell you guys what. The NFLPA has shown how little they care for fans. The NFL…well we already knew how they felt about us. Lets all boycott the NFLPA and NFL by not watching their spoiled brat, players, owners, and coaches anymore.

    Really, I have been watching it all my life but forget it. I am making other plans for the seasons to come. Be out on the boat fishing, or hunting. I have no concern in any way shape or form what they do anymore.

  107. So I just unionised the boys at work and we threatened to walk if we didn’t start making more then out bosses! Anyone know a good resume’ format I can use?

  108. thesport78 says: Mar 14, 2011 2:12 PM

    DeMaurice Smith is ruining NFL football.

    Yep! Just like M.L. King ruined segregation.

  109. Pretty simple guys – they OWN the team and have billions! You are nothing more than an employee paid to perform and have no doubt pissed away most of your millions already! Perhaps your ego go in the way of your vision but you really really really need them – they do not need you at all. With every single year, new players are born, graduate from high school, and get a football education and training in college. Guess what morons!!! They will take your place and the fans won’t remember your names in a few years. Football is the product that fans support – not your overpriced asses. You’re just a uniform and a helmet performing tasks on a field. You do not deserve any of the TV rights, concessions, merchandising revenue – you only deserve a check for your performance. The owners gave you fat checks but that wasn’t enough – you greedily kept biting the hand that was paying you. Well, time to find a new hand!!! Adios idiots.

  110. @ Deb

    Come on. You are usually well versed in all of your arguments and use facts to come to your conclusions which I can respect. However even with this new evidence of defiance (to go along with the rest of the defiance) by the former union you still continue to carry water for them. I expected better.

    How much are they paying you to carry that bucket?

  111. The only person that deserves a raise in this debacle is the poor PR person for the NFLPA* who has to try to save the players image after dumbass demands like this.

  112. Again? Why do you keep taking down my comments.
    Geez, I use no profanity or vulgar language, nor do I demean fellow posters.


  113. This is all a dog and pony show.

    Simple solution to this whole thing….

    The NFL is the employer. They will clearly post the rules, schedules, salary caps, fixed rookie salary pay scales, benefits, etc. All interested individuals, apply within. All those who don’t like how the employer runs things, go apply for a job in a different career path.

    That’s how we do this labor thing in the real world.

    I personally don’t give two shakes what the NFLPA or the players want. This is the job, this is what it pays. Play football for a living, or do something else.

    Oh, and the salary cap for a team should be $3.3 mil. Averages out to around $60k a player for a 53-man roster. That seems like more than enough to pay someone to play a game.

  114. Interesting that in all their legal jockeying neither the owners or the players are really thinking of the fans. Yes the owners are billionaires and yes the players are hundreds of thousandaires (I don’t want Matt Birk to get upset with me calling them millionaires). But who is it that watches the players and allows them to reap a salary that is many times that of their own – the fans. And who is it that buys tickets and NFL logo gear to ensure the billionaire owners can reap a profit on their football operations – the fans. Yet in all their bitching to each other they only pay lip service to the fans. The NFL has had the best thing going when compared to other professional sports. They had better not F this up. It’s time to get a deal done!

  115. Any draft pick who makes it clear he is boycotting the draft should have his face and uniform pinned on a 6 foot tall Milk carton and wheeled out on stage. Embarass the idiots on National TV!

    Why was it reported that the top picks were ‘informed’ rather than ‘asked’ to not attend?
    ‘Informed’ sounds like the NFLPA* is going to bring in their brass knuckle union ‘brethern’ to enforce the decision. “Hey, draft pick. Youse don’t wanna go to NFL draft day, youse know? Might not be so good for youse knee. Capeesh?

    I suspect that while NFLPA* feels this is fair game, it is actually restraint of business, one in which the NFLPA* has no legal interest or right to interfere with until the player is signed and pays first dues. If the 32 teams wished, they could probably each file a damages suit, treble for antitrust violations of their own.

  116. It’s just so wrong to screw the kids coming out of college of their big day at the draft… in fact it’s downright immoral if you ask me.

    The players association can’t and won’t be able to blackmail the kids coming out of college though anymore than the MLB players were able to both with draft picks and the minor leagues. In fact, many of baseball’s “replacement” players during the big lockout of 1994 went on to have long careers in MLB.

    The only thing that the players will gain by trying to intimidate the kids coming out of college and their agents is a lot of public backlash against them. Just doesn’t seem to bright of them to even propose doing so if you ask me.

  117. If the owners cared about the fans, they wouldn’t have been jamming the fans for full price on two or three (when I was a Charger season ticket holder we got jammed for three for five years to help finance the stadium expansion for a super bowl that someone else got to attend), WORTHLESS exhibition games (the NFL owners can try and dress up those pigs by calling them “pre-season” games, but they’re still pigs).

    The fans aren’t the owners priority at all; it’s the networks that the owners really care about keeping happy. The NFL still would be lucrative even if the games were played before half empty stadiums (as the Raiders have for the past couple of years now).

    At the end of the day, the only thing the players care about when it comes to the fans is their lucrative appearance and autograph signing fees, and those really only affect a very small percentage of the players anyways (who’s going to be dumb enough to pay for an autograph of a special teamer or a backup lineman?).

  118. Who’s going to pay the players after they are drafted? The players association? Or the owners of the team that drafts them? Case closed!

  119. If the fans had any nads or brains they would boycott the next full season. Show the players they aren’t that important and the owners they make enough on the working class as it is. But oh yeah, the fans have no nads.

  120. @chap …

    First, I cannot believe you’re surprised I’m passionately backing labor … or that you thought I’d be put off by their “defiance.” Have we met (so to speak)?

    Second … where have I misstated the facts? Those players don’t have to be present in New York for the draft to take place. They don’t have to allow ESPN and the NFL Network into their homes for the draft to take place. They’ll still be drafted, and their agents will still negotiate deals on their behalf. All they’ll be doing is showing solidarity with the men who’ll be sharing their locker rooms for the rest of their NFL careers. And it won’t have any impact on most of them because only the first-rounders are usually seen on camera.

    Some guys might prefer to be spared the Brady Quinn treatment of having to look nonchalant as they’re repeatedly passed over.

  121. Okay, if true this is over the top.

    This morning I was firmly a union guy.

    Now my official “vote” is firmly both.

    I’m very disgusted right now.

  122. So in an effort to piss off the folks at the league office the NFLPA sent a letter to the top prospects in this year’s draft ordering them not to attend the NFL draft.

    Two words – thank you!

    I enjoy watching the draft because I like watching highlights of guys hopped up on HGH knocking the crap out of each other. What I don’t like is seeing these meat heads dressed as high class pimps trying to put words together to form a coherent sentence for which they inevitably fail miserably at. What’s worse is seeing their baby momma’s new weave or their fat mother’s back hair when she goes into convulsions because she gets to move out of the double-wide she received when junior declared where he was playing college ball.

    Thank you NFLPA. Now fire the pimp that’s leading this disaster of a decertification.

  123. Once again, the fans become collateral damage in the crossfire here.

    The NFL Draft used to be just a draft between the teams’ GMs. No pomp and circumstance. Yet, it grew and grew and now we have a big production spanning three days, including primetime TV! Why? We, the fans, made it bigger! It is us turning on the TV to check out how our teams did and also our rivals. It is us, the fans, that keeps Mel Kiper’s ratings high enough for him to chatter throughout the year on prospects!

    Now, the main reason why we made the Draft such a big deal, is that the Draft represents HOPE. Hope for our teams’ future, hope for some fans that their team’s wily GM will grab that final piece of the puzzle. The Draft also represents hope for other fans that their team’s GM will finally pull his head out of his butt and draft a solid player that can help turn the team around.

    We bemoan picks from many years back, and wax nostalgic about other picks that netted Hall of Famers. Also, it gives us something to do during the offseason!

    Now, the NFLPA* is trying to piss on the Draft? It may as well piss on the hopes of us fans. The supposedly non-existant union is trying to intimidate its future members into not going? Great PR in a time of unusually high anti-union sentiments there. This move would make the Draft the first fan-oriented causality of this labor strife, and the bad guys here would be the players. Yeah, great idea. In trying to jab a finger into the league’s eye, the finger ends up in the collective eye of the fans.

    I hope the prospects’ mothers call up DeMaurice Smith and give him a good earful, and that the mothers of current NFL players call their sons and tell them what a bad idea it was to deprive others from experiencing the joy they did when their sons were drafted.

    There is a need for unions, ones that will protect the best interests of their members, even in this age. But such unions must continually evolve and stay up to date and relevant to do so. This idea of a boycott is outdated, tone-deaf and really bad PR. For their sakes, I hope they don’t go through with this.

  124. This is a stupid contest and the NFLPA just pulled out in front.

    But when this is over the contest will still be going on because if when this is over and it

  125. WILL be over – the fans who file back into the stadiums and pony up for all the overpriced things that come with it will win the stupid contest.

    Go to the game and spend what you will outside the stadium but DON’T go into the stadium and sit there like sheep. Let the EMPTY SEATS shown far and wide on TV be the fan response to this nonsense.

    The ONLY language these people speak is MONEY –


  126. @ Deb

    I understand what you are saying about them not having to go but it is the fact that the union, again which doesn’t exist and trying to win a lawsuit on the premise that they no longer exist, is acting as if they do still exist as representatives of the players. I personally believe it is a bullying tactic they are deploying in an effort to scare incoming rookies into automatically taking the side of the NFLPA.

  127. If it begins to look like most/all of the guys expected to be picked in the first round of the NFL draft are stupid enough to be intimidated by the union, er ah, association, the way for the NFL to strike back would be to cut the time allocated per pick in half.

    By cutting the time allocated per pick in half, there wouldn’t be any “dead time” on the network that would have otherwise been used for draftee interviews, nor would America have to be subjected to fatheat Mel (Kuiper), running his gums even more than what he already does (if that’s possible).

    Think about it… without the ability to trade players during the draft, why do teams need so much time to make their picks?

  128. @chap …

    Yeah, someone asked me about that yesterday, and I don’t have a good answer. I’m pretty clear on the fundamental issues of the CBA dispute. And I’m trying to keep up with Mike on these legal maneuverings. But apparently the NFLPA has now gone from being a union to being a trade association. But in terms of how they’re operating, the line between the two seems pretty blurred.

    This situation with the draftees definitely seems like a union tactic. With a court battle pending in which they’re going to argue that they’re not a union, it might have been better if they’d left it alone. Let the kids show up in New York–that’s not the same as them taking the field.

    I’m irritated because I believe the players made a good offer weeks ago that management never considered–and that’s been lost in all the decertification drama. It just seems to me that management wanted a lockout to turn public opinion against the players. I know unions make a lot of mistakes, but never never trust the Bosses, chap 😉

  129. The NFLPA is backing off of the boycott move faster than Sam Neill from the T-Rex in Jurassic Park!

    Contrary to selected soundbites by media hacks with an agenda, most people see Unions today as corrupt and out of control.

    The Union has lost this battle on fouy fronts:

    First, demanding the employees are entitled to half or more than half of revenues (most employed work for small business or own same and see this as ridiculous).

    Second, players misdeeds and run-ins with the law coupled with attention needy bling-bling addicts; examples like Deion Sanders, TO, Donte Stallworth.

    Third, hyprocrisy of not caring for former players; especially after the late Gene Upshaw threatened to assault another former player’s neck.

    Fourth, Take away the top player’s salaries and the average is still in the top 95% of this country and make more in a five-seven year career than most make in their lifetime; not to mention the post-career networking.

    The players need to sign, accept their role; they are getting to play at a level most others dream for so they won’t find empathy especially in today’s recession.

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