Preliminary injunction hearing on NFL lockout set for April 6

We’ve got our next date to circle on the NFL labor calendar.

The preliminary injunction hearing to possibly lift the lockout is scheduled for April 6 before Judge Susan Nelson.  As Daniel Kaplan of SportsBusiness Journal notes, that means Judge David Doty will not preside over the case.

We’ll have more on the implications of the scheduled hearing in the coming hours.  (And days and weeks.  There won’t be much else happening.)

As Florio noted on PFT Live, there is nothing preventing the owners and players from making headway in negotiations in the meantime.

28 responses to “Preliminary injunction hearing on NFL lockout set for April 6

  1. If Judge Nelson agrees with the NFL, then the NFL will be giving the players a full Nelson.

  2. Right now we should be reading about free agent acquisitions…instead we get this bull! Well I say the more they drag this on the more fans will be disgruntled and determined to not buy the product…and for all you naysayers who don’t think it’s possible well let me just say this as an 8 yrs old I fell in love with the game before it was as big as it is when football was football and i’m not talking about the last 15-20 years I mean since 1964…from the moment on nothing has been more important than my football on Sunday…but as greed, a not so good product on the field or an overpriced product and me, me, me players flooding the landscape I a true in the blood diehard NFL fan can and will say enough is enough I don’t care anymore for this product you can have it…again naysayers don’t believe if you want but i’m sure there are a great plenty NFL fans who feel the same way.

  3. On the bright side, at least it’s BEFORE the Draft. Maybe both sides care a tiny bit about the fans after all… nah.

  4. “All rise for Judge Nelson, Court is in session.”.

    “OMG, it’s Tom Brady!”.

  5. Great news for NFL fans everywhere! No Judge Doty means that this should get over with rather quickly and in a fair manner. Football will be on!

  6. Ok, I’m sure we can all agree that this having to get done through the courts is ridiculous. This gets me in a mood to sue as well. I say we the fans file a class action lawsuit against the league and the players. They had promised to give us football year around and now they are “failing to perform” on that promise to us.

    They’re acting like children. Roger “I look constipated” Goodell and D. “penis with a hat on” Smith will then say we are being ridiculous. Fans response, “I know you are but what am I?”

  7. For a moment i thaught the league was going to force the Wilf’s to move the team to LA so Doty wouldn’t be the judge.

  8. Just glad to see it didn’t end up with Doty after all. If the NFL’s final proposal was true, then the NFL players were asked to relinquish roughly $10 million per team. That is around 8% of each team’s player payroll based on the cap from the 2009 season ($120MM per team). The money would have been used to continue to build the game to make more money for everyone, but nope, how dare the NFL ask for compensation from the players. Could it be the players went to litigation because 90% know absolutely nothing about making investments in their futures? They need those millions now! They have to pay for the insurance on those sports cars and for property taxes on their mamas’ houses.

  9. Plenty of time for judicial arm twisting and “convincing.”

    This is Chicago, baby.

  10. I’m just happy Judge Nelson had the courage to accept this case. What a mockery the two other judges have made of the judicial system with fairly weak excuses for renouncing themselves from the case.

  11. Susan Nelson will bring hot chocolate for everyone and suggest they go downstairs into the rec room for awhile to talk out their differences. Then everyone will get together to walk over to the park since it’s a nice sunny day out there.

  12. Still, it’s easier having to explain yourself to Mom than Great Grandpa. At least you don’t have to shout out your answers two or three times before they are understood.

  13. At the same time that the average worker is being stripped of their collective bargaining rights these overpaid performers are crying poor. States are going broke, yet the rich boys club cries poor. The world turned upside down.

  14. This got censored the first time but I am trying again. Re-worded.
    I challenge any of you guys who is siding with the players and is an employee to go to your boss and threaten to quit if you don’t get paid millions or if the perhaps less than ideal work environment you may be in doesn’t change. Last I checked employees do what their bosses tell them to do. Like it or not. Or if you don’t like what you are being paid or your work environment then QUIT! I can honestly say I hope all the current players (or the ones who would choose not to cross the picket line anyway) get FIRED!
    The NFL owners should have never allowed a union to form in the first place. The very first guys (and any subsequent ones) who threatened to unionize should have been fired! If they would have done that then business would be as usual.
    Ronald Reagan, God rest his soul, did it to the airline employees and imagine that, there is still planes flying around.
    BRING ON THE SCRUBS! i.e… guys that would play for the love of the game.

  15. Perhpas there exists a very slight chance that since the union won’t have Doty holding their hand again, and this thing is now more than three weeks away just for the hearing, maybe they’ll come to their senses and accept that offer the NFL gave them last Friday. It was a tremendous offer and they are fools to walk away from it.

    Hell, it would have been even better had the hearing date been set for May 1st.

  16. bust this non-union, union, that isn’t a union. partners my ass.

    the players want to get bonuses when the league does better than expected? How about they give money back when it doesn’t?

    As the crickets chirp, consider that is the difference between an owner and an employee. Employees always make money. Owners? Not so much. (not that these particular owners are hurting).

    Maybe Mo can get a deal from his Obama admin friends to give half the ownership of each team TO the union, like that ridiculous auto bailout.

  17. Hey I just realized.

    The NFLPA should get all the players to chip in to start a competing league. They’ll all put up money commensurate with their past pay.

    They’ll play the first 5 years without a salary to keep costs down. They’ll only get paid a percentage of profits if they exist.

    Let’s see them do it. Put your “partner” money where your mouth is. Show us that it’s the OWNERS that are fungible. Come on. Do it. Please.

  18. @hendawg & mike:

    The first time I see a post from you guys about something that happened in a game next season, I will remind you both of your vow to walk away.

  19. “If the boys can’t get along, we’re going to get them together over at Susan Nelson’s house in a few weeks. She’s lovely and I’m sure she can help them see how foolish they’ve been. Then the parents are going to get together at Starbucks, and we’ll give the boys some money to treat themselves over at Subway. I think one of us be there, dear.”.

  20. @tinkletinkle:

    What are you talking about? People make demands on their bosses all the time. Haven’t you ever heard of labor unions? Unions go on strike all of the time for more money and better working conditions, and with the exception that you noted from 25 years ago, they don’t get fired. Now, I don’t generally support unions, but don’t act like it doesn’t go on in other industries.

    I’m not in a union, but I do work on a contract basis for the companies I represent. If I have a good year, your darn right I walk into the office of the company and demand more money, a bigger expense account, whatever I can squeeze them for.

    If they think they can replace my production with someone cheaper, they do. Just like NFL teams do all the time. If they don’t think they can replace my production cheaper, they give me what I want, or at least some of it. Just like NFL teams do all the time.

    It’s called business.

    If you work in an industry where you can so easily replaced that you have to take whatever your boss dishes out for whatever your boss is willing to pay you, I’m sorry to hear that. But don’t act like that applies to everyone else.

  21. April 6th, I am surprised that it was that quick….now that this had gone to the courts, this could drag on for ever . Way to go greedy players.

  22. radrntn says: Mar 14, 2011 3:29 PM

    “Way to go greedy players.”

    I guess you haven’t heard, the players aren’t asking for a penny.

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