Supersized PFT Live with Jeff Pash, Jay Feely, and David Cornwell

Talking about free agency on Friday was a nice distraction, but PFT Live is back to all-labor, all the time in Monday’s big show.

NFL lead negotiator Jeff Pash joins the program to talk about the NFL’s final offer to the union and where things stand.  This will be the first one-on-one interview from the league’s side since the work stoppage began.

Cardinals kicker Jay Feely will talk about how the players and ownership viewed that final offer so differently.

Finally, sports lawyer David Corwell will give us a broader take on where this battle goes from here.

This PFT Live is bound to make some news, so catch it while it’s happening live at noon ET.

8 responses to “Supersized PFT Live with Jeff Pash, Jay Feely, and David Cornwell

  1. hopefully it doesn’t have to be said. But please for the love of Pete ask why the NFL refuses to prove its claim of financial harship.

    The answer to this question comes down to the heart of who is at fault. Am I mad at the players or the owners? I can’t say until I know why the owners won’t prove their claim of financial hardship.

  2. I turned it off during the 10 minutes of the redundant ads after the first segment. You’ve got to be kidding.

  3. It was a good and revealing show for those interested in the litigation angle. Subtract 15 minutes of ads and it would have been more concise.

  4. cappa662 -This is the internet where short ads are tuned to short attention span. Most people have to be more productive at work than you…I have maybe 15 minutes I can spare.

  5. MF,

    Good job forcing an answer on the financial statements issue. I’m not convinced it was a truthful complete answer… it smelled of a dodge, but you did the best that could be done.


    So the question now stands… if 5, why not 10.

  6. It would be nice to listen too or watch if the NFL Network was available to MOST fans. Maybe PFT can get on ESPN. Then we wouldn’t have to listen to their biased commentators.

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