Votes still being gathered in blame-game poll

When I woke up Saturday morning to see that the lockout had arrived, I wasn’t surprised.

But I was pissed.

And we know that plenty of you are pissed, too.  So we posted a poll aimed at giving you a way to vent your frustration.

More than 37,000 of you have voted so far.  We’d like to get the pool above 50,000.  Ideally, we’d like to get at least 103,216 votes, which would be one more vote than the official attendance at Super Bowl XLV.

So cast your vote.  More than 58,000 of you already have stopped by PFT today, and the final number of unique visitors for Monday will be well over 300,000.  Surely, we can get to six figures in our poll.

Currently, 38.34 percent blame the players, 24.74 percent blame the owners, and 36.59 percent blame both.  A whopping 0.32 percent blame neither.

Who do you blame?  Come up with a position, and then click the appropriate button.

24 responses to “Votes still being gathered in blame-game poll

  1. Players fault, plain and simple. If they don’t like the working conditions and/or the pay, go do something else. Owners should be free to run their business any way they want, even if what they want would ruin the game.

  2. I think this poll keeps getting posted because the blog doesn’t really like the results.

  3. Why don’t you just rig the ballot?….Not like anyone will find out. And are the results going to make any difference, either way?

  4. Its an interesting phenom.

    Last week on Wednesday the prevailing winds in this site were pro-player.

    On Friday the people were definitely pro-league.

    What happened on Thursday to change people’s minds?

  5. This is sorta funny. Over 39 thousand votes? I didn’t think there were that many participants at this site. Something tells me that at all of the offices of the AFL-CIO and the SEIU, all the employees are busily voting; time after time after time. That might also explain all these new posters here screeching their labor union talking points:

    ‘The owners are pigs!”

    “The players represent the middle class”!

    “The owners are greedy pigs!”

    “Unions represent the middle class!”

    “The owners are billionaire pigs”!

  6. Mick, there have been days when this site has received over 1 million individual IP address hits.

  7. This vote is far from scientific – and has a huge error margin – because it allows me or any voter to revote as many times as I wish. Everytime I login I can revote. The ballot could be getting stuffed by the same pro-owner voters – or pro-player. Who knows what the actual vote is. I have never seen such a poorly designed poll that makes no effort to restrict each voter to one vote.

  8. “Players fault, plain and simple. If they don’t like the working conditions and/or the pay, go do something else. Owners should be free to run their business any way they want, even if what they want would ruin the game.”

    Usually, you’d be right. However, this is a rare exception. Remember, in 99.999% of businesses, there is competition, which sets a market for employee salaries, benefits, etc. But the NFL has no competition. It’s a monopoly. If totally unregulated, the NFL owners could just say that the maximum NFL salary is $50K and if the players don’t like it, they can go to Canada. Monopolies have too much power.

    This is why antitrust laws don’t allow monopolies. However, the government allows the major sports to operate as such “for the good of the country”. By allowing them, they have to keep a close eye on them, along with a player’s union, to make sure that everything is operating as fair as possible, as if there were competition for the players’ services.

    I’m not taking side on this one. I think they both need to get their sh-t together. But I am saying that it’s just not that simple.

  9. Both are at fault. If the question is who is at fault right now, it is more on the players than the owners since the league mad offers and then made changes to accomodate the players…and the players remained obstinate and chose to litigate instead of negotiate.

  10. I don’t understand the fans thinking.

    The owners took a bad deal last time. So now they want a larger piece of the pie, AND they want the players to play 2 more football games?

    Those of you that actually have a job, would you be at fault if you were pissed that your boss said we paid you too much money when we hired you. We are cutting your pay. By the way, we need you to work Saturdays from now on.

  11. I wish I had the same power that the owners have allowed the players to have. When I worked, you produce you get paid accordingly. You don’t like it quit. The owners should have busted the Union years ago. Now we suffer because the Socialists want to see the owners books. Why would the owners do that? Why do the players think they have a right to the books? Why don’t we just go straight to communism? Throw all the profits in a pool and everybody gets the same cut. Seems fair to me. Then the locker room attendants get their fair share. Wait, hold it. are the locker room attendants employees?????

  12. You know, I’m like most fans on here that are pissed off that both owners and players came to this. I am going to throw a wildcard out there as far as who is to blame. It’s US, the Fans. I know it may be far fetched idea, but we knew it could possibly come to this when the owner’s opted out a couple years ago. Yet, we continued to support them, going to games, buying their merchandise, ordering Sunday Ticket, etc. We could have forced them to come to an agreement. Instead, we treated the NFL/Players like spoiled children. We kept giving them more and more. Fans are angry now, but we can still do something about it. Stop watching NFL Network, cancel your Sunday Ticket, don’t go to team websites, don’t buy their merchandise, don’t watch the Draft, don’t order season tickets. We have to show consequences of their decisions now! I’m not very computer savvy, but if someone could organize an NFL fan boycott, I would come aboard. Truth is, this work stoppage will eventually come to an end and the NFL/players will try to be more fan friendly and thanking us for our support. We saw this with baseball. Again, I blame both, but we the fans can still make our voices heard. I know this is a far fetched idea, but I just want to say NFL-FU! National Football League- Fans Union!

  13. “Ideally, we’d like to get at least 103,216 votes, which would be one more vote than the official attendance at Super Bowl XLV.”

    Wait, so does that mean a hundred or so people will try to enter this page but get screwed out of ever getting to the poll?

  14. I went with “Both”

    Initially I was on the side of the owners – then I began leaning towards the players. Then when I saw what I thought was a very good faith offer by the owners I’m back thinking that the current impasse is more the fault of the players than the owners.

    As it stands, I think the players feel they have nothing to gain by settling now. I think they want to let this simmer, see what additional concessions they can get, while taking as much of the offseason off as possible.

    Ultimately I think the main sticking point is that the current NFLPA players see no reason to take a penny less TODAY so that profits can be re-invested to create profit for players in the FUTURE.

    The NFL has a sound point about investing in the game for tomorrow – the problem is that’s of little interest to today’s players.

  15. the decision to play or not play should of been made by us, the f’ing fans! after all, we the fans are the ones that pay their damn salary

  16. It’s mostly players greed for this situation. The owners are playing right into their hands. The players wouldn’t understand a financial statement in a million years, that’s one reason they turn the league down. That and this was all planned out by the union, they weren’t bargaining in good faith.

  17. Judging by the comments posted at “Report: NFLPA* tells incoming players to boycott draft”, i’d say this poll should read 95% players fault, 4 % Owners fault and 1% neither (who voted for that answer?).

    Sounds like PFT is trying to keep this poll up long enough (or possibly even manipulating the votes) to make the players (or at least De Smith) not look so bad in the public eye. Hang tough owners…you will win this PR battle!

  18. @maverick0 …

    Nice comment from yet another guy who showed up just as the players decertified to start posting pro-owner comments. “Hang tough, owners …” You don’t even bother trying to disguise who’s dropping coins into your till 😆

    You guys can work the PR game all you want. But the courts won’t be swayed by it.

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