Bucs remove player banners from Raymond James Stadium

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The Bucs are taking this lockout thing seriously.

The team took down eight big player banners that were hung around Raymond James Stadium over the last year.  The team wanted to change their marketing campaign from last year — “Unite and Conquer” — but they confirmed to the St. Petersburg Times that the timing of the removal was no coincidence.

“All things pointed to now being the time,” Bucs spokesman Jonathan Grell.

The NFL has reportedly discouraged teams from using player likenesses for marketing purposes, so it sounds like we’ll need a new CBA before any new banners get put up.

17 responses to “Bucs remove player banners from Raymond James Stadium

  1. How unbelievably petty. Maybe they’ll put up banners of the Glazers instead. I’m sure that will thrill the fans. 🙄

    Okay, owner shills. Time to earn your checks …

  2. Makes legal sense. Displaying a players likeness without a labor agreement could result in a lawsuit. Oh scratch that too late.

  3. I’m a Buc season ticket holder. They do this every year. They replace them after the draft and free agency so that banners representing players no longer on the team aren’t hanging, obviously. So yes, coincidence, though saying it’s not makes it seem as if they were proactively doing it to thumb their nose. Slow news day.

  4. I hope all the fans get so pissed off that these bastids start losing there endorsements due do bad publicity. They deserve to economically suffer just just like the fans who have to scratch a living off of rocks. 6, 7 and 8 figure crybabies.

  5. Yeah, cause taking them down will help things. The NFL may not think the fans will hold a grudge but I got news for you goodell…..already cancelled the “package” and will not attend ANY game this year, next year and the following one. When does the UFL season start?

  6. It’s time for an adult to come into the room and supervise these children.

    “I’m going to hold my own draft.”

    “I’m taking down all your pictures because I’m mad at you.”

    Grow the F up already. Sheesh.

  7. @ Deb

    Come on! The players de-certified the union and failed to come to an agreement on a new CBA. As of right now not one player is employed by their teams. This may be petty but the owners are well within their rights to do so.

    My check from Jerry Jones for my week of PFT postings was great by the way!

  8. chapnastier says: Mar 16, 2011 8:44 AM

    “The players de-certified the union and failed to come to an agreement on a new CBA.”

    Oh I see, the UNION failed.
    And the owners have absolutely nothing to do with any of this?
    Unbelievable, even from you.

  9. The Sun fades the banners on the west side and the red jerseys turn orange so, The Gla-miser’s sold them for cheap to Cleveland.

  10. @chap …

    Now chap, I know you’re not a shill and that comment wasn’t directed to you. It was directed to the new people who’ve suddenly appeared since Friday to rah-rah the owners.

    And from the other perspective, the owners spent two years illegally funneling money from TV contracts into a lockout fund to sustain them through their planned lockout. They hired a lockout specialist to advise them. They walked away from the negotiating table when the players made a proposal cutting their portion of revenues back to 2002 levels and dropping their request to see the books. Then they delayed talks until the brink of the lockout deadline. They made what seems to fans to be a fair offer … that didn’t address the disputed monies. Jerry Jones told them owners were going to teach them a lesson and gestured that they could expect a lockout, then he walked out of the negotiations.

    Players waited until the deadline was looming, then took the only course open to them if they were to have hope of fighting a lockout. And all indications to that point were that lockout was the owners’ plan from the get-go.

  11. its not really a shock about the player banners since theyve removed the names and numbers from players jerseys on their webpage also

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