Rosenhaus will advise clients not to go to draft

Agent Drew Rosenhaus made it clear during his segment on PFT Live Tuesday that he has the NFLPA*’s back.

He would love to see the union and league continue labor negotiations.  (Sounds like Florio.)  But if DeMaurice Smith decides that negotiations before April 6 is not in the best interest of the players, then Rosenhaus supports the union’s view.

Rosenhaus also weighed in on the hot topic du jour in the NFL: He says that he will tell clients to stay away from the NFL Draft because they should stick by their fellow players during the lockout.

For the entire Rosenhaus interview, including his thoughts on agent behavior during a lockout, check out our PFT Live homepage.

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16 responses to “Rosenhaus will advise clients not to go to draft

  1. It’s seeming increasingly clear that to me that the players of TODAY have little or no interest in giving up a penny so that the owners can invest in the game and grow profitability for the players of TOMORROW

  2. Seems to me the agents have a LOT to lose with a rookie salary cap in place that largely eliminates negotiations with teams, not to mention the size of their bonus commission.

    Though I’m sure Rosenhaus is thinking only of the players. 😉

  3. The biggest day in some of their careers and you tell them not to go. Thats just perfect. Tell me again were that benefits anybody? Anybody who tells these kids not to go are complete morons. Its about the future of the NFL, not the cry babies that are complaining with millions in the bank. (Brees, Manning, and Brady) Its easy for them, but these guys havent even started yet and you telling them to stay home? Are you serious? Grow up boy’s!!!! That includes you Rosenhaus!! Give these guys a chance.

  4. So what, all of these former draft prospects that are currently in the league get to enjoy being on stage and these rookies can’t just because they (past top draft prospects) can’t work out a deal? That seems extremely unfair to all these guys who have worked this hard to get to where they are.

  5. Yeah go ahead and don’t show up . That will really get the fans behind you .

    These guys just don’t get it at all. I wish we could have scab ball again. Remember actual players who were just glad the wear the uniforms ?

    It’s to bad that can’t happen this time . What other company is forced to open it’s books to it employees when negotiating pay increases ?

    And why aren’t coaches joining this effort ? Most of the assistants are just glad to be a part of pro ball and make a decent living . I don’t hear any of them demanding a certain percentage of the gross .
    Owners own and players play and they are paid EXTREMELy well to play this game . Half the draft picks bust out in 3 years and I’m talking the 1st 3 rds of players who get really decent money without ever having played a down .
    Are there flaws in the system ? Yes mainly the rookie money and pension/retirement issues . The rest of these players can eat dirt for all I care .

    If I was the owners I’d hold out until about week 3 when most of these guys won’t be abe to afford their Cristal , limos , parties and god knows what else they blow their cash on . i know the smart ones have banked thier money and will be fine . Too bad that actually only reprensents maybe 20% of the players . 30% tops IMO .

    This whole thing is an absolute joke IMO . I subcontract from a large company and I’d love to see what they would say if I asked to see 10 years of their books in order to renegotiate my compensation . In fact I already know what they would say …..see ya later and they would probably advise me to seek psychiatric counseling.

  6. Pretty selfish of Rosenhaus.

    This is a life experience for these young guys. Once in a lifetime. Not worth missing so that the union can “make a stand”. They can make a stand without skipping the draft.

    Don’t be foolish, rookies. Don’t miss out on something like that.

  7. That “advice” clearly isn’t in the best interest of his clients… if I were one of his current rookie clients, I’d be firing him immediately over that statement, because clearly he doesn’t care about what’s best for his clients if he said that.

  8. I completely get why 100% of agents are on the union/NFLPA* (I “dig” the asterisk) side in this. They are looking out for themselves. If his players don’t want to listen to him they don’t have to. Agents work for the player, not vice versa.

    That said, I will find it really really humorous if the lack of certification requirements and regulation for agents which resulted from the decertification allows unqualified agents to creep in and steal their clients too (Welcome back ComPoston family!!).

  9. This should finally prove what every fan already knows about Drew….he doesn’t give a crap about his clients and their best interests. I really hope they get that rookie salary cap in place so this guy and brother start having to work for their money. Of course, they’ll just steal more clients to cover their losses. I would expect every veteran player that Rosenhaus represents to hold out for a new contract next offseason. I’m sure he’ll say that the teams have more money for veterans now that they’ll be paying the rookies less.

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