Schedule will be released in April, despite lockout

With the lockout four days old and no guarantee that it will be lifted on or after April 6, we’ve gotten plenty of questions regarding whether the schedule will be released at its normal time.

Says NFL spokesman Greg Aiello via e-mail, “The plan is to release the schedule as we normally do in mid-April.  An announcement date has not been set.”

Last year, the league released the 2010 schedule during the week of the draft.  In past years, the schedule was released earlier in the month.

And if there already isn’t enough pressure on the two sides to get a deal done, the announcement of the slate of games to be played on the first Sunday of the season — which also will be the 10th anniversary of 9/11 — will turn things up a notch, especially if the day is capped by, for example, the Giants vs. the Jets at the New Meadowlands Stadium.

15 responses to “Schedule will be released in April, despite lockout

  1. Great. Now we will know which games will be missed in September. Hope I’m wrong, though.

  2. Note to Adrian Peterson: becareful what you say about the owners and 9/11. As much as you might want to, equating them to Al Qaeda won’t be a good idea.

  3. Hopefully by then the spoiled, greedy players have caved in by then.
    MEmaurice is feeling the wrath from his blind followers and is ousted.
    Adrian Peterson is praising about how generous his master Mr. Wilf is.
    King Goodell is high atop his throne.
    The new rookie slot system is in place.
    18 game regular season is in place.
    The players slice of the pie has dropped to 50/50 AFTER the owners take 2 Billion of the top.
    Von Miller goes undrafted.
    Brees publicly apologizes for spouting off like an ass and then kisses Tom Benson’s.
    Goodell remains judge and jury over player discipline and appeals.

  4. Mr. Goodell and Mr. Wilf are going to punish that insubordinate, uungrateful Adrian Peterson harshly.
    How dare ANY player question the generosity of the owners who pay them so handsomely with salary and benefits. It’s time the masters dealt with those like Peterson severely so that the greed and ungratefullness never EVER enters the simple minded players heads again.

  5. We’ll see if the NFL expects the season to start late by not scheduling division games the first 3 weeks.

  6. Where is the courage? Talk the talk but, not walk the walk?

    Brees: The UFL needs quarterbacks. Quit the NFL and your measly salary. Benson is a bad guy….go to the UFL.

    Peterson: Escape the exploitation! Ziggy is taking advantage of you. He only pays you over 10 million a year. Go to the UFL.

    MEMAURICE: Become a UFL Head Coach. Or, hot dog salesman. Get away from those bad guys in the NFL.

    How many players are going to leave the horrible NFL for the UFL? I CAN’T HEAR YOU……….

  7. @ iknowfootballandyoudont
    Greedy players you are confused because the players arent asking for anymore money they arent even refusing to give some back to the owners they just want to see the books before they agree to anything

  8. Scabs will probably be better then then the Bills, no?

    (sorry, couldn’t resist)

  9. Everyone dust off your copy of “The Replacements” Keanu Reeves might be the best quarterback we see this year

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