Vanden Bosch helps Lions start offseason workouts

Detroit’s offseason training program was supposed to begin Monday.  Instead, Lions defensive end Kyle Vanden Bosch helped to organize what may have been the first group work stoppage workout of the offseason.

He met with a total of five teammates in two different sessions at a couple of locations in Detroit.

“There’s the talk, ‘Well, why are you doing something to help owners and stuff while you’re locked out?’ But at the same time selfishly, I want to have my best season next year,” Vanden Bosch told Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press, who recorded the first lockout workout story of the offseason.

Things will be a little different this year. Vanden Bosch worked out at two different facilities, and one of them was with a group of Detroit Red Wings.  He said he didn’t know if his defensive line could be the best in the league if they just started getting together in July.

“I think everybody is at this level because of how competitive they are, and they’re professionals, and once you get past the labor part of this off-season, everybody wants to win next year,” Vanden Bosch said.

We thank Kyle for reminding everyone this morning there will be a next year.    The owners and players aren’t that stupid.

(We think.)

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  1. “We thank Kyle for reminding everyone this morning there will be a next year. The owners and players aren’t that stupid.”

    The owners? No, they showed that much. The NFLPA, well I don’t know about them yet.

  2. Kyle’s motivation, intensity, and will to win and be the best is what seperates professional athletes from guys like me. I had a very good talent for baseball but wasn’t dedicated enough to be as good as I should have been. When I got to college I liked drinking too much…..just like alot of hopeful american athletes that never made it. Thanks Kyle.

  3. Last season’s defense exceeded many expectations, and it’s only going to get better, thanks to guys like Vanden Bosch. I’m so happy he’s with the Lions.

  4. lionsfan14,

    I am not so sure how encouraged you should be when he only had 5 players show up in two days.

  5. So not only would the players have a difficult time missing game checks, this brings another element to the equation – the players who just want to play period. If the owners are allowed to proceed with this lockout, there is no way the players outlast the owners. It is so obvious in fact that I believe the union would immediately run back to the owners and strike a deal by June. The union leadership knows they can’t sustain a battle with the owners into September (which is why they rushed to decertify and file suit instead of waiting 6 months – the only thing they could lose in those 6 months is solidarity amongst themselves so that tells you how they feel about solidarity the longer this drags on) and if they drag it out that long there will be a lot of discontent on the players said and I dont the union leadership would want to have that on their resume as well as not achievement the contract objectives they set out. Bottom line, I think this gets resolved pretty quickly if the players are denied an injunction. However, if the players are granted and injunction, I expect them to feel even more empowered and the owners will certainly appeal and this legal war will wage on.

  6. The redskins did this same thing at the last strike, lockout… whatever. The only thing that happened was they won a superbowl that same year. I am a redskins fan and say good luck to detroit and their fans. I wish our team was as good as yours. NOOO I am not being sarcastic.

  7. Lions players should hang out with the Red Wings guys all the time — maybe DRW’s success will rub off. Come to think about it — Lions front office should hang with DRW’s front office as well — best ran sports org. in all pro sports.

  8. Kyle Vanden Bosch has actually changed the entire Detroit Lions’ attitude. He leads by example…easy to say, but this guy has showed the Lions how to be professionals from the first day he arrived in Detroit.

    You only have to look at the Detroit defensive line to see the profound changes. Two years ago Detroit’s defensive line was badly disjointed, with no real strengths. They couldn’t stop the run, and QB sacks were not common. Vanden Bosch arrived, and along with the addition of Corey Williams, Ndamokung Suh and the emergence of Cliff Avril (8 sacks), this line, in one year, has become the strength of the team, and worrisome to Detroit’s opponents.

    Detroit beat Green Bay, 7-3, the 13th game of last year. The common excuse for GB was that Aaron Rogers was out for the game. The truth was, Aaron Rogers played the first half and got basically nothing on the board. Then the Lions’ defensive line crushed him with a jarring sack, that left him dazed and concussed. The Lions followed by winning their next three games.

    It’s not totally unreasonable to say the Detroit defensive line could be the best in the NFL, and Kyle Vanden Bosch is their leader. We love the guy, and hope he stays here a long time.

  9. It’s nice to know that at least a few of the players apparently realize that their participation in the NFL is more for their own benefit, and that they are lucky as hell to have the opportunity to participate in it. There are thousands of guys out there that would do their jobs for free, and appreciate it, let alone to ne set up for life in the process. Thfacet that the union (not the players) turned down what looked like a fantastic offer by the league without even a counter-offer, shows just how greedy and dysfunctional the union has become.

    Frankly, I hope there is an extended lockout at this point, because that’s the only way you’ll ever get the union leadership to wake up and smell what they’re shoveling.

  10. Kvb is a great leader that we are lucky to have in detroit! Tennessee was stupid to let him go… if they thought his played was diminishing ty should have at least seen the work ethic and positive energy he brings to the lockeroom! I know he was a large factor in bringing that group of guys together and succeeding as much as they did… I just hope that when he retires he will stay with us as a strength and conditioning coach! He is an asset worth more then just his play! Great signing last… definately why the schwartz waited in re driveway for him! (Sorry I am a biased season ticket holder)

  11. As a Lionfan, i am very happy to see this. He is a born leader and Suh is a beast and wants to be the best ever. Get a solid LB and shut down DB and we will be in top 10 defense discussion. Protect the china doll as well.

  12. blackheld, He played until the two minute warning, and he was hurt on about a 15 yard scramble. But ya, give this D line some linebackers and a secondary, this will happen to every QB the lions face.

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